The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis
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The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis


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What is The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis

The Golden Watch Of Hypnosis is a popular web novel written by the author Gyihhuhu_, covering HYPNOSIS, EVIL MC, HAREM, RUTHLESS MC, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.1/5 and 60 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 24 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“Believe in something with all of your heart, even if it means losing everything in the process. “ “And I believe in running the world. I want everything in this world, I want to be admired, I want to loved and I want to desired. “ “Even if it means losing everything in the process! “ A boy called Tenshi Ayama’s life is gutted to shreds when the most important person to him – his mother – an influential government official - dies in a suspicious accident. It didn’t help that, she was his entire life. After all, his motivation and determination to succeed in life was all for her, nothing else mattered to him more than her. Tenshi’s entire ambition dies as he turns into a fat slob, a depressed fat slob which his former childhood persona would’ve hated. Yet the thing was, that he believed in unconditional love, and he was utterly betrayed by the person he loved – his childhood friend Haruno Ichiho. The same day, he found a watch dropped by a crow – a golden and fabulous watch that has an amazing feature of being able to bend people’s minds into submission. Watch as he supports his waifus in fulfilling their dreams, perfecting their personalities and fixing their flaws. And sometimes ruling and killing over his political opponents with amazing *humor. *Humor not guaranteed, but dark humor is and will be always present Extra Tags - Insane Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Slow Pace. [Caution - contains excessive sex in the later chapters.] Donate/buy me a coffee using litecoin. My LTC address is: MAe7Eop5xiMrSecrG5ErzZEQDHCuwTctjX


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I stake my god-like stellar reputation again to write a review. Do you want to see snu~snu on super beauties? Do you want hypnosis with different Sex scenes? Do you want mc to kill his enemies? Search no more. Constructive criticism: 1) naked thigh stockings in mature beauty with sexy thighs or in onee-chan characters😏. 2) diverse personalities other than yandere. 3) sexy foreign childhood female's cherry🙄😏 4) some ffm or fffm sandwich😏 5) Not abandoning or sharing his Sex slaves if they are super beautiful. But, girls like haruno and sakura's sister can die😈👿 6) no netorare/rase. Even with slaves....as long as they are not Bitches. 7) Onee-chan incessstttttt and her V-card😍 8) Not too dark/twisted personality. Atleast, he should not abandon his girls.


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The story is different than others, so if you are tired to read the 10th clone of whatever, this is really a new story. The writing is good, not without errors, but it feels fluent. The basic idea of this system seems good so far (somewhere before chapter 10). I think this is a good book, it is just so that I don't like the "speed" of the story. Everything takes forever. Someone having ***... pages. Imagining something... pages. Walking somewhere... pages. Just going from his room to the bath can take many pages. So, I think it is a book many will like because there are many good points about it, but I personally do not like it. I still give 2 stars to story development, because - even when I don't like the speed of the story's progression - I like the new ideas of the story and I totally like the way the protagonist/author sees sexual activity as a normal activity instead of using "pervert this" and "pervert that" because someone likes some and/or is having ***.


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I have read my fair share of novels and I can happily say that this series is a serious gem and deserves to be spread around. There are very interesting characters and the story development is great. I just hope the author will keep consistent updates and not drop there series and I can't wait to see how the story progresses!


Started off interesting, then author adds in lots of fillers to extend the length of story. The story becomes unfocused and just all over the place. Wouldn't recommend as it feels like the author doesn't know what kind of story he is trying to tell.


Hypocrite mc. Author just keeps on going from one situation to another which involves abuse and rape everytime. The MC is getting more and more hypocritical and does one scene ever get completed? You have one story in one chapter and it jumps to another in another chapter. If the main topic is not revenge, which I think it is not then finish the revenge thing so we can move on from all the rape and abuse **** so that we can see what the **** he is actually going to do after the revenge is done. Don't just jump from a story to another. You should read trassford's trading club.


This novel has different story from other hypnosis stories.Every character have their own personalities,and the victim off the hypnosis did not become mindless and still can think by their own.the system also is interesting,not just a machine that help the host.Also,when will Tenshi train martial arts ? Note:This is my first ever review,sorry if there anything wrong with it.English is not my native languange,sorry if there are some problems.


Constant updates 😚 Big juicy chapters 😚 No longer some cliched revenge fantasy (I hope) 😚 Interesting idea 😚 No locked chapters 😚 What are you waiting for?


A random review in the sea of words 😅 Ok let’s begin...😖 It’s ok, good and quite frankly a real vibe kind of tackling on the realistic sense of how the world works...😛 Though i think the author began mixing and matching many different disorders of mental/physical sicknesses into the blender, Adding a dab of philosophical words and a pinch of superpowered martial arts... and done... I give you the novel of the the day🤓 Story wise,,, I can’t say yet... 🤕 there’s too much back and forth going on that theres nothing really interesting that happens. Besides blackmail, planning for revenge and hypnotism it’s kinda moving slow. 🤔 But not to slow... It’s kinda moderate...😬 The plot is coming together slowly but surely...😪 Anyways...🤮 I had fun reading this novel,🙂 I had fun seeing manipulations,😇 I had fun getting revenge,😋 I had fun looking into their minds,🙃 I had fun almost every time I read this novel...🤗 Anyways warning to those easily triggered... If your triggered easily then I don’t recommend this novel.😚 This is not safe for kids 🤪 Even for young pubescent boys 🤩 Open your minds and just read😑 There’s not lessons here except to just read 🤥 I end here and hope this gets some likes 😈


The MC is actually not right in the head, psychopathic tendencies, oedipus complex, and severe obsessive disorder.. well it result in a flesh out character i guess. The girls are also felt real with their detailed backstory, not just another onahole. Though based on the story, i dislike what the MC are currently doing.. proscratinating.. instead of munchkining the hell out of the system to get stronger as fast as possible as there are threats out there that can be beaten easily as long as his stats are OP.


Sorry had to drop it. Was 2 dark for some reason (depression) just keep it out of your novels...i lost my straws when i found his sis wasnt a virgin. One of the things i was looking for and it turned out she was already taken...... Also its like chapter 50 and hes only lvl12 whiles others are in the hundreds......it was good while it lasted 😥😞😥😞


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This is one of those rare series where the main charecter is actually harder to get a read on. As he changes so much in the first two days of the story. I am considering re reading the initial chapters because I feel there are many contradictions in the charecters thoughts and his actions. Also we are told different things about certain stances depending on the situation. Now I can't tell if this is the author perposefully throwing us contradictions as to make indecisiveness and hypocrisy charecter traits. Or is its just poor exicution of the charecter by the author. This aside I am really enjoying this novel and the MC inconsistencies is my only issue so far. Stateing your view, only to change it hours later is not growth. I also feel like the time line for the story is too unrealistic.


Hehehe.........finally. A YANDERE NOVEL FINALLY APPEARED BEFORE ME. Please keep writing (or typing), there really aren’t enough of these kind of novels (well novels containing this aspect). And thank you!


Finally, other Art that I couldn't wait for Update... As Reader, I'm Pleased with more interesting PLOT with taged "Series" behind it. More Mature Stories in this series is indication for the Author progress in writing. G O O D J O B . . .


Dang good please keep up the good work. ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Well theres nothing much to say in this novel. The story is great and im also looking forward to the future developments. And also please update more.. 😎😎😎 NO PRESSURE INTENDED!!! KEEP UP AUTHOR


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