Reviews of My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!


My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!

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to translator: I hate when I am about to hug someone really sexy and my face hits the mirror. story: Our language is called the mother tongue because the father never gets a chance to Speak, that Is, very nice Character: When I joke they take it seriously. When I am serious they take as a joke.. updatig stability: I don't know! world background: What kind of place is this? It's beautiful: Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky! I'm moving here!


Started out good but I do not approve the direction in which this novel is going. I've gotten to chapter 170 in the raws and the MC is still alone in his shelter. There is almost no human contact which makes the novel terribly boring. There's almost zero sense of growth in the MC. He behaves the same as when he just started. No emotional issues as well which is not what you would expect in an apocalypse novel. He spends days alone in his shelter and even his first kill did not bother him. Overall, the novel becomes terribly repetitive and uninteresting due to the complete lack of relationships and character growth. Do not read.


Raw Name: 全球废土:避难所无限升级. Chapters: 300+ Status: Ongoing.


another copy-paste novel... How do they even screen their webnovels before it goes to pilot reads? There are better novels before that got scrapped out due to unexplained reasons maybe the company should resurrect those novels rather than putting another cloned novel.


Cliche novel like the tunnel novels or the previous bunker apocalyptic novels with the overpowered system . Gets praised for selling water. Meets attractive women, Etc


The same system. The same protagonist. The same audience reacting to everything. The same people coming for help (obviously attractive women). Reading this is no different from re-reading the same book twice. There's not much difference at all. Quality declines and declines...where will it end?


Copy paste format deserves a copy paste review. it’s a clone of novels that where on here months before, completely unoriginal. I was willing to give it a shot but it followed the example of all of those that came before it.


Pointless to read… Another novel similar to Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints.100% golden spoon MC gets system that let him cheat. Bla bla bla = BORING. Dropping it asap.


-The people were transported in an unknown world, a wastland with limited ressources and dangerous beasts, each one isolated. Yet, by day 3 some people had gathered together into communities of more than 10 people without any means to properly locate each others. They delayed placing their shelters to stumble around for at least a day with limited food, water, and dangerous unknown beasts around. It’s unthinkable. -Whatever he needs, he get it within a day. Blast resistant glass, I’m looking at you. -I can accept the trade function, as it was really necessary to trade ressources. The chat function and leaderboard with streaming ruined half of the settings: apocalyptic wilderness survival. -It looks like people from the same country were transported in the same region. Looks like a plot device to keep national borders troubles even though the goal is supposed to be humanity survival. 4 chinese shelters in the top 10. American bashing chinese. Humanitarian chinese shelter looking after the weak. China best much, and it’s only been 5 days. -The protagonist seriously lacks personality.


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this is what you get when you Google translate a boring story intended for Chinese audience[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


If any brother knows the raws please link it will be greatly appreciated. .


The blatant power stone botting and lack of any sort of originality with this story is appalling. Its the standard copy-paste cheap novel that often gets translated from Chinese authors. I honestly dont understand why webnovel allows this garbage to ruin their site's reputation.


since you guys fake power stone ranking for new release, why not also fake the golden ticket ranking? Don't go half-baked people come on!!!


This is blatant plagiarism from "Digging to Survive". The beginning is almost identical...down to the "rules", the layout of the game panel etc. Besides, the author appears to have dropped the story after 40 chapters. Don't waste your time. Other than that: the translation is decent enough. There are plenty of inconsistencies and a few parts that just don't make sense, but I've seen a lot worse and you can still follow along the plot.


First arrival Behold you mortals (evil laugh)(evil laugh) hahhahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahaha 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆


Another racist Novel, you have been warned. Translation is good for now.(Not yet a MTL) The Worldbuilding is bad like always, Chinese are awesome and the only good human around, all foreigners he meets especially Islander(japanese) are villain he has to kill. MC himself is nothing special, only lucky to no end yet self rightous, all the other character are cliche foreigners.


Is this number one in the power ranking today? I am definitely not suspicious of it. Definitely not seen this happening back then. Especially when the story is kind of hmm? I don't know how to describe it. It is so bland and the story is very predictable. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL


An excellent story with many great details. The world and situations are intriguing. I hope to see it become a regularly updated favourite!


This is a dream come true to me even tho they made fun of us Americans. When I was younger I used to daydream or try to draw myself in an apocalyptic type of scenario but then get bored. Here I feel like their will be a lot more story development than my little young mind. I pray that it will get voted soon!