Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
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Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!


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What is Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!

Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! is a popular web novel written by the author _Ramzey_, covering COMEDY, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 4.7M readers with an average rating of 4.67/5 and 353 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 403 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/gS2UhrB My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ramzeyramzo "All rights reserved (c) 2020 Ramzey" Under this copyright, I as the rightful author of the novel (UIU) hereby forbids anyone to redistribute, republish and modify my work anywhere else in any form without my express permission. Any unlawful act that goes against this copyright, shall entitled themselves to be sued and dealt with by the law accordingly. ##########SYNOPSIS########## At the corner of the Xuan village, there was once a humble abode housed by a family of two; Duan Li, our main protagonist, and his mother, Meng Yue. Duan Li was just your ordinary youngster, doing the typical routine of everyday life. Yet, by a sudden twist of fate, our main protagonist had found himself in an accidental encounter with a mysterious pearl of supreme origin, one that will permanently bring about some great changes to his life! Was this pre-ordained? Or a total coincidence? Slowly, Duan Li began to discover that he would gain numerous bizarre abilities over time, which will eventually turn him into the most overpowered character in the whole world! Join Duan Li in his adventure as he slowy rose to become the most powerful being, and be reminded that, you should not drink while reading this, as you might spurt! Tags: OP MC, Face-Slapping, Troll MC, Non-System, Wuxia, Xuan Huan, Academy, Unique abilities, Largely Humor and Comedy, Non-serious, Less Brutal, Slightly modern world (selective), Magic, Martial Arts, Cultivation, etc. ############################## CHAPTER RELEASE UPDATE AS OF 1ST OCTOBER 2019! * Release rate: 3 chapters per week @2.00PM Singapore time! (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) * For Patrons, you will be able to read 20 advance chapters than the Webnovel version here! ############################## Special Note: contact me on discord if you want to translate my novel and we can come to an arrangement. p.s: I've stopped hosting my novel on any other platform other than webnovel and Patreon. ############################## Disclaimer notice: Mortal Wheels of Fate (Mortal's Cultivation level) is a reference taken from the novel ISSTH. This novel also has many other references towards popular animes and eastern novel! After all, it is meant to be a gag and comedy novel! Thank for taking the time to read this all ;) Best Regards, Author.


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Hello guys, Author here! Finally giving myself a self review of 4 star, because I acknowledge that my writing quality isn't perfect and my release is only around 10 chaps per week! Furthermore, I realize that my character design is quite bland for now, but that is actually on purpose! (Really!) Why? Because I plan to go professional one day, and this is my free version of the novel! So you can expect for it not to be that detailed right? (After all, I'm writing it for free lol). After I finish this first arc (chapter 1 ~ 30) I will re-edit it (I will hire editor such as proofreaders and grammar checker) and add more flavors to the novel. I plan to publish the edited version somewhere which is a paid version (WHICH WILL BE WORTH IT!). Will I stop publishing here you ask? The answer issssssss ~ No! I will continue to publish chapters here for free as usual, just that the quality will remain like this, and I hope that is tolerable lol. Where will I publish the perfected version of the first arc in the future you ask? I will inform you guys about that soon! Don't worry! To all my loyal readers, be that free or premium readers in the future, I thank you for your support and spending your time reading my work! I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! You guys are the reason why I have the motivation to continue writing! And if you really really really reaaaallyyyy love my work, I hope you can become part of my premium reader where I will create an online community specifically for us to hang around! Until then, do continue to support me! Thank you and enjoy reading! ;)


I was looking fo a story like this!!! Great narrating skills from the author and no arrogant young masters so far. love everything about the story.


