The Immortal PlayerThe Immortal Player

The Immortal Player

by RDream

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Being born from a rich family, Pedro Armaz was often scolded by his family because of playing VR games. Years after playing the VR game sensation "Bearth Online", He was “betrayed” by his guild members. This depressed him, which later on caused his death. To his surprise, he woke up and learned that he time-traveled 7 years back to the past! With his past experiences as an advantage, Pedro is determined to dominate the brutal and unusual game, Bearth Online, and become the strongest player in the world! ____________________________________________ After Several Months of Busy days, I finally got free times once again. And so, I would be asking kindly for your support in my return! I would like to give everyone a heads up, this story was made and posted as the raw and first draft. There might be some inconsistencies but rest assured that the author is doing his best in editing/revising these mistakes. Regards, RDream. :D ____________________________________________

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