N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning(old version) Book

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N°1: The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger: The Beginning(old version)


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I live on Gronos, a place full of terrible wars, skillful assassins and god-like emperors. Emperors fall like flies, people die in great numbers. Empires, however, they never fall. Life here is spent quickly. You are born, live a life with whatever goals and ideals you have and then die from lead/iron/laser(etc.) poisoning. I, for example, have been an ordinary teenager until the attack that ruined my life. Never gave a shit. Now, I go here and there and harvest lives of good and bad, rich and poor, foul and holy. You pay they die. It's that simple. Or they just die, ask my mood. But after me only emptiness is left. I also go on to complete a task that ends me. But who cares? As for you, dear person who reads this, I have only one thing to say: I know where you sleep, for I am more than I seem to be. My peace is at the same place as my memories, lost to the winds of times. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It may be weird how I decided do make my MC a partially schizophrenic madman who slaughters his way through life. It is on purpose. And do not worry, it all ends up well :} Watch for the twists and turns. I'm bad at keeping my mouth (and thought process) shut (and undistracted). So you could end up with a spoiled thing. What a joker I am. Chapters in range of around 1.6k-2.4k words. They will not be going under 1.6k words. The book is changing it's overall direction in meantime so it's changing it's plot rather often. If you are not willing to read some quite complicated shit, then go around this one. WARNING!!! It's on hiatus and in rewriting process. I'll republish it as another novel in due time. More at the end of the novel. (may seem shitty and confusing now but I hope that rewriting will solve those probs)