Seven Coloured Melody Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Seven Coloured Melody


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"There is no longer anything left for me in this world.." THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER PARTICIPATING IN WSA 2022 Ibuki Sumire age sixteen suffers from severe depression. Just when she was starting to find hope and live her life, she is betrayed once again. She is starting to lose all faith in the world, and fall into despair but there is one person that hasn't given up on her. Tsueno Mamoru is determined to reverse the situation. However,  how do you live a normal life when mysterious cases leading to the death of people close by to you happen? In order to live a normal life, the two get dragged into the deaths and supernatural cases of the underworld society.  The more they investigate, the more the pieces fall into place they both realize it is impossible for them to reach their happiness without sacrifices.


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