Reincarnated as a cursed goddess Book

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Reincarnated as a cursed goddess


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WARNING MATURE CONTENT|| In the mystic mountains dwelled a young girl who was made the protector of the most powerful orb in the world. While protecting the orb and getting engaged at the same time Julia the chief of the mystic clan's daughter was betrayed and killed only to reincarnate into a goddess. After obtaining that much power the entire clan turned against her and she was exiled by her father for not wanting to hand over the orb and accepting the accusation of trying to kill her cousin along with the guy she was engaged to, with no other choice the girl fled from the mystic mountains to an unknown kingdom called the kingdom of melody as a street rat until the crown prince found her and everything changed in both of their lives but the seemingly picture perfect prince had a secret of his own that could change the faith of his entire kingdom. Disclaimer: Cover does not belong to me, if you are the artist and want me to take it down, please contact me and i will do it immediately. Join discord server: https://discord.gg/Mg9FsrYH2n


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