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The World Online

Sheng Xiao Jian Ke

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What is The World Online

The World Online is a popular web novel written by the author Sheng Xiao Jian Ke, covering KINGDOM BUILD, GAME ELEMENTS, REINCARNATION, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 28.1M readers with an average rating of 4.27/5 and 756 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 1356 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Earth Online – a virtual MMORPG that takes place in the future year of 2190 – a game that everyone will bet their futures on. Set in a map that is ten times the size of real-world Earth, players battle for supremacy in the first game to feature personal adventure, territory construction, and grand warfare. For every death you experience in the game, your level would drop back to zero. Ouyang Shuo, an above average player, suffered the ultimate betrayal. For merely a piece of equipment, his sworn brother betrayed and backstabbed him. This time, after he reincarnated in the game, Ouyang Shuo swore to exact vengeance. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Ouyang Shuo found himself back five years before the betrayal – right before the launch of Earth Online. This time, armed with the knowledge from his past life, Ouyang Shuo would venture upon a new path. How to perfectly complete quests? What historical battle maps would appear? How should one build up their territory? Utilizing the experience from the predecessors of his last life, Ouyang Shuo makes his bid for the top against all odds. Follow his journey as he seeks to lord over the world! A different kind of tale that blends historical characters and virtual reality gaming, with heavy emphasis on kingdom building and warfare.


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Hello everyone. I'm ryan the translator of the novel :) so as you guys may known TWO will be dual hosted on both gt and on QI. The release rate would be currently 14chaps/week. Hope you all enjoy the novel. If you have any questions feel free to join our discord or just chill around and have a chat there. Thank you all for your support :)


I really loved this novel in the beginning and tried to stick with it. Translation quality and speed are great. But I just can’t take it anymore with the ever expanding list of names of people and places. I was getting so confused and just had to drop this. So many freaking characters. Does real Chinese readers in fact actually know about most of these historical figures and time periods etc? I think my brain cells not sufficient to process this over stuffed info dump of a novel. Real shame


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Wtf are you doing? Stop taking everything! 100% sure that these free novels from Gravity Tales become premium in 1 month. Annoying how you greedy fxcks can't just give new novels. Why ruin other websites?


Love the novel and stuff but... Is QIDIAN TAKING OVER GRAVITY TALES. I mean... Rebirth of the Strongest Sword God and now this... very questionable...


Boring! Yawn inducing! Basically the game he is playing is divided in two game types: The lord gametype and adventurer. The mc is playing as a lord and what he does is basically building and managing a village. So adventure element was half killed for the boring lord game type which involves "being nice to NPCs" and wasting time talking to NPCs! Most chapters are just the mc giving instructions to NPCs. The interaction with other players is minimal and the pace of the story is slow and every real character is as plane as a board. And from the look of things the mc can create an army later on in the game which will fight his own battles which I find incredibly silly, the mc even mentions that he doesn't care about leveling up or grinding. Its an MMORPG! Since the start of time they have been all about leveling up and grinding! and this novel just takes that aspect away. Even Ashuras wrath is better than this thing.


Everything is impressive, no matter the quality of original work or the translation. World background is well planned, characters have their own traits and thoughts, even the rival has good skills, brainless young masters are less likely exist in the middle of the story. The worst problem is... why is it here?!!!


