Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

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What is Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Read Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan fanfiction written by the author Alex_Clive on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, reincarnation, naruto, ninja. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The trembling Hyuga Kuroto finally got the treasure that he dreamed of! How exactly will the world of Naruto be perceived with his glowing Royal Blue Tenseigan .............................................................................. Disclaimer: This is just a translated version of the Chinese Web Novel! ........................................................................................... For more chapters support me on Patreon! Patreon: p atreon.com/Milta_translations

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Sometimes I just wonder about the people on this platform. People are actually giving this amazing novel and low rating for just not being OP at the start? It’s pure stupidity , utter and pure stupidity. If you wanna break for all the normal garbage fanfiction’s that you read on this platform this is the one to read. It has a refreshing start and solid premise. Compared to a holy joker fic, this is so much better. Ignore the bad reviews, most of them are just butthurt that he wasn’t throwing planets around as a baby. I swear people on Webnovel sometimes lack brain cells


Its a chinese novel but its translated really well. and its interesting concept to. title pretty much tells it all. MC during minatos era and student of a sannin. No love interests so far [ 9 chps ]. no cringe, too unrealistic or even any retarded moments so far. plus MC seems to be a planner, plus his power OP [ potential to be OP ]. no system also. yay only downside is MC weak. not a weak bitch lvl but considering what he has and what he is and who he is [ an SI from our world ], he should at the very least have been jonin or something then with the magic eye, higher cause it does give a boost. thought MC is neutered for story purposes I guess. too OP and no story. still him being so weak is retarded. [ by weak I mean his overall power, not including cunningness, intelligence, etc ]


the beginning is different from other works of naruto fanfic, which is really good, now just hope that the MC doesn't become any psychopath without feelings because this is very repetitive, he has the ambition to be kage something rare in fanfic since other protagonists have no ambitions, teisengan is good but I hope he doesn’t go around wanting to get hashirama cells since this is ridiculous


I haven't read the story yet but it's probably this novel https://***.mtlnovel.com/reincarnation-in-naruto-world/ there is 1460 chapter in mtl and its really easy to understand and I really don't understand people like you... if you can't copy the link here write this in search bar Reincarnation in Naruto World (Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan)


The mc is to weak to be a hyuga and a chunnin but he is even weaker than the average chunnin even with the tenseigan the mc is like a super weak version of orochimaru he only know to jutsu people taught him


He has trash talent, beta mc, caged seal so aka he is a slave, has been in the world for over 10 years but he is weak and just flat out pathetic


Do not read this if you're looking for short or half decent fanfic. this is Chinese fanfic so to this is purposely made in a way to last 1500+ chapters. MC is talentless, nerfed, coward and an idiot, you will constantly find situations in this fanfic where MC could've done several things to make himself more OP or get rid of danzo by just talking to other clan leaders but no, mc needs to do everything by himself in a super inefficient way so that this fanfic can last 2000+ chapters if possible.


Just to be clear, I am rating the origin book and not this translation (though the translation is good, it's just too slow for me). Now, I am already about 1000 chapter in this book and it doesn't disappoint. Pros: -Not likely a harem (with what is shown, the girls will just at most be 2) -No *** scenes, just pure power building and behind the scene actions. -No gaping plothole -The characters fully encapsulate their canon selves. -Does not stick to the canon but the flow of events are very reasonable, with only some being forced. -MC is OP but not infallible. He also makes mistakes from time to time -Everyone's reaction is funny -And finally, the most notable reason why I continue reading this and anticipate for more and is in fact the main selling point of the story: Everyone's reaction when the real identity of the mc is revealed. The authors way of hiding the mc's identity is very ingenious. And how everyone tries tries but fails to see Mt. Tai in front of them is very funny. -Author also gives a very reasonable explanation why MC needs to hide his identity so he does it not just for coolness or something. Cons: -Most likely not a harem -MC's relationship with his fiancee is not fully explored. The fiancee is also treated just slightly better than background characters. In short, the romance aspect of this story is really lacking. -The experiments, although most are logical, but those with less than 1% probability or even deemed impossible can still succeed. -because some people might hate it, mc has an enemy that has power greater than him but is afraid of mc due to his bullshitting skils -MC has a limit on the growth of his tenseigan without first enacting his experiment that even until now is almost just about to complete


