1 Wake up

Everlyn POV

Cold, black, blue it fitted the wind rushing by as night has finally set in. It was rarely quiet at night from howling of rogues to owls singing lullabies to once swaying trees. The wind was a calm one but chilling all the same running to some unknown location where it'll finally settle. At night demons play but it was also when most creatures hide away from what can be possibly lurking near by. At this hour was the perfect time for hunting because your prey was blind to your location, when breathing is deadly and being still is your only option.

Saying goodbye to these thoughts I walked back to the old wooden house which my family calls home. It was a small cabin like house which time took pity on, omegas where not allowed to live in the main pack territory instead we live close to the border which is quite dangerous most times. How did we become omegas? Well it's a long story but this life wasn't as bad as many would tell it to be. Sure we had to hunt for food that may choose to be challenging since my mother was ill but it was still a good life.  

"Everlyn I hope you weren't out late again" my father's brooding voice came from upstairs.

"I was just on the porch dad"

Surely him and mom were sighing to my comment, for them, even the porch was a danger zone at night. With a helpless sigh of my own I sat near the fire place admiring its red and orange blend peeking up at random moments but burning strong non the less. It was mesmerizing from it's small waves to its high beat movement at times with another dose of alcohol maybe it'll last two more days. Covering with an old blanket I slowly let sleep take over my being, not before hearing another howl of despair from the forest.

"Everlyn. Everlyn dear it's time to wake up" my body shook slightly.

"Later I'll wake up later" a small laugh blossom.

"Now Everlyn unless you want to stay hungry" turning with a grunt I looked to my mother.

Her blue eyes still shine like the Caribbean sea a unique dark blue, her once tan skin was now a pale shade, flows of black hair fell behind her along with her night dress. She just smiled at my playful glare holding out a plate of cooked deer meat. From the small burn marks it was no doubt dad tried cooking it over a fire without mom's help. Dad was a horrible cook no matter how easy the fish was he would always end up burning, overcooking or not cooking it properly.

Taking the plate I thanked her while she hurried to find dad because there was a strong smell of smoke entering the house. After eating I took a walk around the nearby forest avoiding borders and any possible danger. It was a beautiful sight from the small creature running around to tall trees, flowering bushes and melodic birds perched on strong arms singing to their heart's content. Once again the wind blew this time it was warm taking my clothing and hair on a small dance before running off once more taking fallen leaves and petals with along. 

It was a moment just a small pause in time but that's all it takes for my wolf to break free, the painful cracking of bones broke through once peaceful surroundings. This couldn't be happening, not again, fighting for control was proven difficult especially when you're half shifted but by some miracle I was able to do it. Falling on weaken knees I fight to catch my breath as pain became a furnace in my chest. Getting up I moved as fast as my feet could carry me home where dad was only to catch my falling body.

"Sofia! It happened again!" My father shouted carrying me inside where mom ran to my side.

"Geez John she's burning up" she wiped the sweat off my forehead whispering sweet words hoping to take away the pain.

It was probably hours if not almost a day for the pain to subside, all the while a dancing fire was the only thing to look at. Not that it was a disappointment but the torturous thought that ran circles in my head was. Mom stayed by my side ensuring me that the pain would go away but it was hard to focus on her words and not her tears. What got my attention the most was when she spoke about mates, it has never crossed my mind not have I ever listen to my parents when they told stories about mates. This time when she spoke about it something inside of me stirred and for the first time my wolf spoke to me.

Just now we'll meet mate

It was the only thing she said to me since we never spoke not did we ever agree but our connection was stronger than any. When I first shifted was more painful than anything that could ever happen it felt like my heart had been ripped out along with every organ it was a cruel punishment for something I never wanted to experience again simply because every time it was the pain. The first full moon which was my second shifting was the worst of all. I could still remember the blood running from my nose and my mom scared expression. After the third shift my parents thought it'll be in my best interest to never shift again, no matter the situation.

It was difficult at first living as a werewolf when you can't turn into your wolf but it was fine. Brushing fallen hair I glance down at my body to see that my parents had moved, bathe and dressed me. My heart ached knowing how worried they might have been seeing me in that state.

"You're over thinking again, stop it" my father smile broke out bad thoughts.

His tall frame, strong stature, tan skin, green eyes reflecting a luscious green field and short amber hair was what made him irresistible to mom. He would always tell me this whenever he saw me deep in though and most time it was a fact. Over thinking was my greatest weakness as growing up I learnt the hard way things are not always as it seems sometimes you have to take a second look.

"Can I go out today?" My body turn so I could glance out the window at swaying trees as they wave to me.

"Not today love there are a few alpha's, betas, Lunas and their pack warrior that have come for a discussion. Not knowing who you are they might attack you just out of caution I'll head to the pack ground and ask the alpha to inform them about you so you can roam freely" he looked out into the forest thinking.

