Reincarnated With SSS Deathless Skill in Female Dominated World!

Author: HomieLv1
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What is Reincarnated With SSS Deathless Skill in Female Dominated World!

Read Reincarnated With SSS Deathless Skill in Female Dominated World! novel written by the author HomieLv1 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"SSS Skills are said to have a will and inheritance. What more have you inherited other than your immortality, Deathless Hunter?" "Death... your demise is also in my hands." Reincarnated into a world where women sit on authoritative seats, Hunter appeared to lack both mana and skill. However, aware of the real circumstances of his body, he kept his true strength and past life a secret and lived as a sidekick to the village's primary hunter team, hiding in plain sight as "just a man." On one fateful day, Hunter's role changed dramatically when his hunting team encountered a red wolf, an enemy they could not defeat. The beast's jaws appeared to have killed Hunter, but in reality, they had awakened his slumbering SSS Skill - Deathless. But is immortality all there is to this seemingly simple yet remarkable skill? Invited by the gorgeous woman known as the boss of the guild Darkness, Hunter leaves his village to learn more about himself and to get stronger to consort with the most beautiful women of this female dominated world! To become him! Yes, him! Him... wielding the law of Death across the entire universe. The Death Himself... More tags: No NTR, No Yuri.

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"If I knew this all along, then I would've wish to know better" Roxanne was just a mere high school student that was an outcast in her class. One night, she noticed herself trapped inside a nightmare which signified the start of her terrifying adventures. Unable to escape, she goes with the flow and sees where her dreams would bring her along. Alas, her luck had eventually run out, and her reveries became nightmares and reeled into her reality. Every pain she would feel will be carried once she was awake and aroused in her sleep. Every object she possessed before and after the scavenger hunt will return to her possession if she was still alive and escaped the phantasm that her mind had created.However, through time, she meets a peculiar man named Nicholas. He was a young professor, at the same age as her, that teaches the concept of dreams and their meanings. He stumbles upon the same town as her while providing free sessions about the conductivity of the brains of a human in the hope to find individuals that share the exact characteristics of having these nightmares and dreams. Unfortunately, things had gotten worse the moment she met this person but paired up and learn about the mysteries of their prowess together.Eventually, they would seek hidden entries and unlock puzzles that may or may not answer their queries as they proceed further to the dangers of their world. And most prominently survive until the end of the trial of the darkness enveloping in their minds.Frustrated, Roxanne could not save Nicholas from the terrors of the mighty beast that cornered them inside an unfamiliar labyrinth. It was Nicholas’ most illustrious fear. Thankfully, Roxanne barely escapes alone from the den and seeks revenge for the fallen partner she had.The battle between the nightmares and dreams she has did not lessen and continued to haunt her every day without fail. Exasperated, she gives her life up and throws her body at the towering cliff, from where Roxanne and Nicholas had first met inside the realm.Louise, a young man who had just undergone his first nightmare, notices the lifeless body of Roxanne floating in the nearby stream. Luckily, he could retrieve her body and carried her in the nearby cave. Suddenly, Roxanne, who was supposed to be deceased, suddenly sprawls back to life, with no wounds or injuries on her body.She was surprised and confused about the occurrence and pleaded to Louise to take her life once more at the identical place where she had descended. Roxanne finds her resolve and devotes her life to guide and teach him about survival in the world they presently live.Soon, their relationship develops, and both of them declare their love for each other. But fate continues to play with their lives a second time as Roxanne finds herself, yet again, in a similar situation where she parted ways with her former lover, Nicholas. “I don’t want to lose the person I love again.”

kuhaku_sora · Teen
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9 Chs
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My review can't be objective as I am the author of this book, so just ask me anything in this review.


A very good read with a steady progression. MC is intelligent and adaptive, while also extremely talented. Although his growth is slow, so far he hasn't had time to focus on strength, since most times he has been desperate to survive... one aspect i wish improved, as he has his own inheritance to discover.Even then, he manages to meet good girls for the cast, catch a few thick and cute spirits, while building up the base of his future harem. A novel i recommend to anyone who enjoys harem, though a slow burn, there is progress and seems to be accelerating as MC overcomes obstacles together with them.The plot is engaging and is not overly complicated, while the cast contains good and honorable girls with strong will and talent, albeit far below our MC.


To start with I read thist yesterday because I saw the title and thought that it couldn’t been too bad and if it is I had something else to read as a backup. And oh boy am I happy I started to read this. It is well write, has interesting characters that you want to know more about, funny interactions, and good adult moments. I went from I’ll read a few chapters to reading all the way to chapter 85. To put it in a simple way this is a f*Ching great novel that I hope continues to an ending


Reveal spoiler


A very good book with satisfying character development, a cool and unique mc, and interesting world! keep going author I will support you and your book


although the novel has simpery, it truly is a good novel with the mc being faithful and true to his words and actions. I really don't like harem at all but only in the correct setting will the harem make sense and work, this novel hasn't gone very far yet and has not made any such intimate relationships yet but as the foundation for the harem continues this novel will be a masterpiece. read it it'll be worth it.


I'm gonna be honest. After reading shadow slave, nothing hits like it used to. But this is honestly a good read. If your piling chapters on something else or just looking for a good hour of chill, read the boom. You won't regret it.


This novel has forthwith and henceforth gained the stamp of Sloth's approval. Please give it a read, you won't regret it! Now then, to bypass the limit of the character, here's an egg and rice recipe: - wash some rice - Crack some eggs open - Boil the rice - Pour the egg over the boiled rice - I guess that's it, I'm not asian, I don't know rice or egg


A novel featuring an immortal MC, a harem, and a well-crafted world, all weaved together so well. The story kept me hooked from start to finish. Highly recommend!


awesome story thanks for writing this amazing story


You sold me at the best tag of all, No-NTR,


Reveal spoiler


A 5 star review a day keeps the doctor away is what my dog told me so here I am staying healthy.............................................


nice story. can't wait for it to be updated😍😍




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