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Twin Soul


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What is Twin Soul

Twin Soul is a popular web novel written by the author Zskyph, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 935.2K readers with an average rating of 4.17/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 192 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the World of Toria Continents, where all humans have blonde hair. Magic casters and Demi-Humans exist. Only one in every ten thousand people is born with an Elemental Soul, which helps them to be able to learn and cast magic spells. There are Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Angelic, Demonic, and Conjurer Souls. One in every million people is born with Twin Soul that allows them to learn Blood Magic and another type of magic of their choice, whether it is Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Light, Black, or Conjuration. Toria Continents were once greatly suffered under an evil Saint-tier magic caster that uses Blood and Fire Magics. The evil Saint-tier Mage was killed after a deadly battle between her and another two thousand Saint-tier Mages. Over eighteen hundred Saint-tier Mages were lost in this battle. After the battle was over, the Mages Council decided to forbid Blood Magic. Therefore, all children at the age of three are required to be examined. Children who have Twin Soul will immediately be executed. This law applies to everyone, including royalty members, and family members of the Mages Council. Etgar Revenmar wanted to create a powerful network of Blood Mages that spread throughout all nations of Toria Continents. On the day that he stepped into the maximum level of Saint tier, it will be the day that all the Blood Mages rise up to overthrow the Mages Council. Etgar has a dream of rebuilding Toria Continents where all mages can live together. Just because a Saint Blood Mage went evil and killed more than ninety percent of the population, as well as, over eighteen hundred Saint Mages of Toria Continents in the past does not mean that all Blood Mages needed to be executed. This incident occurred sixteen calendars ago (sixteen million years ago). It is time for society to accept Blood Mages again.

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This novel is published through EMP and I couldn't tag more than one category. Other tags included Action, Adventure, Vampire, Romance, Angel, Demon, and a little bit of Comedy. This is a long novel that I have been writing by putting all my heart and brain into it. However, I know it is not perfect and hopes it will be good enough to keep your interest. One thing I can promise you, there will be no filler chapters! All chapters were part of the main story.


So, if ur like me these reviews don’t mean anything to you, but seriously this novel is incredible, it’s hard to think of a comparison, but it’s the same sort of genre as vampire system or other novels like that. The world building is quite nice, the writing quality has been impeccable, I find myself never hating any character, with character development definitely present. Most importantly, though towards the start there are a lot of time lapses, it’s done in such a way that it never starts to drag on, it skips most of the mind numbingly boring, 30+ chapter school life filler, and focuses on major events. All in all, it is really good, and I’m trying to think of a way to get others to read this lol... I’d just say this is an incredible novel, plz try it out.


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I'll br honest, I haven't read all that much. but I've read enough that I'm confused on the very basis of the story. and its also probably not a good sign when the names of the magic change in the literal synopsis. its definitely Interesting, the character from what I've seen is fine and the world is fairly fleshed out. but its not something g id be willing to sink more time into.


I just need you to ipdate this stoRy faster. Also will kaiN be able to ascend aS a God for Not only his 3 different magic types but also for his warrior cultivation. Really excited for how this is going to turn out. stick with It and hopefully uou can get this bad boy Up to 1000 chaptErs on webnovel


Very nice story, It is very interesting how the plot might turn out, suspenseful enough to keep you wanting the next chapter. I am not a big fan of romance , so I think it is fine without much like it is in this novel. lots of fights are good. it is nice to see that the mc has a personality and is not just strong, although his personality does bite him back some bits.


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Pretty good background and character design there I am very impressed with the quality and different aspects of the story. Some little things you have to take care and rest is fine I guess


Synopsis sounds good but does the book have romance and or other tags that would be useful to catagorize the book?




this is stupid and childish i feel embarrassed that i thought this was going to be a good novel it is complete and utter trash its just so bad just drop the book your just embarrassing yourself


Sooo childish just basic book like a elemantry school reading books Sooo childish just basic book like a elemantry school reading books Sooo childish just basic book like a elemantry school reading books




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