Prince and His Fool (Boylove)
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Prince and His Fool (Boylove)


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What is Prince and His Fool (Boylove)

Prince and His Fool (Boylove) is a popular web novel written by the author Andru_9788, covering LGBT, TRANSMIGRATION, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, BOYLOVE, HISTORICAL-FANTASY, DOTING LOVE INTEREST, DANMEI, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 455.1K readers with an average rating of 4.97/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 99 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Rong Zian, a college student unexpectedly transmigrated into past era in a mythical country known as Hepeng. Thinking he could start his life a new and live a peaceful life he was roped into working with a stern prince with a dragon sapphire flame gift to save Hepeng from destruction. Rong Zian: Wu Yange let's slay a giant Wu Yange: I would rather kiss you Rong Zian: "....." An interesting adventure covered in fluff.


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I’ve only read 7 chapters, but I am blown away. Although I don’t usually delve into this genre, I just have to add this gem to my library due to the beautiful wordings and dialogue. Definitely going to be a hit in the future ! Grammar wise, I actually never found any glaring mistakes. Either that or I managed to not see a single one along the way, which is quite surprising since I can spot mistakes easily. Just goes to show how immersed I was. All in all, I found this absolutely enchanting ! Keep up the good work, Author !


I'm drawn to the plot thanks to the two protagonists Rong Zian and Wu Yange . Good command over grammars, descriptively designed background and well thought out interlinking relationships and most importantly the concept, all are masterfully tackled close to perfection. Good job author!


💖 this story, it's simple and has less dog blood that make readers enjoy it without crying so much and most of all its sweet and mild 👌👌👌👌👌


This storry is soo amazing!!😁 I really love the fact that you can picture the scenes so eassily.The characters are really funnny especialy Rong Zian..Congrat to the author. I've read many BL but this one gat to on m'y favourite list💖💗


The story is really good, the way the characters are design is fascinating.It's easy to be totally immersed in their world. I'm really hoping for next chapters soon. Great job author you de serve tour 5 stars💖


This masterpiece has a lot of potentials. Your wordings and descriptive sentences hooked me into reading and fully immersing myself. Definitely gonna add this to library since it's one of my favorite genres, keep writing more, author!! I will follow you! =)


Someone should give this author two jars of wine daily for this story. The MC is quite hilarious. The author didn't bring too much characters into the transmigrated world, which some authors do. A story with a good plot


I'm not a fan of this genre. Nevertheless, I'll like to inform the readers that the author is really good at creating vivid images for the readers. It's quite nice and novel. Please keep it up. May the author write more, edit more, learn more, and even earn more.


Great story with a fun twist on the Isekai (transported to another world) genre. Writing from this author is, as always, top notch. A good read for fans of the genre.


This is so interesting. To see a new world, a male leading character trying to find his way. This book was also written in such a way that makes u long for more.


I liked movies like "Back to the future", "Minority Raport", "Butterfly effect", "Equilibrum", "Inception", etc... I like the idea of time travel. Actually it is difficult subject and not easy to create something new. Your concept is inetersting! Dialogues are engaging, characters are expressive, descriptions also fine. All the best with your story!


Reading the synopsis got my attention. This kind of book is my cup of tea. I cringe how terrible the family of MC. I kinda hope our mc utilize and able to use his skills from his previous world. So far so good. I give u another rating about the progress. So far i like it.


So, we have our beloved transmigrator named Rong Zian who have a terrible family. His stepmother are a cliche cannon fodder stepmother who just there to make Rong" suffer. However with his transmigration, his luck finally change for good. Or will he? Read this novel to found out!


I like it so far. Rong Zian seems stuck in a strange world and trying to make ends otherwise he would eating veges like a bunny. ML showed up but they seem to have a misunderstanding curious to know how they will resolve that. Waiting for me [img=update]


Very interesting i was recommended this book from a friend since am a bl fan and i must say i am impressed it lovely and the grammar is perfect




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Hey there Author, keep up the good work. The novel is coming great and I know that you can make it even better. So dont lose hope and do your best! 💪💪


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