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Reading this up to the point I have, I am ready to give my full review on this novel. for starters, let's start with the overall writing quality and development of the story. What is fascinating about this book is that no matter how brilliant the MC is, his plans are always tested. The more he tries to walk between villain and good, the more violently he will be torn to one side or another. Neutral grounds are hard to follow because in the world of MHA it is a division between what is considered Good and what is Evil, the thoughts of taking the ability of both All Might could be considered evil but just the same as taking All for One's. There is a defined pacing of action behind each thought, and the looming threat that beckons beyond the world that he prepares for along the way is a most interesting way to twist the world as it is. As for character designs. It is hard to really rate this with what little characters are original and what are not, the design of what there already is however is enough. The conversations between Neji and the other women and characters in here is very well-written, elicted strong, and have very human emotions. The cast has very well-made characterization as well for pre-existing characters which all bend towards the will of the world that the writer bounded together in one perfect package. The updates are pretty frequent as well considering how well the chapters are put together. The only flaws really is that it depends on the preferences of the reader if they enjoy the story or simultaneously enjoy both character and story. Can't critique one or the other. Always as a whole. But I look forward to the day the Author makes a full-fledged book of original design. Grand Work.

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A fanfic gem. Been closely following for a few months. My take on this: Writing Quality: Nothing much to say. Very readable, Author clearly has his English GCSEs. 5 stars. Updating stability: Consistent, good word count, high quality reads. 5 stars. Story development: Best point about this. It’s very different to ffs I’m used to reading. Several points author could have fked it up but comes out successful. Hoping turning to villain is done well too :) 5 stars. Character design: For me, the mc is great. Idk he might be a hypocrite/scummy but I enjoy him as the mc for this novel. Puts his goals before relationships (which he has several of) but relationships don’t lose out. Somewhat unique courtship too, you probably won’t be disappointed (Unless your deeply against the reverse r). I‘d like to point out he’s not beta despite what you may think of the maid situation. Harem does not become bland (good level of drama that doesn’t take away from plot) though I do feel they are slightly useless to Neji currently (Hope that’s seen to). 4.5 stars. World Background: No comment ;) 5 stars. Thank you for this gem and keep up the hard work Master4thWall.


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the story is good it's just too much drama and annoying side characters like her mother and kimi reading it is annoying... Tch [img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


Hypocritical and extremely irrational behaviour marks the whole story. Wouldn't recommend wasting time on this.....................................................


All in all it's a pretty good story. Main issues i have with the story is the character design and the feel of the story, i don't know if the author wanted to create a story with an underdog feeling but the plot gives itself to this trope, the problem. is that the MC is a bit to unlikeable for that to really work as of right now. The MC is still in the development phase but some action and reactions kinda make me hope that the Gods come fast and kill him. Maybe it was my mood as i read the story but I kinda got a depressiv vibe from the story, when I hoped for something at least a bit more training and action heavy. All in all the story is fine and still developing but the MC Character just doesn't do it for me.


As the Proofreader-In-Chief, this is a really good novel that I recommend. Has good grammar and plot that can inspire a newbie to start writing. Without me, 4th would have been lost. I helped steer him in the right way.


it's a 5 star, but it doesn't matter to me, if you nerf me it's a 2 star romance, I'll give it 3 because it's very good it's a 5 star, but it doesn't matter to me, if you nerf me it's a 2 star romance, I'll give it 3 because it's very good


It's a good fanfic, but it's not really multiverse, since so far the MC is in the first world. Something very annoying is the plot armor of the villains being absurd and the heroes nerfed. Stain, who has no super strength or stamina, was hit by a lethal laser and was only injured, was hit even more in a direct attack to the soul and is only injured, ja Mirko who has super strength and can fight the strongest Nomus almost died for some blades, this is ridiculous.


tired... it's boring, the mc is obviously strong but still suffers against some enemies that shouldn't even offer a threat, it seems that the author didn't measure how the skills would work, causing the MC to get out alive by 1 thread of some situations (large plot armor). And stop trying to add grace to some scenes to make them "better", it may be the author's inexperience but it irritates (there are still funny parts, but the realistic/dark theme of the story basically distorts this)


Wishy-washy character who can’t decide what he wants. Half assed morals. Forced developement. Literally made a joke outta that maid in one chapter. Not my cup of tea honestly.


The story went from good to bad after the mha arc after he started chasing every girl he met in naruto world all the girls will leave their crushes for him or something will happen to the person they are in a relationship seems like the author is getting fed up with this story for me


I'm sorry to say it but for me the fic has been in decline, I didn't blame you or anything, it's that the mistake was to make a very good story from the beginning but not keep you at the same level, low quality. It's like comparing the first seasons of Games of thrones with the last one because it leaves a lot to be desired. I find that you had to start with a Medium level even if you are very Good to see what people like, because let's be honest you save or make love interests with the characters that you like the most when ok you want to put some of your favorite characters, but Remember that we do not have to have the same taste, you should or should find a middle ground between what people like and what YOU like.


Yo I'm one of the few people being lucky enough to read chapters in advance and I can say that this book is worth your time guys. Ha rem, s mut, inc est, what else do y'all want? The author is experienced, he already wrote 2 successful books, so you don't have to worry about the writing quality. And the idea of the fic is original, and not just a simple gamer guy.. Anyway I won't spoil but give it a try and you'll see! big spoil for my fellow simps: mc looks like gojo 🥵


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This really depends on whether it suits your tastes or not. The protagonist has a kind of personality that would appeal to some people and repel some others. Also, there is too much System content. By that I mean the protagonist frequently calls the System to show his stats, etc, even when nothing has changed at all, which takes up a lot of space doing nothing to progress the story.


Writing: 5 (writing is pretty good, not what I'd call perfect but it doesn't ruin the immersion/fun and no dumb mistakes either to be seen as of yet) Updates: 5 (cant judge right now but author said to post daily so its a 5) Story Development: 5 (as per my knowledge, it is taking a unique turn with the gamer as its apparent by "cursed" part in it.) Characters: 4 (cant say much about this since there aren't many characters, but "personally" I found about two of them to be acting weird and not according to their role(?) anyways, not much of an issue but it was something that caught my eye.) World Background: 5 (because it's a multiverse fic, the worlds are developed already after all but the lore behind acquisition of gamer system is somewhat interesting.)


I just read the first two chapters and I am giving you a 5 star review because I like your writing and wish that you can continue to write your novels till the end.


Would be nice if there were reviews explaining that this has clones, yuri, bi/lesbians in the "harem", which makes it polyamory and not harem. I don't really remember everything, so idk if there was ever yuri without the MC, but I don't think there was, and I don't think anyone went outside the harem either, author can clarify these 2 points if he feels the need to. I'll probably re-read to clarify it myself later. Btw no hate towards the author or the fic, just wish this stuff was in the description where you put the other tags. Honestly surprised there are no 1-2 star reviews for the things I mentioned, since a lot of people dislike those things lol.


I mean it's good and all but to keep readers there he is using fan service to keep his audience still attracted to the story I was on my path to enlightenment and this story stopped me and made me fail so I stopped reading and I feel close to enlightenment now