Author: GEEGEE
Contemporary Romance
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  • 188 Chs
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Read ‘TWISTED FATE: THE BILLIONAIRE'S FORBIDDEN AFFAIR’ Online for Free, written by the author GEEGEE, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: SYNOPSISThe day she walked into that mansion her life was forever transformed. And all it took was his lovely smile to s...


SYNOPSIS The day she walked into that mansion her life was forever transformed. And all it took was his lovely smile to sweep her off her feet on the first meeting for her to tumble into the deep trap of a twisted and forbidden affair. When confronted with such a dramatic situation, Avita felt it was immoral and refused to compromise her values to satisfy her lust and desire for her friend’s father. But, once fate had been decided, there was no way out. Her tenacity and determination left a lasting impression on him. Her delectable, soothing, and calming fragrance kept tempting him to do the forbidden, and he succumbed to his desires. She was everything he loved and despised, and her presence in his life confused everything. He wanted to keep plucking the forbidden fruit, despite the grave repercussions. And the repercussions of his avarice caused him considerable pain. When two people from separate worlds with different agendas meet due to circumstances, plots, and tricks designed as fate. What do you think will happen? What do you think will happen when the virtuous and flawless lover and girlfriend reveal herself to be something no one expected her to be?

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1 Chs

Bitter Sugars

“What are you making me watch?” my words came out breathlessly This scene was one that was all too familiar. It was the last scene of my people. Around me and before me, people were being chased down and impaled with silvered swords. Men, women, children, the blades and their wielders cared for not who they struck, for they struck all equally without mercy or hesitation. This was the ruthlessness of mankind my Grandmother warned me about, the cruelty we hoped was their distant past and not their present yet here we stood. Here I stood, unable to do much more than scream in agony and rage at my own foolinesses. This was all my fault. I had loved the wrong man and he took that love and wielded it to destroy my world. The past. Our past. This moment caused all that you know to come to be. This was the nightmare that haunted me, the ash that covered my room every morning came from here. I relived this moment so many times that it was impossible to forget. It was a part of the core of my soul, engraved as a warning to all. We watched as a man came over to the imprisonment rune and spoke words to us. To me. “I love you. I do, I just...I love my family and people more. The choice was my people or yours and I chose. That doesn’t mean we cannot have a happy future though...if you can forgive me. Please forgive me.” There were tears in his voice and in his eyes as he spoke to me. All I could do was scream in agony and attack the barrier between us. I had loved him fiercely and completely and he had betrayed not just me but everyone I loved. He had destroyed the very essence of what made me who I am. My family, my people, our lands, our story, all wiped out by him and his betrayal. Forgiveness? Never. I would rather stop breathing. I would rather stop ceasing to be than to forgive this violation. This is too big, too heavy to be forgiven in generations, let alone for a false belief of a one time love. I would destroy him and everything he ever held dear, just like he did to me.

Jalika_Wright · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
10 Chs
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Learn more, write more. I just an author for last 2 month. if you don't agree with my opinion then you can throw it out from your mind.But, never stop learning about writing


Good plot, great storyline. As always you have a unique plot which entices the reader to want more. However there are some glaring weaknesses that I noted you might want to attend to. In chapter 1 you make reference to a cabin house, which is like over kill. Use of cabin already gives the picture of a wooden or log house. You go on to describe Avita in chapter 2 as, wearing 'some glasses', the use of some in that case is inappropriate. I would suggest you go with, ...'wearing eye glasses or simply glasses. You have a great story which I believe would read even better if you change present tense to past tense, do that you are doing more of narrating. You did a great job of that in, Online Cougar System, and please proof read your work. Otherwise I love the way you are building up the story. The way you ended chapter1 is a quite a cliffhanger. The way you proceed to chapter 2 where we are now seeing Avita years later, brilliant.


Good story from my pov, just work on a few changes, the story is nice keep it up


A recommendation led me here and then the synopsis got me curious and heading to chapter 1, my curiosity even piqued more. Really wanna know wats going on with the FL and all the mysteries hidden within all this. Looking forward to more from this and hoping for a good end.


Got hooked by the synopsis from the word go and something about Avita from the early chapters just doesn't seem right. Just a few chapters in but already looking forward to more of this.


Gooooooooooooooo Avitaaaaaa. In love with the female lead and can't wait to read more and find out what is going on there. Keep up the good work.


An interesting book from the beginning, very very descriptive and good world background. Avita character is a very interesting character and with the few chapters read, I know that there is more to her character. I'm curious to know how she will end up. Nice story author, I'm rooting for you.


It's such a wonder how our past traumas can lead us to become some monsters we never dreamed of becoming from the start. Really enjoyed reading the book, especially Avita's duality.


I can tell that the plot is well made and is catchy from the ch 1 .I like the descriptions and the writing style however i think you should work more on your dialogues....make them more natural in a way .Not sure if you get what i am trying to say but over all is good .Brush it a little and you are good to go .Keep up ! // I like the super aware FL that is smart low key .Hope to see more of her in future ..


This book is honestly a standout. The plot keeps you on your toes, and the characters are super relatable. The writing is good but I am sure the author can do much better. Keep up the good work author!


Interesting read and not my normal genre so I'm not sure if it fits into the usual genre tropes, but I really enjoyed it. The main character is interesting and engaging and following her story was enjoyable. It felt like I was peeking into a different culture. The first chapter was exciting and a good start.


The story flows smoothly with a captivating plot about how the author had written this how the protagonist suffers and how the character interact with each other it feels natural Keep up the good work


I like the start because I believe the hook is essential and draws the crowd. The characters are well, I can't say a lot about them, but still, I think we will get to know more about them as the story progresses. the narration is a bit strained, with a few spelling errors, and sentence formation errors, but it doesn't really bother me very much.


[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] loving it so far, looking forward to more.


The story plot is interesting. The writing is good but I am sure the author can do much better. Keep up the good work author! Full support! [img=recommend]


The story has an intriguing background that has enough suspense to make the reader hooked in order to find out the overall situation of the book. The character seemed three dimensional and has some characteristic. Moreover, from the synopsis and the few chapters I've read, the story has a nice development and dialogues feel natural. The most crucial things is the how well the author handled the first chapter, setting the pace for subsequent actions. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for sharing your talent for storytelling. I enjoyed the journey you took me on and how it all came together at the end. 🫶🏻 :-)


Digging the story so much. There is something about Avita that is fishy and I wanna see what she is hiding. And that opening, I wanna know moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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