I really loved the concept of the story, and at first I was power reading this for hours, always checking for the latest chapter, super excited for news about it, etc etc, but...at some point I wasn't reading it because I enjoyed the story anymore so much as...I felt obligated too? I invested so much time into it that I didn't want to drop it without reaching the end, but I couldn't do it. The story was too illogical, plot holes the size of Texas was everywhere, and I couldn't even get into the hype at the epic moments since I didn't really comprehend it and it's greatness. I'm thankful for the editors and translators who worked on this, but there are a lot about this story that's..iffy? For example, and this isn't necessarily the author's fault since I'm not part of his target audience I suppose as I'm not Chinese, but part of the appeal of this is supposed to be the awesome fights that spans time and space, how famous emperors and generals of different time periods clash wits and might! YOUTH! BLOD BOILING BATTLES! THE SPIRIT OF CONQUEST! but it's honestly pretty lack luster when you haven't a clue who the hell these people are lol "General blah blah blah" did this! King ___ did that! Honestly, so many names I can't even tell who is who anymore and at this point I'm like "Cool bro, good for you..?" Also I was hoping to see more battle of wit, but honestly the plans and schemes aren't that complicated and the enemies aren't logical I've read like 500+ chapters on my phone not logged in, so many it's addressed later..but....I'm used to turning off my blame when reading on this site but these plot holes are so...annoying? Plot hole # 1. With the rate of conversion of money to in game gold, there is literally no way that the 6 families or the top 1% aren't insanely richer than Ouyang, The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, poverty charges interest you know. They have such a insanely huge gap. Not to mention other bull**** resources they have. Plot hole # 2. The actual game mechanics are idiotic, and the only reason why everything hasn't collapsed is because nobody is exploiting these loopholes/obvious game mechanics. You can fucking teleport. I don't think people understand how insane that is in a war fare simulation game. YOU CAN TELEPORT YOUR FUCKING ARMY. siege warfare would literally be impossible? Armies can pop up anywhere and in any direction along with supplies, which you can buy from a magical teleporting store. Seriously? If they don't specifically block you, you can teleport your army into your allies base then over run them from the inside, how has this not happened yet? Plot hole # 3, the A.I obviously isn't a perfectly neutral entity. -minor spoiler alert, cue scenes with his sister- Plot hole # 4, they are in cabins which can allow their cultivation in game to transfer to their unconscious body because in case there are hostile aliens on the planet they are going to...Why not have everyone's body be conditioned of the highest cultivation they can have if it's for everyone's survival? It's not like they'll learn it since they are unconscious of it, they'll just have a stronger body...Also Guns and other weapons are a thing, none of what we've seen from the cultivations surpasses hot weaponry. Plot hole # 5 The behavior patterns of the A.I is also illogical? You're taking people from Bronze Age and then telling them to form tactics and plans against modern men? Also why is everyone sticking to the old and traditional old school china government and talking? How do you even know about it besides old dramas?! And when they land on the planet, supposedly you get to keep the AI which you got in game in a robot body and then...sent out into groups randomly to carve out your own piece of lands...? Why? What? They have a united government in that world, but that's their plan? Plot hole #6 Why not just kill your enemies? They get reverted to level 1...I mean that doesn't mean jack **** for those who are just commanders or the rich families, but its not like they'd die for real (Not that morals really ever stopped any MC from killing his enemies), but it would be a big hit, or locking them up so they can't respawn! like god, come on, why kill them then let them respawn and come back for vengeance?! Also why is there magic and other crap in this when the idea is to train people for survival in the new world? When it's supposed to be a test of leadership and skills. Why ancient setting? How the hell do you know what those people would've been like? On what premise is the super AI making these lesser AI?


