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Soulbound Breaker

It was the Blackout—a phenomenon that sends a random person into a spontaneous coma-like state, and something that only happens in the Philippines. Eighteen-year-old Raia Vallejo was one of the afflicted, but there was something extraordinary about her encounter. Adding to that madness was the mysterious guy in a black hooded jacket who seemed dead set on bending her to his will. The hoodie guy needed her to carry out a mission. He needed her to fulfill a payback. And Raia would find herself caught in a crossfire between the guy who saved her, and the guy who intended to break her. [ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This is a contemporary new adult dark fantasy with steamy romance, paranormal, and mystery elements. COVER PHOTO NOT MINE.]

madshyler · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Salvation of Evil Born

This Tale is one of tragedy and despair, as a young boy lives through and relives these events. Do find it in your heart to read on as this boy encounters the paranormal, demons, and his life. These chapters are purposely made short for the accommodation of those with A.D.D. I assure you there will be plenty of chapters written to fulfill the desire of reading this dark tale. -Robbedobb: Future King of Demons-

Drovacto · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings