The Flame Queen And Her Sly LoverThe Flame Queen And Her Sly Lover

The Flame Queen And Her Sly Lover

by VorstinStory

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Excerpt: Kinsey grinning widely made Katie suspicious at him. "Do you know something? Your friends intend to punish me if I don't win today. It seems they want to prank me afterward." Katie snorted. "As if I care." "Do you know the punishment that will be given to me?" Kinsey leaned over the table causing Katie to move back and put down her scoop of ice cream. "Looks like I'll be ordered to run around the forest all day... naked." Katie's eyes bulged, hearing this. "What if I pass your cottage? Or do you want to see me naked?" Katie's cheeks felt hot as the color was as red as a tomato. But she didn't know whether her face flushed due to anger or embarrassment to hear the vulgar words of the man. Her angry was skyrocket when she saw the cunning smirk on the man's lips. "YOU....!!" "I don't mind if you see me naked. Should I go to your room?" BANG! *** What it feels like to have your emotion controls the weather? That's what happens to Katalina van Oostven. Since she was small; every time she cried, the rain would fall. If she were angry, lightning would strike. If she were happy, flowers would bloom. But this power hinders her dream; thus, at the age of 16, she sealed her power in exchange of losing her memory of Kinsey, her childhood first love. Years passed, and they both meet again at a wedding reception, but only Kinsey remembers Katie! Not only that, but Kinsey also broke their promise years ago and misunderstanding occurred, separating them again for the second time. Six years later, fate pulled them together, but Katie's seal of power already broke. She only had six years left to live! Can they resolve their misunderstanding and reunite? Can Kinsey find a way to save Katie's life? Don't forget about those people aiming for Katie's power! Read the rest at: 'The Flame Queen and Her Sly Lover.' *** This is the sequel of my other works 'You Are My Colour' 1. You Are My Colour (Cathy-Vincent) ~ completed 2. The Flame Queen and Her Sly Lover (New) 3. The Ice Prince and His Little Wife (coming soon) *the cover isn't mine so the credit belongs to the owner* Feel free to check my another works called 'Elementalist: Time Controllers'

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