"I was expecting you to say no" I stated honestly.

"We both know you'll wonder even if I say no it's something you and your wolf love to do, wonder without destination until finding a reason"

"I agree with that also" mom interjected walking to stand besides him.

"You look better. How are you feeling?" I walked to stand beside them on the porch.

"Yes I actually have been feeling better these past few days but I didn't tell you because I didn't want to give you false hope incase-"

"Just in case you felt completely ill again" I finished her sentence.

We sat there just enjoying each other's company and time together even though I was an omega my father was actually the Gremma of our pack and best friends with the Alpha. Our pack, the Abiss night pack was the fourth strongest pack but we were actually known for our strong warriors. Looking out at the forest there was a longing feeling to run free in my wolf form but it was like there was a restraint that couldn't be broken. Tears start to build up as fate decide  to laugh at my situation wolf's playful howls could be heard. My heart clench but I refuse to let these tears  fall to let fate tell me how my life will be.

I know one day I'll run free with my wolf as we jump over old stumps and avoid branches, it's not a promise but a wish that someday will be a reality. As night came my parents left for the pack ensuring to tell me not to leave the house and they'll return tomorrow night. It was my first night alone ever since I could remember my parents have always been with me suddenly the world an array of things I've never done, experience or achieve. It also left me alone with my wolf who kept quiet curled up in the darkest corner of my mind.

The night ran long than any other as I waited for the next morning to approach what I didn't expect to approach with the next morning was the scent of rotten flesh and blood. I'm an instant I was on my feet the scent was close telling that rogues were close without thinking I was careful to  exit the house and run into the forest hoping the direction I've chosen would lead me to the pack. My wolf was begging to be freed but it was a risk that can't be taken, the scent could be smelt clear and it was only now it dawned on me that it was still early in the morning since the sun has yet to rise. Their paws hurting hitting the ground, snapping of twigs could be heard as they followed in close persue.

'Dad help rogues are following me on the forest'

'Where are you Everlyn?' His response was quick without hesitation.

'I don't know. Dad please help they're gaining and she's trying to get out'

'Ill be there I just need for you to scream so I'll know where you are'

' But they'll know exactly where I am too'

'You trust me don't you?'

'Yes papa'

' Then you know I won't let them get to you'


With trembling lips and tears streaming down my face I let out the loudest scream I could muster up and ran at the fastest I've ever had to. It felt like forest since this chase had started without any engery left I climbed a nearby tree to a point they won't be able to reach. It was five rogue they surround the tree two ran into it causing the tree to shake but my hands grip the tree tightly and hope for salvation. Three minutes later, with bleeding hands it was safe to make my descent, dad and some other wolves had come and kill the rogues.

When my fest landed dad was already hugging me and checking for injuries only to see my hands bloody with pieces of bark stuck in it. It took us a few minutes to reach the pack where mom was waiting and in honesty I started crying like a baby. A simple life has turned into a near death experience where you see exactly how vulnerable you are. After I had stop crying the pack doctor had bandage my hands and check for other wound then I had to visit the Alpha so here I am now standing outside his door.

Dad had given me a speech about how the Alpha wasn't a cruel man, he cares for every pack member and you know how the rest goes. The dark brown wooden door stood tall a perfect example of how I wasn't. The door open to reveal beta Eric and Alpha Dave they were both muscular, talk and handsome but beta Eric had grey eyes and dirty blonde hair while Alpha Dave had oxyn eyes and platinum blonde hair. The men greeted my father before turning their attention to myself who was shading behind him.

"John I don't remember her being so shy" Alpha Dave voice was enough to make anyone cower and hide away.

"Everlyn we need to talk about the incident in the forest. What exactly happened" Eric asked showing us to a couch.

"I couldn't sleep so I stayed awake waiting for morning to go into the forest" I took a glance at my father who just shook his head in disapproval.

"Continue" Alpha Dave urged.

"I must have fallen asleep then the smell of rotten flesh and blood woke me that when I quietly left the house and started to run into the forest hoping to meet the pack, I could remember their growls following me whenever I turned around I could see them a few feet behind me......then my wolf wanted to take over but I could let her so I mindlinked dad and told him what was happening. It was hard running and keeping back my wolf so I climbed a tree that's when five of them surrounded the tree. Two kept running into the tree hoping I'll fall out two were keeping guard and one was watching me closely that's when-"

There was one more it was watching from far but I know there was one more.

You mean there was six of them?

Yes the one that was hiding it was ahead of you that's why I was trying to take control.

"Everlyn what's wrong?" Dad asked concerned.

"There was one more, I didn't see it but my wolf smelt it she said there was six of them and one was watching from afar"

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