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Read Some Energy, please novel written by the author Shinoera on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering cultivation, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


His name was Hector, if he remembered correctly. Former member of the guerrillas in his hometown lost on the remains of a forsaken Earth. Still young, but scarred by the desolation of combat, his elders decided to let him rest and voluntarily send him to a parallel world, where he would no longer suffer. However, not everything is going as planned, reappearing in the body of a person who has just been slit's throated isn't good news, plus, after crossing the dimensions, his soul got some demons clung to it, wanting to steal his new body. Hector succeeds in forming a contract with them. They would teach him to become stronger in this world, to control himself, to meditate, and in exchange he would bring them all kinds of energy necessary to create a new hell in a world where the heaven rule.


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First impression, this is first impression as it's not yet pass 50 chapters. Okay, here we go: ------ It's start with a confusing story, and evolve to a kinda interesting story, to an interesting story. I don't know about every one but, for me this is unique. Like, what's happen in his original world, and how he transferred to young man's body, and how he tell, with honesty, to the original man's family, that he is not the original man, and more to that. Also at first I would expect the story would involves around s*x or something like that. But it's not like that at all, there's not even one tiny bit of hint that the MC would do something like that, yet. Well, I think from what the story tell us, it is for sure would lead to something like that, we just don't know when... it can be soon enough, or can be at a really future chapter (around 100ch - 200ch) as the story flow in this novel is slow paced.


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