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Hello Dear Readers, I have started another novel. A completely new fantasy thriller hope you all like it. It's name is *"Into the Hellfire"* Hope you all like it. And also don't forget to rate this novel if you have liked it. Thank you for your support πŸ˜ƒ.


I love the story, it really felt like I was sonnet as I have also experienced having a crush not falling for you at first. Kudos to the author such a amazing story.


Good Work... πŸ‘This one really took me back to my first year at my college.😏 Actually not in so sweet way but in a thoughtful way that made me wonder my first year was sh*t...πŸ˜– Back to the book.... First of all Synopsis... it is detailed so after first reading you can get the idea of what you gonna read inside. Now if I talk about the inside the story.. let me tell you.. that was fun.. I enjoyed it😏.. the thing that made me curious is the comparison. Almost at every line I was comparing my college year and that girl's.. I'm still in early so I can just say...I wish...😭. The chapters are short so it's good to read.. not like a huge chapter that you need atleast 15 to 20 minutes to read... it doesn't feel like a stressful... Now as for typos and grammar... Don't know.. I was lost in story... Now.... if you're a guy.. you should give it a try...it'll tell you that college is not just a place where you come to just complete your sleep in AC and free wifi and just to sit next to your crush...or at least to know how good your college first year would have been if you were a girl... And if you're a gal.... then read to know... college could be exciting and there are class too in that building in which professors teach... college is not just for canteens and the greenfield to sit and chat...


Good work girl and nice story line. Characters are lovely... And cute. It is cute when Sonnet acts possessiveness of Sky... Keep up the good work. Added this book to my library on Ficool.




The story and concept is intriguing. Sonnet has a very possessive character and it is cute to see that it is a girl who is jealous. It is relatable. Though there are some errors, the storyline is not hindered by them. I'd still suggest you to proofread it once. Overall, the story is cute and sweet. Keep up the good work author.


I just started the story, it was recommended by a friend. and I really have high expectations for the story. I also appreciate the author ability




Dis novel waz really awesome It taught a lot of things I didn't know and showed me that ur heart desires can actually come to pass even if it can be in secret, I give this novel my full supportπŸ’πŸ’


Good one... ....,.........................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................. ........................................


I loved the story. The characters are relatable. Only a bit instability of updates because of which I had to wait.But really good work. πŸ˜„.......


I'm still in the earlier chapters but the story is pretty interesting the characters are doubly so though there were a few typos that distracted me while reading but above all, I'm looking forward to knowing what happens next β™‘οΌΎβ–½οΌΎβ™‘


Okay.... Your synopsis is good. Love how your novel began, character progressed... Its nice. Now for my review proper... Sorry if I may sound as a critique but I am not. Only giving a few pointers to make your book great. First of, your paragraphs are long, try shortening them. I was like u in dat regard but writer's gave their honest review that it may bore a reader n stuff. 2ndly, you should really space it out when they talk. Like a paragraph or new line for what this person is saying. Because you end up mixing parenthesis. Some readers may find it disturbing. U may have changed these in later chapters but if u can change it in earlier chapters den gud. 3rdly, u do not need to spell out evrytime, I said and he said. Wen it is a 2 person conversation, u really don't need that much. It wen they are mire, you may put those more so the readers can know who is talking. Little insignificant typos n grammatical error, almost goes unnoticed. Good job with your writing. Nice work. Wow longest review so far. Never crossed 1000


Absolutely love it! I actually see my friend whose condition is same as this girl I see through this book. I can't wait to read further chapters. Hope it continues.


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So, I rarely do review swaps, so let's hope it ends up well. With that, lets' start this dandy review! To start, I only read the first 12 chapters, but it's pretty interesting so far. The updates are great, since it's completed lmao, and the characters are pretty interesting so far. The writing quality could be better, but I am a native English speaker, so I'm pretty biased in that regard. I could still understand what you were trying to say, so that's basically the criteria I'm giving you. The only other critique is that the beginning is very rough, with sometimes the chapters being one long paragraph. It gets better, but some editing would be nice, since you're working on another book I believe. Overall, it's a good story, and I'll probably read more!


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