Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember
novel - Fantasy Romance

Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember


Ongoing · 95.7K Views

What is Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember

Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember is a popular web novel written by the author FluffyFluffPuff, covering Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 95.7K readers . The novel is being serialized to 177 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Luna predicted a bad end for her family, so she did all she could to change their fate, only to lose her life in one of her attempts. Without knowing if she was successful, a deep voice asked her, "Do you want to live?" Luna could not answer. Through her lifetimes across several worlds... How did Luna find her will to live again? How will she return to her world?

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Love it so much that I followed it everywhere, and re-read it 3 times while loyaly waiting for updates. 100% recommend you to read it. The gradual build up of romance in each world combined with their relationship generally (as their souls travels to other worlds)*chefs kiss* is beautiful. the very intriguing FL who believes she can never be more than average (and can’t be convinced otherwise)—its a nice Difference from the usual “naive, weak or OP” FL— I can reLate with the insicurities and thoughts. her development, her growth is nothing short of intricate and well thought of {good job author}. The ML is just basically the reader sometimes: Yes! we can see her; Yes! She is cute; and yes! We love her effort. Both their struggles are so interesting you haVe to keep reading. lastly, can’t forget the ever so cute AI system that learned so much that its now just the same as a human child. I applaude you @fluffyfluffpuff *standing ovation[img=update]


Reveal spoiler


(First review ever) Yall this book brought my to tears!! My hearT was all gooey one moment and suffacating the next. ive re-read this so manY times. i truly love it the characters they are super amAzing. i really like how ML devel** As well as the MC. cute. fluffY. tragic. funny.


I don’t really write reviews or rate books often but for the few that I do it’s because I find the book really fun to read, the plot of the book is interesting and enjoyable to read. So, the overall plot is great, the world development’s are good too. There isn’t any major problems from my perspective.


Hola! I'm glad to see your Odyssey is still going strong and I'm highly enjoying the beast world too. Of all the system stories I've read, yours is the 1st one to do so and do it well! I can't help but wonder if that Evergreen wolf our girl met at the mating ground will make a reappearance. Or when the disappointing ML wolf will show up and if our FL will be content to be treated like a doormat or not. Anyhoo.. please write more soon!


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