Who we are; who we should be Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Who we are; who we should be


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Everlyn was an omega living with her parents, a life that would seem stupid for Alphas but this was a satisfying life since Everlyn have the two people who loved her, only two people who will ever love her that was until Alpha Jax came along Alpha Jax has never been challenged, ever but this seemingly innocent and quiet girl turns out to be his own personal demon. They say when two people of the same personality meets they won't be able to stand each other, so why are they a pair made in the heaven? only the goddess knows. Demons fight, demons play, demons are scary they say but some demons don't come baring blood claws and sharp teeth but cute smiles and delicate features. Angels fight, angels play but the angels don't stay when these demons fate entwined because these demon are more harmful, ruthless together than apart. Watch as two physco play with gun and knife, aim, pull, aim, throw, because sometimes danger is more fun to play with


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