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Tangled by Fate


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What is Tangled by Fate

Tangled by Fate is a popular web novel written by the author Flow07, covering R18, SMUT, ROMANCE, DRAMA, MYSTERY, HISTORICAL, FIRSTLOVE, FANSTASY, FANTASYCOUPLE, ROYALROMANCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.1M readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 153 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "You don't know what love is? I will teach you." his deep, husky voice made her shiver. His hot hands were roaming freely around her body, making her jolt in a unique sensation she never felt before. ____ She is a curious student who wants to know about pleasure and he is a patient teacher who knows everything she wants to learn. ____ Growing up in the temple, the troublemaker and yet pure-hearten and innocent Veronica decided to go outside the walls. Her first time experience ended with something disastrous. She learned about a unique part of male body she never heard of its existence. He found out about her deepest secret that no one should have known, That's how their fates tangled. She soon realized, her heart pounded whenever he touched her. His hot gaze would give her goosebumps. ____ Video trailer: https://youtu.be/c_9Soy4ODuM [ Webnovel - Tangled by Fate - Flow07 (Trailer) ] ***Top 10 VOTERS and GIFT GIVERS will get Veronica and Arthur's Chibi with Author's letter. ^_^ ------------------------------ To get spoilers and urgent announcement, follow, me on: Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MaJMCyb Also, you can follow me on: FB: HappyGoLuckyAuthor (Flow07) IG: flow07.author Support me- Patron: https://www.patreon.com/Flow07 Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Flow07 My other books on Webnovel: 1. Handsome CEO's Darling Wife (completed) 2. My Wife is a Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses (ongoing) 3. My Beloved (ongoing) -------------------------------- Book cover: Doesn’t belong to me. REAL BOOK COVER IS COMING AFTER THIS BOOK REACHES 50K READERS ^^

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A.r.o.u.s.i.n.g and great written story. C.o.m.p.e.l.l.i.n.g leads' design and immersive details. I find the writing is up to professional standard, little to no grammar mistake. I like the writing style and the premise is great. Story development has been great so far and the way the leads are introduced is impeccable. Great read and very recommended. Perhaps, if you don't mind me asking how many chapters you're planning for this book author?


The plot is unique. The MC knowns very little of the real world but she began to learn the world isn't what she seemed. Yet, she tries to look for the positive aspect which is admiring. ML and FL are like Tom and Jerry. Hopefully they will have a wonderful journey ahead.


Another master piece. Author always comes up with a different books which keeps me hooked. i always crave for more. Introduction part is very good and different from other. Character formation is amazing. I like the way fl is naive and outspoken. I love this book...it's just amazing. it's worth reading ❤❤❤


My Dearest, Loveliest Comrades, THIS IS IT! If you are looking for some cough cough sinful scenes, you are on the right path. This Happy-go-lucky Angel will guide you to hell. All hail to Flow07!


I'll make another review when more chapters added. But first, I want to announce that I'm the fans of author's work, my beloved! Hopefully, this another work from her will turn into masterpiece as well. Can't wait for the smut parts 😋😋😋😋


As usual, Flow_07 hits it out of the park with this novel. She has always had this innate quality of introducing such interesting and charismatic characters that never fail to grab the readers' attention. I have read all the chapters as of today and whenever a new chapter is released, I waste no time before clicking on the notification like my life depends on it! The only complaint is that each chapter will leave you wanting for more as you will desperately want to know what happens next and that's no easy task I tell you. If the author's previous works are any indication, I'm expecting nothing short of a classic with this one. Now please excuse me while I go read the newest chapter! 🙂


Historical Fastsy Western Romance my most favorite genre of all time! I like the characters even more. they are so interesting. I want MOREEEEE


The genre is actually not my cup of tea. BUT, HERE I AM. Reading this book and started to enjoy each of the chapters. Once you start, keep read and you eventually get there (the exciting part). Highly recommended book. 💯👍🏻


MC learns quickly, not a stubborn idiot. ML is mysterious. Not sure what he is after. Full of suspense and cough cough scene. God, cleanse thy eyes!


Wow, the story genre is romantic fantasy, the story is also interesting. I really like it, the author is cool 🤗 excited for the story [img=recommend]


this book is so different n worth reading.. the story is so gripping n character design is soo good... writing skill of author is upto the mark...💯we love this story a lot dear author...no grammatical errors or sentence formation which is seen in a lot other books...I feel like I m reading a published ancient book of some great journey...so mysterious so gripping n so enchanting story n leads...Arthur n nica our lovely Tangled couple by fate❤️🌟


Author, you got me hooked. First of all, your writing is smooth to the reader's eyes. Me likey! Second, you're the kind of writer who interacts freely to your readers which made me reminisce my fave author of my fave book back when I was just new in WN. Third, with just first 4 chaps, I'd say, you did great. I know I'm not even close to the end, however, it's good to let you know I'm starting to love it minus the 18+ contents (which of course was on the synopsis as a warning for the faint of hearts 😏). Anyways, I'll come back to give review once I finish the story or perhaps to appreciate your 5'ft height. 🤣🤣😁 Just kidding. Have a nice day!


I love this unique plot. Author is also updating every day. The FL is charming and ML is mysterious. The story is full of action and adventure with cute romance <3 <3 <3


I read few chapters but got hooked with the story. This is interesting - something different. I hope the release would be consistent that this novel will get a lot of attention from other readers.


This book is so amazing. It has mystery, supence, and romance. I love the characters. Veronica is so cute, innocent, stubborn,and clueless in the man department. The only down fall is that you will definately become obsessed!!! Happy reading to all.🔥🔥🔥💞💞💞


A different angle from our beloved author. The character's development is quite smooth and plot, ahhh... it's mysterious. Mainly ML. I am very eager to find out who really the ML is how the FL ended up in temple. This is my first fantasy romance with historic plot but I am really liking how things are going on. Waiting for more. Keep fighting, dear author ❤️


The story is so good and unique. I've never come across such plot . Everything is told with such fine details , I cant wait for next part. Especially waiting for reentry of arthur.


Mystery, romance, and suspence. All the makings of a good no great book. I love the attenion to detail in the writing. I am in love with the 2 leads. Just praying they find theIr waY back to eachother💞💞💞


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