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Scarlet Ferguson


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You..." Trisha said with a look full of hatred "Trisha?" I said amazed She stormed towards me and slapped me. "Trisha!!" Dylan yelled "You, you are the reason why Dylan doesn't love me....sob....sob...it's all because of you!! I hate you!!!" she screamed, tears flowing down her face Dylan grabbed her arm and led her out harshly. She slapped me, because of a guy? my own sister? how could she? oh I forgot that I'm all alone...no family...all these people caused my mother's death, they treated her like she was a nobody...my mother..... they'll pay for what they did to her. Dylan came back in with a worried expression "Are you ok? did she hurt you?" "So, this, is what you married?" ".....that was my only choice" he said looking down "Hey, I'm ok, you don't have to worry about me, ok?" I said turning his face to look at me "I'm sorry"


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