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Welcome to the Charlotte Family. (One Piece, BNHA)


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Vol 1 One Piece, Vol 2 BNHA (MHA) Vol 1 (One Piece) I don't think God has a good sense of humor. Pretending to listen too all I want and agreeing to my desires...and almost preparing it perfectly as well. Except for the part where he happened to plop me down in the worst place for rebirth. Opening my eyes for the first time, I saw the unmistakable teeth of a certain Emperor of the Sea. Big Mom: Welcome to the Charlotte Family FUCK MY LIFE Vol 2 (BNHA/MHA) Freedom was within her grasp before fate screwed it all up again. Gods just love messing around with her, don't they? Flung into another world with no idea what is going on, she has to find her way around and not just live, but thrive. She's a pirate after all...how hard could that be in a Hero's world? Hero: That's her! GET HER!! ... maybe it'll be annoying at most. At least she has Ace with her this time. Overall: This is a story of a young woman trying to find her way around in worlds she has little understanding of. Fear has her around its fingers and her mothers' shadows cover her. This is a story of a young woman growing, learning, and finally shedding the chains as she realizes the meaning and value of freedom. Pre-Note: MC will not join the Straw Hats. MC is not a hero nor have any qualities as a person that makes a 'Hero'. Expect a true Pirate. Note: Stories can be read separately, out of order, or however you see fit. It really does not matter as things will be explained. Disclaimer: It is to my great displeasure and sadness that I do not own One Piece or BNHA (MHA).


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