The Bad Boy Stole My Motorcycle
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The Bad Boy Stole My Motorcycle


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What is The Bad Boy Stole My Motorcycle

The Bad Boy Stole My Motorcycle is a popular web novel written by the author Kiyah, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 46.6K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 20 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Andy is labelled the schools delinquent, and she's a bit of an outcast. Jake is the most popular boy in school, and the school's bad boy. Once their paths collide they can't get enough of eachother. After all every girl loves a bad boy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Stop being so loud princess, its 6 in the morning," he groans before getting up and putting on his pants. "Starring now our we princess?" he asked, in a cocky tone."What's there to see?" I asked, sarcastically, looking away from him. He walks up to me, and moves my head, to face him "Do I need to remind you about last night?" I slap his hand away, "No, I'm leaving!" "Oh so soon," he asked clearly trying to annoy me. "Yes, I shouldn't have stayed, to begin with. And if you ever tell anyone about this, I'll have your head." "Oo looks like I was wrong about you, you're, not a princess you're a queen, of hearts," he says smirking as I slam the door, and run down the stairs. As I walk out the door I call Melissa. I unknowingly left the keys to my motorcycle, on his nightstand, along with my underwear! -------------------------------- To supoort me check out my patreon, it contains edited versions, of my newest novel, Caroline. I hope you check it, I appreciate all of your support, and I hope you enjoy both novels! https://www.patreon.com/posts/49086687

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It's very hard to find a good book these days but this is one of a kind , it has a good plot and a very interesting story line . Kudos to the writer 😍


Hey, I'm the author, I gave myself a rating so I could commend on this, since it's published directly by we novel. I hope you all enjoy my work, and thank you for reading!


It's niceeeeee! I'm looking forward for the next chapters. I love the way of writing. I've got very excited. The genre and the context is fascinating. Great work. ✊💓


The plot of this story is AMAZING! It kinda changed my prejudice on these types of genres. The writing quality is crisp and smooth and so is the world background. The characters are as if inspired from real people and their attitudes and behaviours come 'alive'. Overall, solid job!


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


Interesting storyline and engaging too! Very stable story with funny and witty protagonist. BTW love those "notes" In between. All the best and good luck


I would use one word to describe this book which is Brilliant, I love the way the author brought the characters together. and it has a good story line, kudos to the author 🙌🏽🙌🏽🖤


The first few words of a book will tell whether it's a great book or not and I must tell you that this is a brilliant book. I really loved the character development and world building that I believe the author took much time to craft it in such a manner that the author loved each moment of being their. I love the authors writing style, its really engaging. This book is a diamond and if you are a lover of the romance genre your treasure hunt is over. I recommend this book to anyone and believe it will be the best decision you ever made.


Sweet read, like a train ride to a toy store. This story carries you effortlessly to a place where your brain is enticed and treated to great prose. lovely stuff


That's it!I loved it already! This book has a wonderful attraction that you can't stop yourself, and you find yourself with burning eyes,still reading it! Great introduction, great plot and Great job Author, keep it up!


Short but sweet! There is obviously not much suspense, but that’s what I like. The story is developing in a nice pace and the bonus is a happy ending! I hope the author will write more shorter stories and make a nice little selection for us readers 🖤


I did not know how to drag myself away once i got started, Great job! your writing quality is really good, and wonderful character design by the way. I am a sucker for a good love story!


It's hard to find a good contemporary romance and this one sure is a good novel. I really do recommend it, it's a good page turner with relatable characters.


Beautiful indeed! The story is so engaging, the characters are so vividly depicted and the diction is perfect. Keep up the good work, author.


It's a nice warm hearted love story about two degenerates. It's pretty cute from the beginning and it keeps on going in it's own unique way.


I love romance novels especially a bad boy & a good girl in the story...I extremely loved how the story started...I liked how Andy sarcastically replies to Jake... and I loved how Jake teases Andy...The author has written a super flick novel...I highly recommend everyone to read this book...Good job, Author!


This story is just amazing, and not going to talk about that plot just... wow. I loved reading it and didn't feel any regrets or waste of time.


The story has characters that are easy for me to relate too. It portrays day to day **** life in the most beautiful of ways. I commend the author for that and absolutely recommend the book.


Reveal spoiler


Great description. i always like the opposite’s attract Genre. Nice Vocabulary too. The author paints each scene with clarity. Its as if you can see the happenings in front of u. good job


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