My Queen Of TerraMy Queen Of Terra

My Queen Of Terra

by Author_Hadassah

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A prince from a hidden land. An ambitious doctor from an urban city. Their goals clashed. Their worlds are poles apart. Yet, their fates were intertwined to cross over and over again. Can they escape their destiny or is love enough to prevail against all odds? ------------- Meet Raigon Wang, a Crowned Prince from the hidden land of Terra, who is hell-bent on protecting his City since the Great Bloodbath took place fifteen years ago. Since then, anyone is prohibited from entering the land, not even an innocent young woman. But will he be able to pursue his goal or will he succumb to the pressure of love after meeting Zoe Cheng again who has her eyes set on getting her revenge against her past tormentors? He doesn't want to hurt her anymore. But how could he let her go this time? He now deliriously yearned to keep her beside him and make her his queen. -------------- AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my FIRST NOVEL and my entry for SPIRITY AWARD. Yes, your author is ambitious. :D It is a mixture of CONTEMPORARY and HISTORICAL. The story is PLOT DRIVEN and INSPIRATIONAL, focusing not just on the development of ROMANCE but on FRIENDSHIP as well. Currently releasing TWO CHAPTERS A DAY! I'll do my best to update daily at 9PM GMT+8! -------------- THIS BOOK WILL HAVE FOUR VOLUMES VOLUME I - THE SURVIVOR QUEEN VOLUME II - THE DOCTOR PRINCESS VOLUME III - THE CHAIRWOMAN VOLUME IV - THE QUEEN OF TERRA -------------- Excerpt: "You know what happens when a slave breaks a promise on my territory?" His warm breath grazed on her shoulders making her more delirious that she is now in her fever. Her fingers worked her way up to his nape and caressed it, as she takes pleasure in what Raigon is doing to her. 'I must be really sick right now. This feels so real.'   "Punish me now, my prince." ------------------ Thank you in advance for your support for this aspiring author. Buy me a Coffee -- https://ko-fi.com/authorhadassah Paypal Account -- paypal.me/authorhadassah **** Cover photo is not mine. Edited and mixed them up with a help of a friend. Credits to the owner. Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I do in writing it! Love and hugs!

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