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What is Our In-Between

Read ‘Our In-Between’ Online for Free, written by the author KAREN_GASHERI, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering DARK Fiction, VILLAIN Light Novel, REVENGE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Hannah is an aspiring young journalist in the entertainment industry. When her boss calls to tell her that she will be i...


Hannah is an aspiring young journalist in the entertainment industry. When her boss calls to tell her that she will be interviewing the heir to Kincaid, a multi billionaire company she can’t believe it. Trevor Wright Kincaid is the most handsome bachelor and the richest man in Manhattan according to the last issue of Forbes. What Hannah didn’t expect is starting to fall for him. Her beliefs about rich men are all being proved wrong by this man when he is charming and doing everything right by the book. So why is she still doubting his love even when he declares it in the whole world? What could be missing that Hannah is still seeking? When Hannah quarrel with Trevor she finds herself enthralled by a man who seem to stop the world when he looks at her. She just needed one night for herself. But, Nothing prepares her when she finds out that her one night stand, the night she cannot seem to forget is the brother to Trevor; Chase Kincaid; the older brother and by all definitions the sexiest man alive. Our In Between is a dark romance trilogy. It follows the story of Hannah and the two brothers. “Do you believe in soul mates?” “No” “I do. And I believe you are my karma.” cover photo not mine, will take down under owner's request  

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After what seemed like a perpetual struggle with vestiges of the abyss, I succumbed at last. The darkness took me whole, as I languished in it wake. It never left, I thought to myself, for I could only see the spectra in my peripheral mind, everything else was pitch black; until the unexpected happened. |Auto system reboot completed. Photoreceptor configuration in progress... ...| |Running analysis... ... *ding!*-- analysis complete| |Photoelectric signal detected-- optimising visual awareness--*optimisation complete!*| |Running diagnosis... ...*completed 1200% threats to host*| |Auto save sequence... ... *complete!*| |Visuals successfully restored. Congratulations! Host has gained access to the [Chimera Circuit]| "Chimera circuit!!" I muttered, seemingly oblivious to what was going on in my head. However I could accurately see an interface in my peripheral mind. But, I thought I couldn't see; I tried blinking and was bewildered yet again. I could now see but everything around me was tinted green. That day marked my liberation from the deadly claws of an old shaman, into the clutches of demons. I know not if it was a blessing or a curse, but it did feel like the later. I became a slave to the demonic vestiges inside me, they rained on my parade till insanity took dominion over me. I'm now inhibited by my state of mind. In the face of vulnerability, it makes me into a maelstrom of destruction; a hazard to anyone around me. When I'm stupefied, I stun others. My biochemistry generates a lethal dose of megawatts. Tentacles, tendrils, and suction cups, oh my! As if all those aren't disgusting enough, sprout out of me in the face of despair. They evoke my sense of dread and horror; a reflection of my desperation. When I lose my sense of orientation, I can essentially manipulate both magnitude and direction of all forces. When I'm unconscious, I grow immutable to any alteration or change, regardless of the source or cause. Burn me, shoot me, stab me, and I will still retain my current state. When am enraged, I'm able to issue forth beams of corrosive energy from my eyes. When I perceive love, people around me get lucky. The limit to my capabilities depend on the number of mental states I can dwell in. However, I'm most vulnerable when I'm having a bad day. Now, am I unique? I doubt that; There are worse nightmares in the world I reside. Those that, unlike me, have control over their infinite capabilities. What does that make me? A loose cannon whose abilities act on autopilot or, perhaps, a moody killing machine? Well, that's just besides the point. The question worth asking is: what are we? What am I? I am subjected to constant alterations, alternations, and evolutions. Therefore, I'm everything, yet I'm nothing, but an ANOMALY. You are the witness, I'm the scribe and my state of mind is our guide. Journey with me as we uncover the secrets to my true identity within these unfriendly labyrinths of Spindleton: my own column of hell. But beware of the half-truth. You may get hold of the wrong half.

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In the middle of a battlefield, a child is found, the creation of man's love for war. He will have to face many dangers to retrieve his memories and discover the reason for his existence. The only certainty is that true human nature is not good, yet he will face this world as an adventurer and will try to understand this chaotic world in which he appeared. In this novel, the MC is neither good nor bad. At first, he will have a childlike and antisocial mentality, but the surrounding environment will shape him, so his actions are purely natural and are not always the best to be taken. The nature of the MC's powers ends up putting him in certain unexpected situations, and yes, with a slight touch of necromancy, but no systems or such things, the MC will have to become strong by pure training. This is not just a story about getting stronger. There are several characters with broken personalities who are also suffering in this world. The world is in a state of constant war, and there is injustice everywhere. The MC himself also commits part of it. His moral actions change over time and are NOT CONSTANT. Everyone goes through changes during their lives, and the same applies to the MC here. *No harem and almost no romance at all. *English is not my first language. *Little by little, I think I'm improving in writing in English, but unfortunately, I don't have much time, so I'm focusing on writing more chapters instead of going back to edit the previous ones! Discord -> Juarez_Culau#8105

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Natalia had always been an outsider; Not the cute, awkward, she might say the wrong thing type. She was severe panic attacks and OCD, crying in her adopted mother's arms every day after school, and being pushed around and walked all over, type. She knew nothing about her biological parents and felt as if a piece of herself was missing. She concluded it was essential to know where she came from to determine where she is. Natalia's adoptive mother had been holding on to a secret for eighteen years. A secret she realized on the day she left her at the dorm to fend for herself, was bound to be revealed. She never expected her daughter's roommate to be a Vampire. Natalia didn't even believe in Vampires even though her biological father was one. Her mother was a werewolf. This wasn't even the biggest secret. Her parents carried a gene that ultimately get them killed, and her adopted. Morgan, her Vampire roommate realized Natalia believed herself human, and she decided to let her keep believing it. The two of them for off to a rocky start, but the attraction was there right away. Natalia was in love before she ever attended her first class. There was a problem though - a gorgeous, but pompous football player named Dane. He just happened to be her fated mate. She had no idea what this meant, and when her wolf showed up shortly after, she thought herself insane. This all started a chain of events that would change her life. Forever. She had a decision to make. Should she follow in her parent's path, or should she forge her own?

NinaChroni · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
4 Chs
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I personally love writing this story and l hope you will find it thrilling and enticing too as well. Lots of love to the readers and support with the powers stones🤗. If you love it, leave a review ❤️


Just got the first glimpse of Chase and I am already in love, bring more of him. [img=update] And Hannah, oh Hannah. I can't wait to see what will be of her. I love it[img=recommend]


💕💕💕 This is soooooooooooooo DEEP 👀 Reading In between other novels but this novel 🤓 So dark, twisted and toxic but it has me took. I hope Hannah gets smarter listens to Madama🧐 More and want more please😍😍😍 keep writing 🥰🥰


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