19 Ch.18 Rude Interruption..

~Tikkun system~

You might be asking why we were in this specific solar system.

The answer is the geth.

The geth were the most likely ally in terms of secrecy. Why? Because Geth cannot lie or to be more precise are incapable of lying due to their precise logical thinking.

How did we come to know such important information?


We may have taken the liberty of relieving said information from a pirate fleet in the terminus systems during our expedition.

No pirates nor citadel forces dared to approach the perseus veil if it meant a possible conflict with the the synthetics.


The fear of synthetics were truly disparaging.

Upon them entering the system the geth wasted no time in trying to infiltrate the New hopes network only to be walled off by the ships many Ai's and netrunners.

In truth the geth are not true Ai. They are a enormous collective of programs. The fewer the amount of programs there are, the less intelligent and effective an individual geth can be.

For example the platform known as legion had a collective of over a thousand geth programs in its hardware.

{Isaac pov}

"Cortana. Im diving into the network. Watch my back if the geth try anything during our negotiations?" He asked.

"Fine. But be careful." Closing her virtual and zipped into the virtual world representing the network.

As I sat in my captains chair a few wires came to life and plugged into both my neural and personal link.(imagine the chairs from the matrix but fancy.)

Various personal monitored my vitals and readied to assist as well.

"Wait!" Looking up from his layed back position he saw Lucy running towards him. "I'm coming with you! You don't know what those things are capable of!"

'Oh lucy... if only you knew the truth..' but for a moment he considered her demand. *Sigh~* 'I'm going to regret this.'

"Cortana.. I'll be bringing along an extra guest please be advised."

"However... if anything goes wrong i want you to get out of there. Understand?" Looking into her eyes with a serious demeanor.

In response she gives a devilish smirk as she jumps into a nearby chair to hook up.

Once both of us were ready we dove into the network. Upon reaching its edge a cloud of what looked like twinkling stars numbering in the trillions could be seen behind a barrier made by Cortana.

"Cortana, what's going on here?" He spoke eyeing the cloud as he could hear a concade of voices debating amongst themselves.

[Cortana]: I presented your offer of friendship towards thier collective. However just like we thought there are programs who wish to decline. But the majority wish for coexistence.

[Isaac]: "I see. Send them a-"

[*Bzzt* Captain! A large vessel is nearing our position! It looks like... a cuttlefish?"] A deck officer informed from the outside.

'So.. the reapers are making they're move.'

[I.s.a.a.c]: Don't worry me . I got this..


~30 seconds before~

{I.s.a.a.c pov}

A new figure made of hard light made its way onto the bridge in a similar form to Isaac however he was sporting swim trunks and shades over his eyes as the rest of his physique was on display.

All right people there better be excuse for disrupting my me time! If not t-" only to find the entire bridge in a buzz as a ship was making its way towards their position.



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