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Steel Waste is a popular fanfic written by the author Niggross, covering REINCARNATION, POST-APOCALYPTIC, FALLOUT NEW VEGAS, LEVEL-SYSTEM, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 44 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 160 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A teenager had just purchased a bundle of all of the new and old Fallout games, Fallout 76 had just been released and he'd been badgered by his friends to play it... As a diligent person he decided that the best way to acquainted with the series was to play ALL OF THEM! It'd taken him three days to complete Fallout 3, doing most of the side quests and exploring the Capital Wasteland. It'd been an extremely fun experience, even if the graphics were dated at the time... He didn't wait a moment after completing it, immediately putting in the Fallout Newvegas disk into his console... When the exhaustion finally caught up to him. Opening his eyes again and realising he was now a baby had him regretting ever laying hands on the series. Thus begins the story of his adventure through the Mojave wasteland. This is my new Fanfic after finishing https://www.webnovel.com/book/elder-blood-witcher_15882698206325105 The schedule will be at least two a day unless extraneous circumstances hold it up. If you like my content, want to read ahead, or just want to support my work then I'd appreciate it you visited my Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/Nagross


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I love your last novel by the way though many hated it. But who cares right. I know this is a bit early but I'm gonna give your new novel a full 5 star hehehehe


I can not anymore, the truth is, I do not know how they give 5 stars, the mc is the typical Asian mc beta, I do not know why the authors describe the childhood of the mc when he is not even 1 year old, nobody cares about a baby that can speak at 8 months, the MC is also progressive so he is in favor of lesbians in a post apocalyptic world, MC is the typical Gary Stu who at 10 years old can easily defeat 13 children and is also very Handsome.


I really like it, I have a soft spot for books that try to give true depth and such to them. This book even had me get close to tears at a few points. It's also nice to not see a Gary Stu and the very profound character development of the main character. Good job author, you've made a good book, keep it up and my stones are yours.


In Portuguese . Eu não consigo engolir a mania dos autores de fazer um bebê ser incrível ,sinceramente é só dar uma pesquisada que você encontra o que um bebê pode ou não fazer antes dos 3~4 anos . Acho que a mínima idade que o corpo de um bebê aguentaria fazer exercícios mesmo que supérfluos seria 6 anos antes disso seria prejudicial. Agora eu sei que a história é ficcional sem um pingo de realidade mas isso realmente estava a experiência que poderia ter sido ótima para muitos . Aliás como o protagonista consegue pensar e raciocinar daquele jeito mesmo no útero ? Não seria impossível ? Acho que a idade mínima para ele ter pensamentos fluídos e raciocínios seria entre 3~4 ou seja é nessa idade que o cérebro humano como a trabalhar efetivamente . Claro essa é a opinião de alguém que não é médico nem formado em algum tipo de medicina ou seja eu posso estar errado ,se estiver por favor me corrijam.


going to give this story the old college try.Giving this story 5 stars just to make it more appealing to those that haven’t read your stories yet.I look forward to another lengthy and time consuming tale.My favorite kind.


this shit had me shaking. the way it flows by makes sense as it should. your writing has gotten so much better. good job on the fic and good luck to any future ones.


hey first review I've done and I never really planned to do one because I'm lazy, but this fanfic was just way too good. this author has done an amazing job with coming up with reasons for things that I have wondered about from the series of fallout games that I haven't really even thought about which I think makes the story a lot more enjoyable. keep up the great work


Reveal spoiler


It seems author also leveled up his writing skills.. The most important part for me is that the mc is not too op and is gradually improving himself..


Reveal spoiler


I liked thr last story up till ablut chapter 700 at which point the main story was basically done. Fallout is one of my favorite franchies so giving you a 5star your a good author so cant wait to read it.


After reading this story I started to play fallout again. New Vegas had the best background. Brotherhood arc is a bit long, but gives a good reason why he is strong even on level 1


Love this, this is probably my most favorite crossover. I hope this continues on and dosent end with just NV, It would be cool to see jow it continues on and if they will travel out of the mohave maybe to the commonweath. Please pretty please I want this to continue I like it a lot.


Keep up the great work .......................................................................................................................................................................................


I just can't stomach the whole perfect 0-10 year old kid and how cool and handsome he is ... Oh well, all these things is just about preference.


Liked your last series had a few bumps but had a great upload schedule. Super excited for the new fallout series which new Vegas is my favourite game of all time. If you need to understand the series better watch “The SaltFactory”.just remember you can mess with the lore but try to keep the fallout feel And don’t pull an Bethesda.


I love the world of fallout and I'm glad a new fallout ff is being serialized. even though people may argue the pace is a bit slow tbh I am enjoying the building of characters and the world building that is occurring at the beginning, but still cant wait for the actual juicy part of the story to begin.


Shameless review from fan of last one ...,...... ...mjgnnnvgnvtjftngfuhgdjigrjfyyyujhuhyjhghkuhhuyhhhhhhhhhhggggffffrddfuuu


author please do not drop this somewhere down the line like others. i love this story i mean come on who wouldn't like a story about fallout. What does Fallout 76 and gold plated velcro have in common? They’re both $70 rip off’s. Knock, Knock Who’s there? Will Will who? Will you please let me back into the fallout shelter? I promise I’ll stop doing lines from Rick & Morty


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