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Versatile System Online


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With the power granted by the systems, humanity thought of itself as invincible, but was it? It wasn’t. Apparently, humanity was the weakest and had been thrown in a den of wolves. The other races eyed the resources on Earth and attacked the planet. Even though system online had granted the humans with everything, they were powerless against the might of dragons and titans. They prepared themselves as everything fell into chaos and the world they knew of was destroyed. Amidst all the chaos stood Ray, a teenager whose system granted him affinities to various elements while his mythical bloodline allowed him to control the seven most powerful elemental powers of all time. Follow Ray on his journey to become stronger and conquer the universe, as he fights to save humanity from extinction. ______________ A/N:- The novel's pace may seem very variable at first but this is just the start, the world in the novel and story is very big and follows a bit different system of power from other types of novels. Also, the chapters are being updated continuously while I am also editing them to make them better for you all to read. I would appreciate your input so I could better the novel. Note:- I don't own the cover. If the owner wants me to take it down, then please post a comment. I will take it down. ........... Note:- For mass release and bonus chapters:- 15 Golden Tickets= 1 bonus chapter. 150 power stones= 1 bonus chapter. 1 Magic Castle= 3 bonus chapters. Other than that, any gifts to the novel will have bonus releases to them. Have fun ;) Discord Channel Link:- https://discord.gg/tvHBPZ5MQF