Museum of Deadly Beasts
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Museum of Deadly Beasts

Diabolical Eggplant

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What is Museum of Deadly Beasts

Museum of Deadly Beasts is a popular web novel written by the author Diabolical Eggplant, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 3.67/5 and 277 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 193 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Lin Jin never imagined he would ever transmigrate. And to such a peculiar world at that. Here, deadly beasts were regarded as sacred, and thankfully, he owned a museum for deadly beasts. “Master, this is just a dying little tortoise…” “What tortoise? This is a rare species that contains the blood of a Black Tortoise and could be promoted up to level seven.” “What about this shedding mongrel?” “Mongrel? How narrow-minded. This is a branch descendant of the snarling hound with a hint of Kirin’s blood. Take my word for it and sign the blood contract at once. I guarantee you that you'll soar to success and be on your path to invincibility!”

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petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Let's say this first. In every Chinese novel there is face-slapping, in some more and others less, we clear? Yes, there happens to a lot of face slaps and most likely there will be a lot more. Ok, basically the mc touches beasts with his body parts and he will immediately know everything about the said beast/pet. The methods to evolution, curing illneses, potential upgrades ect. Now, there exist an occupation called beastmaster tamers whatever so you will know how the face-slaps gonna end. Ok, the mc is just overpowered in his said occupation not in actual strength. Many can kill him though the mc isn't weak either. Okay, now only if you read the later chapters (35 - 40) you would know there is LOTM vibes going on here. (Lord of the mysteries) the mc having his ability (museum) is gonna gather random people into a room where the guests can ask question about their pets to evolve, cure whatever in exchange samples of rare beasts (or other items in the future) Translation - 5* (smooth) SoU - 5* (trial read, always 5 stars) Story Development - 5* (Biased cuz I like the LOTM vibes and sort of copy) Character Design - 3* (There's emotion but not really a solid personality, average?) World Background - 2* (There's no info given, sure where the mc lives and some here and there but it's basically it's name and it's surroundings, no info at all. Maybe in future will it be explained but can't give a high rating. I know it's unfair because only 40 chapters but I am a honest man, have a nice day everyone) Total score: 4.0


I can't find much to criticize in this novel. The beginning is a little cliche, but after that it's interesting. I would say it's similar to Monster Pet Evolution with some elements of Building the Utlimate Fantasy (Specifically the part where random important people are summoned and are given opportunities to improve their strength). I would say it's a decent novel considering all the other alternatives released this week


The title of this novel should be "How not to write a cliche story". I don't know why the author even bother to write. Just like other chinese novels the author dumps a back stabber character who supposedly hate MC while he was in his low. Even though he owes him too much. Just character after character was ripped off of old chinese novels without even bothering to design a plot or character. Same old face slapping to character who hate MC with little to no reason.


A boring, generic novel where for some reason everyone looks down on the MC and constantly wants to humiliate him. This is a standard face-slap novel with the guise of a beast-raising novel. I generally like novels in the mystical-pet genre like Monster Pet Evolution, but this is a huge disappointment and is not worth reading. I hope it's not the picked novel for this week.


another trash Chinese novel added to its bunch. there is nothing here but face slapping. these are written by very untalented garbage level authors just to make money by cheating either novice readers or day dreamers. i wish it is possible to give a rating below 1 star.


Why do people like this? The story is cancerous. I try to be optimistic about stories and give it a chance. I get you want to look cool and shameless but when his Beast gets hurt and he doesn't get angry but instead sucks up to the perpetrator more that's when I lost it. The fact that it's only 700 chapters brings me at ease, at least it quickly gets conclusive. But the other doesn't even bother to explain things for you and everything like a badly brought draft. Well I guess it's not the first time you've seen a CN like this.


its a System novel .............................................................,..,...............,.......,..................


I went to look at the raw, it's just fucking cliche after cliche after cliche, it doesn't get any better. this is a story made by person who saw all the popular shite that was trending and copied all the plot lines from them. 0 f u cking originality, heck "the plagiarist" should give his author name to this guy, at least that guy tries to make a decent story. also if you poor f u c kers think i am exaggerating go read the upcoming chapters whether raw or if they decided to release it. i can't believe i wasted my time reading so many chapters.