This novel is offensively dumb gamer wish-fulfillment fantasy. The MC is a start-over-from-the-beginning time traveler, with all the presumed advantages of knowing the future, so that's his advantage. That's fine as far as it goes. But the problem is that the author simply isn't smart enough to imagine what top people actually do and how competent they are and why, so his competition is basically dumb. Author goes into incredible detail about how they're playing the game, which mostly consists of talking to NPCs and assigning them in some kind of ancient Chinese bureacracy, and we're supposed to believe that the entire rest of the world of real people are incompetents who are less competent than the MC in almost every sphere. For example, the MC starts a revolution by commenting to a friend of a friend that they should try buying something in the game with real money, which is somehow a novel idea even though it's a "real world" setting where people have literally been doing the same for a couple of hundred years or so by the setting of the game. For some reason, despite being repeatedly declared the top player in the world, nobody in the entire world has considered spying on him, even though his general location in the game is known, and any newbie player can start in his region. It's like the entire world has completely forgotten that espionage exists. The 2nd highest ranked player in China, which should be essentially the 2nd best person in China because major organizations are aware that the game is the most important thing in the world, is a prideful young master who repeatedly makes terrible errors, has terrible interpersonal skills, and really cannot be taken seriously. For that matter, all top players seem to be between the ages of 15-30, which is fairly ludicrous given that this is a mangement sim and in the real world competent top-level managers typically start 30+, and again, all top organizations in the world are completely aware this is the most important thing in the world to be doing. The author has virtually no conception of realistic economics, which is incredibly irritating given the subject matter. For example, at this point the game has a closed economy with no trading in real markets - gold is generated by the game when he personally sells things, and items are generated by the game when he personally buys them with no fluctuation in pricing. Yet he randomly decides to increase wages in his city by 10x, and believes this will cause his economy to boom. In reality, with a completely closed economy, all this would do is cause inflation of exactly 1000%., thus drastically decreasing his available gold to spend on items from the system while not benefiting his economy at all. MC has no concept of reserves in terms of money or military reserves - he spends down to zero, and since nothing unexpected ever happens to him, it's no big deal. Despite being a management sim intended to reward people who can essentially run large organizations, MC does not have a single other real person in his administration a couple of hundred chapters in. Given that the NPCs are fairly unrealistic, it is immediately clear this game is absolutely terrible for its intended purpose of teaching people to manage organizations - where I've read up to he rules over 30, 000 people and there has not been a single significant episode of in-fighting, corruption, or even resentment from his NPCs. The game itself seems extremely sh*tty as a method of training people - people get immense advantages forever based on how well they did in the tutorial. Imagine the top genius in the world makes a poor decision in the first ten minutes they play the game which he has absolutely no idea is actually important because it's marketed as just a game - he is forever doomed to having absolutely no way to make up the permanent disadvantage he is given. Also, his management is fundamentally based on ancient chinese bureacracy spruced up with some modern Chinese bureacracy, and it seems extremely dubious that ancient chinese bureacracy would be a solid basis for best future administration, given how it is no longer extant anywhere in the real world. Perhaps even more hilariously, he shuffles around his bureacracy what feels like every other day, and fortunately because it's a video game there's no apparent penalty for making people do entirely new jobs every week or so. Which again, would be fine if you're playing a game but this is supposed to represent a training simulator for the rulers of the future. MC is incredibly lucky where everything goes his way, even though there is a luck stat in the game which he has a 5 out of a possible 20. Although we are aware he is a time traveler from the future and has a basic knowledge of the future, the story explicitly says he doesn't even have any personal experience playing the management game. Yet he has never made a single mistake and nothing I would consider unlucky has happened to him, and now that I think about it, it isn't even reasonable that he knows perfectly how to structure his city considering he never even played the management game in the past. It's like expecting somebody who is really good at Counter-Strike to know perfect gameplay in Civ VII even though they've never played it just because they come from the future where CIV VII has been out for a year. There's really no reason to believe the MC is actually skilled at anything other than the fact that somehow he keeps being ranked #1 in the world. He had a mediocre education, appears to have never worked a real job nor had any real responsibility in his past life, and performed mediocrely in the game in his past life (which he played in MMORPG mode rather than sim management mode). Even assuming he can competently leverage his advantages of future knowledge, there is really no reason at all to believe he has any skills at all, and everything we see in his life that doesn't involving future knowledge cheating appears to indicate otherwise. For example: MC unreasonably spends enormous amounts of money and effort on every girl he sees for not much return, yet somehow this never bites him in the ass. He doesn't even get laid for his trouble, for chrissakes. He's like a 13-year-old who gives big gifts to girls online because they are girls, for no real benefit in the game. Of course all the girls like him anyway because the whole thing stinks of harems, even when he is hiding his secret identity as the top player in the world. It's all clearly an enormous waste of resources for dubious benefit in a lot of cases, and honestly, I would literally prefer if he managed to seduce every last one of them for his harem because at least that'd show some actual competence in doing something instead of acting like a 13-year-old virgin. Imagine if Bill Gates, when Microsoft was worth $10 million dollars, decided to gift a hottie female tech CEO Windows to get on her good side, because why the hell not. And imagine if somehow, this ended up all working out in his favor or something. Nevermind the fact that so many top managers and gamers in general in the world happen to be extremely beautiful young women, which contravenes real life to an absurd degree. Pretty much all his major allies are hotties who are described down to their pink nipples poking out of their braless top. There's literally only two dudes he's allied with, who have been so poorly described it's easy to forget they exist, except for the fact that I'm damn near certain one of them will betray him in the future for no other reason than the fact that he hasn't bothered to investigate their background at all because hell, it's not like he pays attention to his male allies. God only knows how irritated I would be at that "big reveal" We've seen plenty of wish-fulfillment MMOs about how people who are good at playing a video game can become the most important person in the game, which may be a real world. As masturbatory as that is, this novel wants you to believe that one of those sh*tty phone games that involve building a city and a territory and I guess probably attacking other cities would result in you being the best administrator in real life for the world. It's made further offensive by the fact that it's inherent to the story that the MC is only the top in the world because of his future-knowledge cheating, so assuming everything goes perfectly for him and he's given mass power and privileges, he has essentially f**ked over all of humanity, which is facing an existential crisis and must have top leaders for an uncertain future. There is zero awareness by the MC that he is actually risking the entire human race by winning the game by cheating. So. The novel tries to take itself seriously with a super-important real game, but the game is sh*t. Everybody but the MC is incompetent. The MC is forever distracted by any girl. The writing is below average. Fundamentally, the entire premise is sh*t. The novel, as a whole, is attempting to represent the MC being a perfect king by having future knowledge, but that has absolutely nothing to do with actually being a good king and the whole thing is fundamentally limited by the author's poor imagination of good management, and how the real world as a whole functions, and what skilled and intelligent people are actually like. Unless you can literally make yourself believe sh*tty empire-building phone games are excellent simulators of real-life nation management and thus can mistake "highly-detailed" for "very realistic", I do not recommend reading this. Any and all real life experience in virtually any endeavor will derail your enjoyment of this novel. edit: After finishing this review initially, I read another 15 chapters through to his city defense arc and it is so vomit-worthy I'm lowering this to 1-star from 2-stars. Things that happen: Top players continue to fail quests for no reason like 1) gosh, what is a military reserve, or 2) I thought I would win, but it turned out that even with everything going according to plan I didn't have enough guys. He's unsure he can win it, especially since he just took major casualties. Decides to fight the battle anyway because he wants to be first in the world despite no important benefits and he's really weaker militarily than he has been in some time. MC asks random low-grade officer who isn't even a famous historical figure or whatever to snipe the enemy general with a ballista bolt 1.3 km away. He does it, first shot, wins the battle. Personally leads a charge to enemy outnumbering him 4:1 when he's behind his walls on the theory that "oh their morale is weak, best to end the battle quickly". Never mind the fact that he's leading a charge into the enemy lines and the whole reasoning their morale is weak is because their leader just died. Never mind the fact that he's supposed to have a low Luck stat so bad things should happen to him just because. Doesn't matter, enemy collapses and retreats immediately, it's not like he's potentially throwing away a won battle or anything like that.... Refused to conscript more troops into a battle where he's badly outnumbered because he already has twice a big an army as he planned to. After battle, recruits bandits into his army because he shrugs and says he'll be growing in the future. Says that bandits are just decent guys forced into dire straits. Neglects that in the last arc he didn't want bandits to join his army because of their generally poor moral character. I don't know what the hell I was thinking continuing to read this a little further, every chapter made me hate it more.


