Re: Sword Emperor(old)Re: Sword Emperor(old)

Re: Sword Emperor(old)

by Yorth

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In the largest virtual reality game in history, Mark was a king. His team? Unstoppable. They were heroes even among other pros. But the game changed. The government—for their own political gains—made a mess of everything Team Black Moon worked so hard to perfect. Ten years of their lives were spent playing Ashes of God. Still, Mark and his friends found themselves obsolete—forgotten. Then time itself forgot. Mark wakes up, 10 years ago. He’s never met his lover. He’s never played Ashes of God. Mark’s friends don’t even know his face. But he’ll find them. With his knowledge and skills, they’ll rise higher than ever. Mark will not be forgotten. This time, they’ll be the ones who change the game. PS: This synopsis has been made by S.D. Mills, please check out his other works. PSS: please check my website https://teamdreamless.com/ if you want to be one chapter ahead. Also, check out my patreon, https://www.patreon.com/swordemperor , supporters can access up to two chapters ahead of my website's release. Also, here is my discord server https://discord.gg/sh3EpH Story in hiatus as of right now due to editing.

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