18 Ch.17 Cruel fates...

[Mass effect universe]

Year 2181

{Isaac pov}

The few weeks that passed by were uneventful. The community agreed it was best to take it slow by going from system to system.

The only discovery they made was uncovering a unkown element. It's ability to reduce the mass of an object was outstanding and simplistic.

But at the same time it was completely obsolete compared to the tech of no man sky. It's extreme scarcity was another downside to this mineral.

They had only encountered only a few large meteorites of the stuff in only a couple dozen systems so far compared to the few hundred systems the already visited.

So insufficient...

Isaac pitied the species of this galaxy. To be so reliant on such a minimal resource was nonsensical. Was there really no other alternatives or were the citadel species just too narrow minded.

The only species who he wished to provide his tech to were the quarians. However the quarian people were distrusting of others and...*sigh* hated artificial intelligences like all natives of this galaxy.

Sighing to himself he rubbed his own temples due to an imaginary headache. Because of the nono machines inside his body he was incapable of being afflicted by such things.

No wonder all the reapers were capable of overwhelming the allied forces so easily. Instead of finding other means of travel they relied on element zero in which they saw in their own eyes as a miracle to jump start their civilizations to the stars.

By following this path it made it easier for the reapers to predict their levels in advancement. The truly sad aspect of this universe was the reapers themselves.

They claimed to be the highest form of life yet their maximum ftl range was a minimum 30 light years.

They've been around for millions if not a billion years and that's all they could manage?

My first ships range was over 100 light-years and I had to build the hyperdrive from scrap for crying out loud!

Of all the species in this galaxy there were only a few who earned both his pity and respect.

First was the quarians. The dextro based species were treated like trash by all other species yet they had the brightest minds and largest fleet in their reality.

Second was the krogan. The reptilian race was used as soldiers by the citadel council in order to fight off a impending threat known as the rachni. Upon their victory the council awarded the krogan people world's to claim as their own.

Unfortunately the krogan demanded more compensation after their populations began to grow out of control. When the council refused the krogan declared war. The conflict resulted in countless deaths on both sides.

Sure the krogan commited many horrendous acts during the rebellion but what the council did to end the war was extremely unethical.

The salarians had been the ones to uplift the krogans from their dying homeworld. They knew more about what made them tick than anyone else including the krogan themselves.

Using this very knowledge they procured a virus designed to reduce the krogans capability to reproduce successfully. Causing the likely hood of a majority of a females litter to be still born.

The council was anything but a force of good..


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