Why is this in here? Why is Qidian taking everything in? Well I don't mind it if Qidian taking everything but I do mind it if the story going to be premium one! So, TWO is basically your everyday Chinese novel which depicts a lot lot lot of history of Chinese people's from the Yellow Emperor till date. If you don't like a lot of history you can pass this one but I recommend it to try.


This is taken, if not stolen from GRAVITY TALES (The original translation deserves the 5 stars, not the one here, just letting you know) So please just no This is bad and mean Just type nicely on google and read it on its own site I really hate how qidian steals like this Concentrate on your own works for once There are like 3 novels I love that the translations are slower than ants Go translate Jun Jiuling or Village Girl or Apocalypse Meltdown All these novels could use some actual translating Thank you.


Have yet to read this but will update once I do. However, the premises of the story is based on a betrayal in game. I don’t know why it would matter so much since it’s only a game—it’s not like their life is on the line like in SAO. Why doesn’t he just start over? Better yet, he should choose better friends. Doesn’t sound that interesting but I’ll read it anyways since I’ve caught up on all my favorite stories.


greedy as f*ck... your patroen already quite a lot of member at GT. why you go premium here? where your promise to dual list a month ago? sh*tty f*ck


If you were trying to read The Lord’s Empire and felt it lacking, this is the story for you since this is basically what it was inspired by, if I recall properly. The skill development, cultivation, npcs, allies, villains, every aspect of the game system are ALL better. I read this one first, so I couldn’t stomach The Lord’s Empire hand-wavey way of doing things. This is a good MC that works for his advantages and plans ahead. He’s smart, hard-working, and puts in a lot of effort to be a loyal friend. He’s also not fake humble or even pretending to be magnanimous, while actually being black-bellied. He’s a good person who just wants to build the best future possible for his family at all costs. It’s also nice that not every woman is placed in the novel to chase after him and stroke his ego by being face slapped. Everyone is pretty reasonable in comparison to most novels like this. You can understand why people are the way they are. The only person that might be annoying in the whole novel is the sister, and that’s just because she’s a Mary Sue, but she also 8, so whatever, I guess. She’s not in every chapter so it’s tolerable! I only got to around chapter 357 ish? Before I paused. I think I burnt myself out a little bit? The story is more technical than some other stories and is really focused on territory stuff, and sometimes that just isn’t what I’m in the mood for. HOWEVER, that doesn’t make it a not good novel. It is amazing at everything it sets out to do. TLDR: it’s great! And has very few plot holes in the novel minus when it comes to the Mary Sue sister. 10/10 great MC, great cast, great rivals, great system! If you have any questions or need something explained feel free to ask! I really enjoy the story and it being here makes mobile reading much easier than GT because of the ad glitches.


Reveal spoiler


I have already read this on GT, and what I hate on this novel is that there is too many characters and I can't really remember them all and I get really confused.


As I made a review on the Lord's Empire, I'll do the same here. A short one -A better version of the two stories that were transferred from GT, it's like their noble first born son or something. Here's to hoping they'll transfer Records of the Human Emperor as well.


Reveal spoiler


Great story while on gravity tales, shame it's gone premium on this website after progressing so far. Sadly I can no longer read this due to the cost.


Hi everyone. I'm the translator of TWO. So we will be going premium on webnovel on the 1st of October. There would be no changes to release rate of 14/week


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