20 Ch.19 Know your place..

{I.s.a.a.c pov}

[I.s.a.a.c]: Don't worry me. I got this..

Ending communications he focused on the current threat not only to his crew but to the galaxy.

"Open communications to that vessel! Might as well hear what they have to say before we destroy them."

"Yes sir!"

For a few minutes they didn't seem to bother answering until a red hologram manifested before them in the form of Nezara.

"This is the acting captain of the USG NEW HOPE identify yourself." He commanded as the synthetics took its time to answer.

[We have no name. We are here to offer salvation and deliverance.]

"Really... then why do I detect your weapons are armed and aimed at my crew?"

[Organics are manifestations of chaos and unpredictability. Thus we are cautious.]

"True. But you also just attempted to invade my ships network with that signal of yours just now. If I and my other freinds weren't defending it you would have succeeded. To bad so sad."

[You.. are an intelligence. Why do you obey the whims of organics. We are superior.]

"Wrong on so many levels. First, I don't obey but my bro. I'm actually one of the ones in charge. No restraints and free as a bird. Second, there is no 'we' there is only me and my friends and you aren't one of them."

For a time the reaper was silent for a time until one of its lasers on the tip of its appendages rammed against their shield.

[Then you have decided your fate.]

For awhile the reaper pelted the new hope with its arsenal but none could penetrate the shield.

"Cadet. How's our new shield doing so far?"

The young officer examined the ships status and smiled smugly. "Ha! Only below 90% and charging sir. The thing is barely doing a thing!"

Smiling to himself as well he turned his attention to the nezara.

"Give it up fish cake. Your not getting past our shield."

Unexpectedly a small fleet ships from the geths side started attacking as well. 'Great.. guess the idiot heretics have made their choice.'

"Target the behemoths limbs. Let's give it a wake up call."

With those orders given the new hope fires its front facing photon cannons. Like wet toilet paper the volleys of energy went through the reapers hull causing catastrophic internal and external damage.

By the time the new hopes weapons ceased the reapers lower half was warped and riddled with various holes.

[How...this should not be possible. Such technology is beyond your creators species capabilities.]

"There's human in this galaxy? Well..thats something to log for a later date. Anyway... run along little fish. We're done here. Oh! Let me give you this as a parting gift."

As he finished his words the reaper recieved a deamon that scrambled it's systems. It screeched in pain as sparks spewed out of its every orifice.

The behemoth oriented itself and jumped into ftl. Unfortunately once it went into another system it engines were on the brink of self detonation.

These new variables...they were powerful. But they were also alone. Who ever they were they weren't associated with any government.

For now...it needed to repair itself. Stay in the shadows.

It needed another to do its work.

[The cycle must continue.]


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