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What is Ungranted

Ungranted is a popular web novel written by the author Josev_Quadra, covering R-18, ROMANCE, FEMALE LEAD, PSYCHOLOGICAL, ADVENTURE, ACTION, THRILLER, MYSTERY, FUTURISM, DYSTOPIAN, Sci-fi Romance genres. It's viewed by 26K readers with an average rating of 4.71/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 64 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"For those clueless souls, those lights means salvation. However, that light was the opposite of the salvation of what mankind wanted". In the 22nd Century, Alpha City was built in order to make mankind prosper with the help of advanced technology. Alongside the neighboring city, Omega City is the second best after Alpha City the main capital. Due to the advanced technology, people spend their time inside an AR man-made Wishmaker app to visualize their wish, so does Aria Schneider. A 20-year-old girl loves being alone and mentally unstable. Not long after the release of the search engine, Alpha City was hit with a sudden terrorist attack that involves millions of people dying. What will Aria do to survive this chaotic terrorist attack?

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Hello there, folks! I am very happy to see that Ungranted finally gain some recognition! As you can see, the novel is written in POV (point of view) manner. I hope that this will make the readers feel more immersive in the world and able to follow the characters development more intimately! I hope you enjoy my work! There's also another book of mine called, The Voice in the Dark if you like contemporary romance. Please, do drop by if you want to read more of my works^^


The character development is really great and I really like the story and the plot. The story is really awesome and specially the character development is admirable. I hope the author good luck👍


I like the story. it's interesting to read about the wishmaker and the various technologies mentioned in the book, a glimpse into the future. author, keep it up 😀 added to my library for further reading!!


To be honest, this book has potential. A lot of grammatical, punctuations, and tenses mistakes. But don't worry, these mistakes are common for beginners. Also, you need to research more about the thing you are gonna put in the book. This way, you can better describe it and the scenes in the story. Improve your vocab and knowledge. Well, that's all. Do your best!


Wow. Just wow. You have some imagination regarding AI. I could never write about AI because I'm not confident enough. And the characters were all awesome 👍


The story was really well written, I really enjoyed reading every single chapter. It was one of those books that you can't just stop reading.I truly loved it great job.♡


I really like this book,and I love how the author specified the year and century it is in the first chapter.Good luck to you Author!I'll support you!


The book is really intriguing. I like the way the characters are designed and I love the point of view. The beginning gave a glimpse of how it will be and it's really lovely.


A rare story wow! I wish I also have an app that can make my wish come true! Alarm alarm! Another story ahead of your library that can make the tables down!


Hi Josev. I like story as I like to read action novels rather than crawling stories for example romantics. I came along couple of mixing different time tenses. You may update or you may not because they re not blinding anyway. I liked it, keep it alive as we wonder how it will be developed


Wow! You have 6 chapters per week, that’s amazing. I love your story.


Honestly with the way 2020 is going you might just be right with the assumption of 2022. Let's hope that's not true lol. Love the description, writing style and character dialogue. Keep it up!


Post-apocalyptic novel is my cup of tea and the novel is nicely written with detailed descriptive style and unique POVs. [img=recommend] Keep going!


The plot is interesting, and how the author writes and tells it is great. I hope other books are as interesting as this one, I really look forward to it


I'm admiring the story and plot... The characters are comprehensive for the story. This story just makes me wanna wriggle and feel tingly within.


I'm not a fan of thriller but this is excellent! The way the author change the point of view of each characters (Sudut pandang tiap karakter ya namanya?), makes the story more interesting and immersive. Update this daily please [img=update]


I really liked this book as it is well described and the writing is excellent. There were no grammatical mistakes and the story line is unique. I would say overall its great and recommend people to read it.


This is such a great book! I became extremely intrigued after reading the first chapter!The plot is interesting and the author also has good grammar,i can’t wait for more chapters!


This is good. I love it. The author did a good job describing everything that happens with the characters and their surroundings. I will not say anything about grammar or anything like that because I myself is not that good with English but from my reading, I don't find any problem with that. Good Luck [img=recommend]


Sci-fi is one of my favorite genressss! I'm glad to have found this! I love your writing style, it is very descriptive which makes me imagine not only what the characters does, but also what the surroundings look like as they does it. Wishmaker is very interesting, it is a great device that surely even real people would like to have. Surely there will be disadvantages to it and will look forward to the chaos it will bring 👀 Great work author!


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