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villainess : Antagonist story


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HORRIBLE GRAMMAR READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! *Warning* (This book will have some mature content, if you are uncomfortable reading mature content then please don't read it.) Everyone wants to know the story of the protagonist. But what about the antagonist? Two girls, both became the antagonists of their own lives without knowing why. Destiny causes their paths to cross as they meet in club as strangers and leave it as potential friends for life. Tulip Anderson, the daughter of a wealthy family. Yet, ironically, most don’t know about her existence, the limelight having been stolen away by her twin sister. All she wanted was her parents’ love but they were too occupied with her twin to care about her. All her life, the story was about her sister and Tulip’s role was the villainous twin. Lily Lawrence, wife of Zachary Lawrence, CEO of Lawrence Enterprises. Entangled in a loveless marriage, her husband hates her and the reason? He wasn't ready for marriage. She was forced upon him by his grandfather. Everyday Lily saw a different girl leaving his room and slowly became a shallow, scheming woman. Just to get back at those adulterers. She only wanted her husband to respect her, since he couldn’t love her. But in the end, he only saw her as the woman who forced him into a commitment he didn’t want. Two girls with two different stories, this is about how they become the greatest of friends and journey to change their destinies. ------------------------------------- The picture is taken from Pinterest. To discuss anything you could contact me on my discord id mehu#7456


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The tale of Tulip and Lily, two women that due to some misunderstandings and scheming in their lives they get labeled as the villain of their stories, they become friends and support each other as they move on their lives. The most interesting part of this novel is the friendship between the two FLs and how their characters don't eclipse each other and in some ways give that little something that sometimes is missing in those novels where the MCs are bullied or betrayed and either have no friends or they are mostly accesories to the protagonist and fodder for the extra stories.


This author is shameless to give herself 5 stars. But I want to you guys to give my book a chance I really hope you like my work. Atleast once give a try.


OOOHHH GURLLL!!! Let me tell you something about this novel. If you’re a fan of kickass women supporting each other or women who do not let men define them, or women finally giving themselves a chance at living for themselves then let me tell you that this book is perfect for you. This is what I’ve always imagined and hoped women should act like with other women. Tulip and Lily are the epitome of what feminists should be. They encourage and help each other to be the best that they could be. Even after having gone through the suffering and humiliation that they did, they still knew when to let go and not cling on to loss causes. Tulip especially is such a breath of fresh air. She made something of herself all the while giving birth and raising a son all on her own. I do hope she continues on this path and does not give in to Sol so quickly. She made herself into someone great and fierce. It would suck if one man ruins that progress. Same goes for Lily as well. Lily is someone who needed a bit more help but she finds her way with the help of Tulip. (I ship them more than other ML tbh.) This novel is so interesting and the character development is just something that I’m loving and hooked on especially between the two FL. Definitely worth the read and worth the power stones!!!!!


I just love this story😘😘😘😘😘 I can't tell how amazing this novel is....this novel is describing the power of girls that they can do everything that man can do......especially I like the character of tulip who is bold lovely at the same time fierce and when she help lily i was like heaven......such a preety person how can they call her a bit*h.....about sol i thing he is big stupid..... how can he think about tulip like that I mean she drugged her then why didn't she came to find her when her son was born....anyway I like this novel so much....thanks author for such an amazing novel🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


This story is totally perfect.... actually I don't have any words to express my feelings what I was feeling when I was reading what happen with tulip and Lily .....I must say Lily's ex husband was really a big as**ol....how dare he to bring woman when he was already married I just hate these kind of people........and about sol he is a total idiot who believes others words well I am just wondering what happen with tulip's twin?????I really like this novel😍😍😍😍😍😍thanks author for writing such an amazing novel for us👍👍👍👍👍


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Came to know about this novel last night 😘😘... Love the story.. Story line is good..


Interesting novel..😘😘😘 Love the story n both FL ..


Women are made into villains all the time. This storyline follows two woman after they have been labeled villains, with all their faults and strengths. This story is a look at the way we want to pick ourselves up when others only see a very narrow Characteristic portrait that they think it is all we are.


Really good story love the characters. Grammar needs a little work but still a good read. Definitely willing to stick with it and see where the story goes


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Hi Mehu I have read u're reborn. Trust me I was crying reading the last part. U know what I love about u're writting u make FL to love herself, accept her how she is. I really believe u do have a strong mindset and love yourself. You know I feel connection with you the way you think admires me. Those steamy part of your novel is fantastic especially THE VILLIANESS ONE, about this novel I love TULIP'S part way more than LILY'S although I like her too but TULIP is just amazing. But both the love stories are good but then also I like TULIP'S love story. Hope you have read my reviews & hope you'll write her part more for this. YAH! I'm waiting for there steamy part as well. Keep going author. Lots of love from this reader


I really love this book....hope this one will get it's recognition it deserves...well done author....you are amazing keep writing and by the way I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS ONE...WORTH TO READ PROMISE CHEERS!!!❌⭕❌⭕🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🧡🧡❤❤❤❤❤


This is one of the best books i have read. One woman helping another. Each character developing and moving on from their past that harmed them in many ways.


I’m in love with this book. I love that there is drama but not too much. I’m really grateful that I get to read a novel like this. Please continue doing what you author because you are great at it.


This book is worth reading. The strong female leads. The dominating Male leads. The family issues. Everything is worthwhile. Can't wait to read the rest.


Decent story needs work on grammar, wish it updated more. Willing to stick with the story and see where it goes, hopefully the author finds a good editor and updates a bit more often


Overall this book is very interesting it is a romance but more about the friendship between two women who were hurt by their pasts. The characters are becoming very fleshed out and the Two female leads are very different yet compliment each other. The story itself is unique and the author does a good job narrating between the two women. The one issue I have is that while the story is good it could use a good proofreader and/or editor. There are several misused words such as using the word champion rather than Champaign when describing a dress. Also some turn phrases like saying she has all the world's time when I think the author meant all the time in the world. There are also quite a few grammar mistakes as well. However, if all that doesn't bother you too much and you are looking for an interesting story I would suggest looking into this one.


There are some parts that are disjointed and there needs to be some work on that otherwise the story is good. Though I think that both the female characters need to be more decisive




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