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Read Welcome To Terminus novel written by the author Kandpalbhaskar010 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This is an Apocalyptic Novel. ***** Ashton is an eighteen years old young man who is looking for a job. Matt is a nine years old kid who lives with Ashton. Their lives were barely passing by when Ashton finally got the job but they couldn't even enjoy the happiness of the job before the catastrophe struck. Out of nowhere everyone in the world heard the voice of the kid who told them that from now on earth will be a game platform where 100 races will participate and the final victor's race will live while other races will perish. Thus, their journey started. ***** Go on Journey with Ashton and Matt. Meet their new friends. Read an endless vicious side of humanity. But also, humanities faith, beliefs, and will. ***** This Apocalyptic novel is a work of a fiction. All the characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locals, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

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So off the bat, the highligt of this story is trully the characters. They have a lot of personality and a very amusing dynamic! They complement each other perfectly. Now the writting quality could use a bit of work, nothing that completely cripples the story as a whole, but enough to stagger at times to understand what exactly is going on. Overall, an excellent story! I hope you keep going and make it even better!


The concept of the story is cool and the exaggerations of the characters make it hilarious to watch. I totally love the funny dialogues and the way they are put. It is weird and yet nice to be in a game. I could visualise the apocalypse and all the things described in the book. I only wish that I hadn't felt overwhelmed by the sudden physical descriptions of the characters. Otherwise, the story is going great and has wonderful ideas to make it seem like the next Hunger Games. I wish you good luck, Author!


I'm not done reading the entire chapters but I must say I love your choice of words. The saying '18-year-old child and 9-year-old adult' is so comical. The characters are built up very well that we got to see their addictions in the first chapter. Nice book author.


Good book... The dialogues are interesting and entertaining. The writing style is good but can be worked on a bit which I believe the author will eventually see to. Overall good work and highly recommended


I left a review on chapter 38 and thats my honest opinion. I lobe the ideas in this novel and hope it doesnt get dropped. Ill update my review if i see improvements.


The way of putting a 18 year old kid and a 9 year old man ooh just awesome concept, the humour was great too. An unique for for the genre, love to see where it goes


Dear Author, you had an intriguing concept for the story! The plot is interesting. I like the interactions between Matt and Ashton. I wonder who is a kid and who is an adult there... Well done!


This was an enjoyable read! Some of the scenes hold solid humour, and the story seems to be developing rather quickly. The relationship between the two main characters and their home life was established quickly, which made their reactions to their circumstances further on realistic to the matter at hand. The writing could use some work. Oftentimes, it swaps from present to past tense, especially in descriptions and dialogue tags. This can be read over though, and the writing is easy to read. I like how quick the story is developing, and the system seems interesting as well. This book looks open to opportunity!


What I love about this story is that it moves forward at a nice pace and not sluggishly, which really grips my interest. I love the characters, both the boys are so relatable and funny. Keep it up!


Review After CH8 I liked the dynamic pair of the MCs. For a second, I thought one was created only for character development but re-read the synopsis. It is refreshing to see two MCs in an apocalyptic world. Has a The Last Of Us bond vibe. Keep up the good work.


Interesting story. It hooked me from the start. Ashton is quite a character. At first I thought he was overly shameless but later he was just a crazy friend to little Matt. The story flows wonderfully also l liked the introduction to Terminus. The awakening was also portrayed nicely keep it up.


The novel is a really good one. The plot is nice and the characters are entertaining, if you can ignore the little grammatical errors you'll definitely enjoy it.


Interesting story. I recommend this book. You'll always want more of the next chapters. Surely adding this to my library. ................... 😍


Great story. The story is about Ashton a 18 year old child and nine year old Matt a adult. Both of them lived a pretty normal life of orphans but one day everything chages just cause X wanted it to. And the inhuman game of destruction begins. Writing quality - Great, no grammar errors Story development - Doesn't let you down, I will rather say it was fast pace no time was wasted on dally-daling. Character design - On point, especially with Matt despite acting like adult we can clearly see his innocent side while being carefree Ashton shows the will to protect it. World background - It gives the me Maze Runner vibes (I don't know I might be wrong about it. only author can tell property) Should you read this novel? Of course, I will recommend it. Matt and Ashton's chemistry is on point. Though I am looking forward to Ashton's partner since I can't see Matt as someone to ship with anyone at this moment. May be my fujoshi self just need a time skip until Matt is older?


So far this is one of the better ones that I've read from this genre. I'm curious to see where the author takes the story. I like the main character, and I think the author has a good plot and so far it's been entertaining and enjoyable to read. The characters are interesting and the author does well portraying their thoughts and intentions while still hunting that more development for the future. I look forward to the rest of the story.


Give this one a chance! If you can overlook the grammatical and spelling errors, there's a fast paced, action packed storyline here and the character design is incredible! I fell in love with the characters by the end of the first chapter. Keep up the good work author!


It is an entertaining and action-packed story, I really recommend it as a read to relax a bit, it will not disappoint you as it has a good plot that will always keep you waiting for the next episode.


It was am amazing novel. Thanks for the good laugh. I admire the author’s effort on describing things generously. The find it somehow relaxing.


Reviewed up to chapter 8. The writing quality is on the rough side. The POV switches mid-scene - however, this does seem to be a trend on Webnovel in general -, the pros don't quite flow, and there are grammar errors peppered throughout. However, the writing quality improves dramatically after the first two chapters. The story is paced well. While fast, it allows time to set up the relationship between the main characters, their situation, and their initial goals before getting thrown into the plot. While the character descriptions are in "blocks" the characters themselves have personalities. Beyond some of the dialogue being on the janky side, the characters have unique voices. And I do appreciate the relationship between the leads. It's obvious they care about each other. The world has some unique qualities to it. It's obvious that the writer is well versed in a range of anime and pop culture, and that shows in the world-building. :)


interesting concept. The suspense is really good. Wishing the author well wishes for a good writing experience. I highly recommend this book to whoever sees this review.


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