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My fairytale


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What is My fairytale

My fairytale is a popular web novel written by the author nishidurani, covering ROMANCE, FANTASY-ACTION-THRILLERFANTASY, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 3.7K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 7 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Every year's last night, the barrier of land of enchantment is broken. To live the unknown prophesy where a fairy will turn into a witch, will Tammana be the one to make it true? Rehaan met a rude girl at his new year party, who claimed herself as fairy and the sparks ignited. Oh don't be mistaken. It's not love but war. Sparks to beat her to the core.. He thought things will end there. But coincidence brought them together again in his office. And soon their random meetings turn into a strong bond from hatred to love that he even proposed her for marriage. But what he didn't know was the girl is not human but a cursed witch. **** Excerpt- Hello miss, may I know your name?" He asked politely to first check whether they are invited or not. "No" totally unexpected the girl blatantly denied him. She just gave a him a quick glance and continued her giggling and drinking with her friend. It was the first time, someone had disrespected him and that also in his own club and party. But still he didn't felt anger but amused. Her giggles were like music to ear. Although he couldn't see her face, but he was sure she is one hell of a beauty. "Excuse me miss but I am the host of party and I need to know your name." This time he decided to show some authority to gain their attention. But the girls only giggled again. "Is it the duty of a host to go and ask name of every person attending the party?" She ask in between their conversation. This time they didn't even spare him a look. "No, but I do check when I can't found who the person is. I am sorry but can you tell me who you are?" He asked as politely as possible. But the next reply made him speechless again "No" the girl replied again, she is taking him too lightly. After two. Year's "Run, we can't fight with all of them." Rehaan shouted to gain the girls attention. But the girl was lost, tears running down her eyes. He tried to hold her hand to drag her but she jerked it off. Bewildered he turned but was thunderstruck to see the fire running out of his beloved hands. She burned the area and the men enough to make them safe. But still dread filled her heart, to see the face of the man she loved. He stood there in awe, but she took it as fear and turn again and ready to disappear. But the man caught her hands realizing his mistake Wiping the tear from her eyes, he hugged the girl with all her might. No words were needed as their body spoke the thought of their hearts.


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Who doesn't love fairytales or fantasy stories? It is something that this book was able to offer. A really nice fairytale with a twist. The characters, eapecially the main leads, are unique, and the plot was interesting. I would suggest proofreading to make the story flow much better. Keep writing.


I think this story has a really interesting concept and the characters also seem to have a lot of potential. However, regarding the writing, there are a lot of simple mistakes that make the story a little hard to read at times. The world the author has created is pretty unique, and I am looking forward to seeing where the author takes this story. Best of luck with your writing author ^u^


Heyo. I would like to say, so ffar, the book is going great, but as a fellow author, I would advise you to edit your chapters. I can't wait for the next update!!! keep it up!


This story about a very different kind of characters that meets accidentally will surely ignite your enthusiasm and eagerness. It is an easy read and smooth flowing. Like her other book, you should give this a try too. It won't disappoint you.


okay to be honest, there are not enough chapters to judge the book. but the characters and background were built enough to know, it will be a one more fascinating story of yours. waiting for more updates Author.


Ok, so I was always fascinated with fairytales. Have you remembered the "princess and the frog" story. I am going to write my modern version of this story. A fairy was cursed to be which and live with humans until she a tome her sins. But we're saving a life is really a sin or has she started a new journey of life. Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed my other books.


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