Reveal spoiler


The story just drags on and on with explanations for things that don't need explanations, villains that get increasingly stronger for literally no reason, and the really boring fight scenes that downplay the MC and buff every villain. For whatever reason Nagato is buffed to such a ridiculous extent that the MC compares him to shinobi at the level of six paths sage mode like Madara. The reason that Nagato is so strong is supposed to be Hashirama cells, which is such a cop out to artificially increase tension. He's also able to use the Kaguya Mind Eye despite it being a kekkei genkai that he doesn't have. He even has access to Limbo for whatever reason despite the fact that he didn't awaken the Rinnegan but was given it by Madara. Obito also gets a massive buff but at least his makes sense. Taking back his eye from Kakashi makes sense but Nagato suddenly gaining another ability of the Rinnegan that he didn't have access to doesn't. Most of the side arcs like Hiruko and mission to the land of demons are also extremely dull and boring. At first I really enjoyed this fanfic but it's so boring and drawn out that I don't want to read it anymore. I can't believe that this novel somehow has another 200 chapters when there should only 2 more villains left after Nagato and Obito.


I just want to say this was by far one of the most intertaining stories i've read in a very long time and i would love to see more of this and that you are a very talented writer even if this story is only for fun i believe you should become a legetimate author


The story is really good. It's a bit slow-paced but it makes it even better. It's got an important thing, correct grammar. The Mc is also not a whining idiot and isn't afraid to kill. Take my 5 stars. You deserve all of it.


for me, the best naruto fanfic. Some people complain a lot in the comments that the MC is very weak, that he hasn't done anything in the 10 years that he has been living in the world of naruto. And that after getting the Tenseigan, he's still pathetic, beta MC etc... Don't pay attention to those comments, I bet they haven't even read beyond chapter 20. They criticize the novel badly without reading or understanding it first. To begin with, our MC is reincarnate in the world of naruto with nothing. He has no wishes or anything like that, they dump him in the Hyuga clan where they mark him with the seal. He tells us about a more realistic Naruto world, where he makes it clear that talent is about what lineage you have. Being the MC with zero talent and no realistic chance of improving beyond Jounin the MC decides to take a chance and go another route, which, if it works for him, he will be able to improve beyond what he would have achieved through normal means. He becomes a disciple of Orochimaru to study genetics and achieve the tenseigan. Some people will say that he was Orochimaru's disciple and was still weak. But the reason is that Orochimaru didn't see any talent in him so he didn't train him, on the contrary, he was a good researcher so he made him his right hand man for scientific investigations. Many criticize that when he gets the Tenseigan, he is too weak and that the Tenseigan he has is also too weak. No, the tenseigan that the MC gets isn't weak, the MC is weak, like Nagato with the Rinnegan. The Tenseigan being the MC's own and not transplanted, the Tenseigan takes care of his MC. Without enough chakra to be a Tenseigan wielder, the Tenseigan is weakened to not killing the user. And thanks to the fact that the tenseigan awakens, the MC purifies his bloodline by improving the talent that he had, with the passage of time he can become stronger. With the birth of Naruto and the beginning of the Canon, the MC is forced to take drastic measures to increase his power enough to take on madara and kaguya. And from there is where the story improves a lot, the character development is excellent, so much so, that if you read everything in a row you will not realize that the MC has changed, but if you read how the MC behaved in the first chapters, and then you read in the last chapters, you will realize that he is more mature and more calculating. Not only our MC but also Shisui, the MC's best friend


I find the story pretty boring, mostly because of the way the MC interacts with the world, all is unnecessary dramatic and complicated. It's not a bad Fanfic but in the later ch. it suffers like so many chinese ff from a over complicated story that makes little sense


an actual weak to strong mc wtf bruh..................................................................................................................................................................................................................


For translation this novel is half a rung higher than Google Translate. It seemed like the translator just copy pasta what google was spitting out with almost no corrections, The errors were very obvious and if the poster actually put a little more effort into it would be 99% error free, but they didn't and now here we are..


Before anything else, let's just say one thing - this is only a translation, you can find over 1400 chapters on mtlnovel. That being said, the version on webnovel is much better - the translator used Japanese names of villages and character names. It's still not perfect, but at least it's readable (quite often there is a rapid change between 'he' and 'I', sometimes, there are translated names that generally shouldn't be, like for example White Eyes instead of byakugan, but, as I said, it's already much better). As for the story, I've seen that some people are disappointed that the MC is not completely OP from the very beginning. Don't despair, he will be there, in a reasonable time. Some people additionally criticise too many strange plots. Honestly? They are completely wrong. This story is so good, because it doesn't blindly follow canon. Decisions of the MC have consequences in the wider world. At the same time, this Naruto world isn't really AU - the butterflies are believable.


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Here's a 5-star, Completely take out Yui from this story as a boring love-interest has no place in this story 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


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