I don't recommend this book. It is explained here that he has an additional profession that not everyone has, namely as an animal appraiser. Where does their money come from when these people are willing to pay high prices for animal appraisal services? then why is Mc still poor when he has 2 jobs? because he has a golden finger which has the function of not only being able to identify animal abilities, but also capable of conveying ways of evolution that are not known to many people. why not quit his job and start a business of collecting raw materials for evolution that are unknown to many people and providing evolutionary services. when his company gets bigger those who insult him will shut up. But look at the current situation for mc, he is still making a fool of himself in the well with other fish. The plot is too forced.


Some face slapping is always expected in a Chinese novel, but this one is just too much. The plot moves from face-slap 1, to set background for face slaps 2, and 3 with some mildly random face slaps in the middle that will help set up face slap 5... it's just too much. The novel follows a Pokemonish style where all the fighting and strength gathering is done by the pets, while the MC remains pretty useless 9so far). The MCs IQ being even lower than Ash's doesn't really help either.


Chapter 37 is where it truly begins, showing us that the story will get more in-depth and serious with more chapters. For an appraising & beast-taming novel, it's super good. The author added something similar to Lord of The Mysteries' "Palace". MC can have up to 20 guests once he unlocks more of his cheat. These guests can return to the Hall once every 7 days and can't see him clearly too, just like in LoTM. Other than that, the characters personalities are clearly definied, initially it's mainly a merry-go easy to follow story, conflicts don't end up in bloodshed or anything. The MC's pretty pacifist, so far no signs of insanity and bloodthirst like in the most novels. He doesn't treat life as cabbage, hasn't killed anyone thus far. Some fresh concepts introduced as well, e.g. the "weirdo meets weirdo" chapter. I am positively surprised. Liking it. Petition to bring back World's Best Martial Artist.


Short Title:TMOBAlternate Title:猛兽博物馆Status:Completed700 Author:Dark Eggplant Genre: Fantasy, Wuxia, Xianxia Tags:Beast Companions, Beasts, System, Lin Jin didn’t expect that he would cross, let alone such a weird world, where he was respected by beasts. Fortunately, he had a museum of beasts. “Master, this is a half-dead little turtle…” “What tortoise? This is a rare beast pet with basalt bloodline and will be promoted to rank 7 in the future.” “Then what is this shed dog?” “Dog? No eyesight, this is the offspring of the Sky-Swallowing Dog, and there is a trace of Qilin blood. Listen to me, and quickly signed a blood contract to protect you in the future, and you will be invincible


i think this book must be picked why?? because world development and story background very interesting it' unique in it's on way. maybe in the first glance it's kinda cliche but with the stories goes it will became more interesting. please editor pick this book.


A very disappointing story. This author is obviously heavily inspired by the novel Library of The Heaven's Path. Both the plot and cheat power draw strong 'inspiration' from LTHP. Unfortunately, this 'inspiration' clashes with the rest of the story. So much so in fact, I felt the author was actively trying to make me stupider by stabbing my brain with an ice pick. The LTHP's MC could obtain information about all the flaws of whatever he touched, this allowed him to vomit out information and con people into thinking he was actually intelligent. The Museum of Deadly Beasts' MC can only do this with animals and hasn't really shown how much information he receives. So when the MC tries to con somebody/faceslap them, it feels incredibly fake. It wasn't a big issue until the author used the "lethargic around midnight" line, at which point it felt like they were just copy and pasting the word vomit from LTHP.


A very enjoyable trial read so far (chapter 21 at time of writing this review)! The characters are easy enough to tell apart by their behaviors and attitudes, and one is reminded enough about the connections between each character thanks to an omniscient 3rd person POV - a little disorienting if you're used to reading 3rd person limited or 1st person narratives, but once you've caught on it's very easy to follow. Looking forward to how this progresses!


I truly found this story enjoyable, It managed to make me completely focus on it. I binged this story for a couple of hours. I hope this story gets picked, if it doesnt get picked i hope i can find it somewhere else.


Like it so far, it's a bit simple but it's got decent flow. Basic transmigration to a loser body and a world with bonded pet beasts. System is of course the museum, it's classification abilities of course makes the MC the best pet assessor in the world... will read more if available.


Sadly it only has 40 chapters to read at the moment; But it's off to a great start. The very beginning has a few cliches but it isnt terribly bad. However, it does have a few good points, but I'm lazy. If you like astral pet store and the other novels like that, you'll probably like this one; if you detest novels like those, your in the wrong spot; unlock the chaps so everyone else can enjoy it and move on.


The characters are amazing and well defined. The plot of the story and its development are well organized and sequential. Credits to the writer for having such amazing novel.


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