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It's a good read, it starts off a bit rough but quickly improves and soon became one of my favorite novels at the moment. MC is pretty much a stone cold killer at times, but also can play a loving father. As an aside, the world has an interesting mix of technology and magic, or more importantly technology fueled by magic such as cars which take magic energy as fuel instead of gasoline or some alternative liquid fuel.


Hello everyone, author here. I'd just like to say thank you for all the support. Honestly, the story just went from having a few readers to getting much more. I know full well that I may not be the idle author - some may like how I write and some may dislike it. At the end of the day, it's your choice. I love writing too much to be bothered by that sort of thing. Honestly, it would not surprise me if majority of the readers get annoyed. I don't want to write something common and predictable. I want to write and love to write things that are harmonious and chaotic at the same time - that what I hope for at least. As I've said before, I'm unorthodox and a bit nuts in the head.[Sorry about that] ;p Only thing I want is constructive criticism, things that will make me better and hopefully the story as-well. Or just post about the things that you didn't like/ obvious errors and such. I read every comment you guys post, go ahead and flame me for that matter, I'll filter out the good from the bad and hopefully make something even better for you guys instead. P.S: I've gone back and slowly begun rewriting the previous chapters; bear with me and hopefully one day, we can all laugh about this journey. (Shout out to the people who were here from the beginning, I love you all and promise to become better.)


Eh? Why is everyone giving this novel and author bad reviews? Indeed this may not suit some readers and maybe the quality is bad but I can gradually see it improving itself. I like the confidence and braveness the author has to continue writing despite the reviews with 1-2 stars may discourage him. Its pretty rough at the beginning but slowly goes with the flow as you continue further so do give it some patience. Give this author a chance to prove the novel's worth!


Writing quality e is very poor you don't know what the hell is going on in the story suddenly you found that he is the dead God and then suddenly you know the woman who suddenly chosen as her brother betrays him again suddenly e and then suddenly as always he found that he has a house like house ran was something around 10 lines I can't seem to remember why dis consume to you know this I am this way too lazy to write this voice typing it is that's why it's called


The first novel I dropped before at least reaching chapter 50...πŸ™ˆ Too much confusion, too much inconsistency, too much b*llsh*t. And to top it off, bad writing style, bad storytelling, no worldbuilding, hardly any characterbuilding and so on and so forth... Not worth reading and seeing as the novel goes premium after some dozen chapters is really undeserved... πŸ™ˆ


I read until the first 15 chapters cause i couldnβ€˜t handle it anymore. The writing is all over the place. Much happens but you can only really understand some parts cause the situations arenβ€˜t really well explained. New progress to the story isnβ€˜t slowly introduced but as a reader you just get thrown into it. *** for Author*** In my opinion the idea of the story is great and has a very good potential. The only part thats bugs me is the writing style or the absence of any good structure in the chapters. The chapters only have a really rough structure like Beginning -> Action -> End of situation. Adding introductions or background information for new appearing characters or any real introduction for the story would probably be a good idea. There are almost no descriptions so the Tempo of the story is far to fast to get into it. And if there are descriptions they are all over the place and not really good integrated. As a reader I get the feeling that the beginning of the story is just written down without further thinking to get it to a point where the real plot should start. So Iβ€˜m dropping it since if I canβ€˜t get into the beginning of the story there wonβ€˜t be a chance for the rest of the story.


Duckin hell is this The story r messed, not recommended 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


Ini cerita sangat luar biasa.... Aku sangat tertarik dan ingin terus membacanya semoga kisahnya makin seru hingga ingin dibaca terusss kreeeenn bangeett


Disgusting story without flow.. dumb puppet mc............................................................................................................................................................


The mc and other characters show familial emotions way too soon, as in, like, Romeo and Juliet to soon. I just met you the day before yesterday, we know nothing about each other, but let's treat each other like blood siblings... that type of concern doesn't just appear out of nowhere...


Main character is an ass. Not in the good way. He's a whiny annoing bipolar as **** *****. Now if anyone wants to tell me anything about how he is this great character who truly cares. Just shut up right now. The author wrote a fucking terrible character and did one of the worst cases of character assasination i have ever seen with Sophia. What the hell


I was enjoying the book until chapter 45. Then the author took a weird turn by adding 'advanced' guns to the story. I get that time has passed and technology has advanced but dude you ruined the story by adding that.


Hey author i know you treasure this book. But read my review before deleted this comment. First. Everything is rushed. How did 'lucky know thay the mc had a limiter:? It wasn't even mentioned anywhere. And Lucy has killing intent from nowhere. Care to explain not here but in the story. Sceond you are' trying' to get the element of mystery or surprise but you unable to do it. Third the mc has an 'AI' that can look in to the character's weakness. Don't you think that you have added and AI and then the heir of death. A bit to much... The story os great however the turns of events as well the quality is top notch. However, here is an advice. If the first 10 chapters are great then the readers will care to get the money out of their pockets. So please. Make the story much for understand able. What you are doing is writing your thoughts and ideas that you want or thought in your story that you want it to be there immediately. YOU KNOW THEBPLOT AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. BUT WE DON'T. Ask a person to read your story without knowing the plot and you will understand how a reader like me suffers from trying to imagine how mc has AI in his head. Give some details about.


As I read this novel I get the feeling that the beginning of the story is just written down without further thinking to get it to a point where the real plot should start. There also a lot of random things which makes no sense and its confusing . This novel is a far cry to the wither's first novel.


Reveal spoiler


The idea is good. But I have little reservations about the quality of writing. But if that does not bother you then the novel is even good.




iam no being or trying to be offensive but I have few points 1 the righting is ok I guess but the paragraphs are too long so that is a problem and sometime doesn't make any sense 2 I think everyone is the entire book have some brain problem or you forget. what you wrote like he doesn't mind discard his name but in the same chapter he feels bad? like WTF 3 it was a waste of time. good plot or plan could have been better if you did a plan or a glossary or background or something


Am I the only one spooked by the synopsis? I haven't read it yet but I'm seriously spooked right now. The author has no control over the characters and plot development? The heck? He is just a spectator?! So like everything is real. I don't know why am trembling right now. Am I scared or am I excited? I don't know. There's only one way to find out... let's read this! I hope I don't regret this


When I first saw the title and cover of this book, I immediately thought that it was a good read, and I’m happy that I read it because its super amazing and I reccomend it