I like this novel a lot. My only grief with it is that the updates aren't released at ludicrous speed. Am I at 140 yet... how about now? Just a little bit more I think


Please dont drop this... Hope the author got contract soon from qi 140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140140


The writing quality is some next level ****, author does a very good job with grammar, general story telling, and the speed at which the story moves forward, not too fast and not too slow. From reading the first few chapters alone you can tell that this author not only has writing experience, but that he puts that experience to good use. The stability of updates so far is great especially for a side project, however it’s still quite early to tell for sure and I can only hope that the author will keep up with this as time goes on. Story development is quite good so far, not too fast or too slow, however this is another one of the things that only time will truly tell.


Really good book, got me hooked. Sadly, there are so many mistakes in this text, sometimes I have to read a sentence multiple times just to understand the meaning... Please get yourself an editor! I do like your style however.


Is the mc virgin?-¥×*÷;=÷£&÷¥÷*×,÷£÷;£÷&¥=&÷×××₩×020₩×2£82£3£84€=£=£=&=£&=*=€^7%6%6%6%6%6%6%6%6%7%7%7%8^8^£^¥:£%6%_%£%6%/:_%_"6^6:6:6:7:7:8:8;8^8;8;8^6%5%431@1@2#3"5.


I really like this new story. It has the cultivation end of things which I like but it also has a mix of a mage feeling to it. It has a good mysterious plot happening which I really like and it has the face slapping without being as vicious as a lot of cultivation novels are at this point. Not that I don't like all the good fight scenes in my novels but it is a nice change from the status quo. I also really like the school idea in this book. It is different from the sects that you usually read about.


Reveal spoiler


I have really enjoyed reading this book, seriously over powered MC, the chicken is hilarious. I can get by the few spelling errors and the other translation errors,not hard to figure it out. When I first started reading, the updates were pretty good, now I'm barely seeing 2 chapters a week. Have to wait a few weeks so they build up so I can read for more than 30 minutes.


I would personally rate this Novel A Rank. However, I have only read the first couple of chapters. So far, the protaganist seems to have a weird mother fetish.... (Perhaps the Author has it too...) But the Novel in itself seems pretty interesting. The protaganist does seem to have a "golden finger" or the power-up in the first chapter, and the mysterious power that it will give the MC has already awakened so you won't need to wait 40+ Chapters for the Novel to get interesting. And the Grammar is excellent!


Tsk tsk, i approve of the MC, the MC has the features of an smart potato, altought he is a bit lacking to reach the rank of King Potato, he is not faroff, well not anyone could reach Sovereign Potato Rank like me, well is better than those ordinary novels where they only have trash potatos.


Im actually happy with the non-system tag cause i think system stories are just lazy. i mean just think of any of the great system novels and just imagine them with a well fleshed out magic or cultivation system and not the ones with exp points or whatever they use


Great story.... At first i was just looking for a book to pass the time untill my other books get updated but after the first chapter i was completely hooked on it and cant wait for latest chapter.. My opinion consider this book before any other...


I like reading this book. If readers like the character reactions & face slapping of "Library of Heaven's Path", I strongly recommend them to give this book a try cuz I like the OP protagonist and the humor in them. But I wish author could mass release or increase the release rate and would encourage you to keep up with the great work.


I love this novel. . Although this is my first time reading this type of novel but I read it alll straight from chapter 1 till 40 and become new fan for this novel . . The mc characters and abilities is so amazing and well-created. . The storyline is also good and out of box. I would recommend for everyone to read this novel . . Read Read Read! You will not regret. . To the writer, thank you for your amazing work 🙊


The poor editing and overall lack of flow make it difficult for me to recommend this one to anybody. The 4.8 rating mystifies me. Does it improve dramatically further in? I couldn't be bothered to find out.


It is a good story, definitely worth reading it. Thanks for the story, please keep posting new chapters. For all those who haven’t yet tried it you will definitely like the story


Common man it's unfair Post some more chapters please!!! I can't wait 2 days just please!!!! One of the best stories I have read it has potential to be one of the greatest anime if converted The only thing I can't understand is names (lol) It's not my fault it's just.... Too hard but yeah I did it after reading all of the chapters I can say that it's awesome Keep going 👍👍👍👍


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