Reborn as Jon Snow's Twin - (Game of Thrones)

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What is Reborn as Jon Snow's Twin - (Game of Thrones)

Read Reborn as Jon Snow's Twin - (Game of Thrones) fanfiction written by the author ssyffix on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is TV fanfic stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A 27 year old owner of a food truck dies and reincarnates as Jon Snow's twin. How will our burger flip extraordinaire fare in his new world? Let's find out! ——-

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Man one chapter in and I'm already hooked ... this is bloody great and for sure one of the best starts to a GoT fic I've ever seen. good stuff my friend keep it up!


WQ: 5 US: 3 SD: 1 CD: 1 WB: 3 I feel like either none of the constant complainers in the later chapters have left a review or they are getting deleted, but I figured I’d leave one just in case for those interested The author is solid at writing an engaging and entertaining story. Grammar mistakes are negligible if there even are any, and the super long first chapter sets a very strong precedent for an amazing story. Except, it falls flat very shortly after for many reasons. First up is the reference to changes due to the MCs birth during chapter 1. It can be inferred that just his existence in the world of GoT has caused a butterfly effect, which would mean we would be seeing some interesting developments. Well that was thrown away almost immediately as literally nothing meaningful changes. Keep in mind that things do change. There are a few times where the MC feels like the third wheel in a conversation that was meant to be between two people in canon, and his inputs feel glossed over, but they weren’t too frequent like some fanfics out there. The main issue is the main plot points in the story just don’t change, and the few times that it feels like the mc just speaking could change things, he decides to stay silent or lie or deflect in some way that keeps things the same. Furthermore, and what killed the story for me, was that he had a very suspicious encounter with a woman who he spent the whole last 2-3 chapters disrespecting, and messing with her people, in his room alone, and offering him a drink as if they are friends when they have nearly been hostile to each other so far, and she is known to use poison as the mc is aware. Now what does our mc do? He drinks the drink happily without even thinking about it, and becomes paralyzed and gets r*ped by the woman. And to top that off he doesn’t get revenge either, he just leaves some edgy ‘leave me alone’ and ‘stay away from me’ at the end of the chapter and leaves the place without at least exposing the fact that she killed her husband, or was cheating on her husband, or r*ped him, or that her kid isn’t her husbands, etc. It’s almost like the author enjoys sabotaging his own story just for laughs, and his authors notes after these things seem to confirm that. Oh and he gets a dragon egg that’s supposedly his inheritance left by his mother, and immediately proceeds to tell anyone about it and gives it to Tyrion for a while and makes it seem like the egg is bonding with him rather than the mc. I’m almost positive the story won’t go that route, but the fact that the author is building it up that way for absolutely no reason is proof of just how self-sabotaging this story becomes


I absolutely love this, I think this may be my favorite Game of Thrones fanfic I have ever read.


I really enjoy it so far. you could do alot with it i hope you add more chapters soon[img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend]


10/10 Would heavily recommend!! You are a fool if you don't give it a read!!!! One of the few good GOT stories and it DOESN'T have a child beating a master at arms at the age of FOUR!!!!!! LIKE, THANK YOU FOR BEING SANE!!!!!


I never really wanted to read a GOT fanfic, the quality always seemed... questionable. But here, I don't have that problem, Joe Snow really looks alive, he's so alive that it wouldn't be strange in the original series, a man named Joe Snow actually exists. All I can say is, please don't stop, it's one of the best GOT fanfics out there.


I definitely have enjoyed this story so far, I love the detail the author is going into as well as the new twist on the GOT world. it is different from what we've seen before, only downside I can say, and this is just personally not trying to downplay the author, is the lack of almost any serious attitude from the main character. i enjoy it and don't at the same time, we'll see how amazing this author does going forward.


gem 💎i enjoyed every hour of my time spent on it👍


So far no complaints. just finished the first volume and im loving it so far. The length of the chapters, the pacing, and growth of characters is impressive. the only hurdle was resolving the bran accident which I felt was written as well as it could be with the changes made in the storyline. Looking forward to more.


all the stars lol ,because the only thing lacking was grammar on chapters the author left a note about rushing on. also laugh body parts off also stays so flush to cannon (so far) that the little eighth graders syndrome present is warranted also lol


Pretty good Game of Thrones fanfic, usually OC characters are really lackluster and one dimensional. This is not the case in this fic. The older OC character is really interesting and has a heartwarming relationship with our mc. The story development is not too fast or too slow in my opinion. Mc dialogue can be a bit too comedic for some but I think it adds some levity to the dour situations. the chapters aren't short, and some situations may feel forced at first but the author explains them well enough in future chapters.


Reveal spoiler




Wow, this is good!MC is not a simp, no harem, character development, Character insert is smooth. Nothing too exaggerated. awesome!! More!!


Reveal spoiler


The writing is good, the story started very good but author quickly fell into the same trap that most fanfic authors do. He is afraid of changing the plot so instead of the mc actually doing things and those thing having an effect he instead forces the the story to adhere to the origional which comes across as quite unnatural and is rlly annoying


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A ok Fanfiction to past the time, didn’t have any major complaints except for the MC Name. I keep having to Auto Translate it into something else in my head to make it bareable. Ruins the Immersion.


Is good 🤷‍♂️[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Great story when i went to read it I thought oh just 9 chapters that ain't much, but then I read and the chapters were really long. Long enough that 9 chapters were like 60 chapters of another series. Loved the stories great pace it remains true the world overall on of the best stories I have read on webnovel if not the best


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