MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter
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MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Qing Yan Yi Ye

Ongoing · 2.1M Views

What is MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter is a popular web novel written by the author Qing Yan Yi Ye, covering Video Games genres. It's viewed by 2.1M readers with an average rating of 3.65/5 and 356 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 432 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Infernal Demon Dragon: A dog like you dare to face me in combat? Do you wish to die so much? Jiang Feng: Don’t get too cocky, lizard! You will soon become energy used for my evolution! Transmute Monster, transmute! So, what can you do when you entered the game and accidentally became a Level 1 wild dog? No worries. With Transmute Monster, I can endlessly evolve. At the same time, I can transmute any monsters into materials and items that I want! Jiang Feng: Who said that players are the only one that can kill monsters? Who said players are the only ones that can flirt? Who said players are the only ones that can build cities? My existence will subvert all the expectations and become an existence that surpasses the Divine Beasts!

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Honestly, besides the fact that a non-human in a video game seems cool. There is nothing else special to this book Gf of years turns out to be a gold digger His parent owes somebody money he needs to earn Wishfuliment to the fullest (both handsome and top of his class but still bullied) With the power of Anger/friendship he evoles in game! The stupidity this novel has displayed is incredible.


The title start with 'MMORPG' what did you expect? The novel is yet again about a cuck MC showing that he is a cuck every chapters, this dude is in dire need of money, he can get money by killing 2 girls but he doesn't because they are girls, when they get killed, he gets angry, did I mention that they doesn't even know each other and they met 5 minutes ago? Although the general idea is fine the idiotic and beta MC prevented me from reading anymore of that, I would've expected a beta MC from cuck Japan but not from Chad China.


I'm here again to explain everyone the greatness of the Heaven and the Earth *hmm I that was the line* : So a great story where mc gains a system in game evolve in various monsters (even Divine beasts) or by transmutation to from new species for his minions and for himself and h gets a lottery system where gets good skills and even Divine skills ( Ch 11 or 12). So read bro/sis so when it not in your hand you don't regret it...


Hormonal **** who saves a girl in a f*cking game as a monster, becomes her slave as a "after sale reward" but he's just a p*ssy, MC legit has all the cliché bad things happening to him, girl friend breaks up with him for his bully, gets bullied because he looked at rich kids girl or smt, suddenly his dad has to pay a debt in a week but he can't afford it, father suffering an illness, etc. This is legit the most cliché stuff you can find on this site, it's honestly would be parody if they didn't take themselves so seriously. A wasted novel.


Original title: 网游之神级炼妖师 Number of chapters: 1041 (completed) Translated by Silencedfaith, and edited by yours truly.


Honestly this novel is basically similar to any Xianxia novel you will read. Now before you guys start flaming me saying it's video-game and all, with monster mc etc etc, listen first. 1. The MC is underdog, poor. 2. Smart but stepped on always. 3. Topper but looses his seat to some guy who uses has more money. 4. Father is useless and mc need to earn money in his stead to pay exhorbant loan. 5. Basically chooses options with quickest path to power. 6. System that is basically cultivation with the name evolution given. 7. Mc killls all player except 2, why one is innocent you child, umm OK maybe and her sister who is very pritty, while he happy to kill all others. 8. Extremely selfish. 9. No long sighted vision. 10. Never uses his gift perfectly, ways that are obvious to all. How much more would you like to read. 11. Oh and he is the only one to get quest for endgame items at the very starting of the game. Now you guys can continue you flaming if you would like to.


Wtf quidan/webnovel are you fuucking kiding me ...how the hell this novel got selected instead of ""my senior brother is too steady"" ...it has less rating,coin collection then ""my senior brother is too steady"" ... **i have no hate for this novel but it is like pile of **** in front of "my senior brother is too steady"** ** though translator and editor did good job on this novel but this novel is yet like pile of shiiit in comparision to good ones in this slot (my senior brother is too steady, body swap system) Webnovel you are real trasssh ..if you like being unfair then just remove this voting sysystem and directly add your pile of shiiit And lastly with middle finger🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕fuuuck you


They kept this garbage, really🤦🏽‍♂️. The books they got rid of was better than this, but you know editors choice and all🖕🏾................


This copy paste novel got chosen over War Truck In Apocalypse and other good novels what a pity! So sad I really wanted to read something good.


this!!!!! i really don't know what more to say about this week novel. waste of money. really a very bad story ??????????????????????????


Another story that's hard to read, with another idiotic and pathetic MC, no backbone and the story said he was intelligent and had the best grades and such, but he just seems like a moron, so conflicting,whoever wrote this should pay attention to what there writing, how do you not realize how conflicting your story your writing is, its actually sad really.


Premise is fine but plot is rushed and very little is explained, everything goes downhill after the author introduces these two women who’s mere presence alone turns the mc into the biggest cuck you’ve ever seen. It is at that point in the story (around chapter 15-16) you start to notice the quality getting worse with the wish fulfillment from the author going through the roof. Nothing makes sense anymore and it’s best to stop reading. To gain a better understanding of just how bad it gets, read other negative reviews for more info, when it comes to this story I really couldn’t be bothered to write more than this.


Read this first before you read this book will not will not even stick to the role as the title says he will fucking join a guild even if he knows that he acc is an anomaly and the mc is a pussy he is so scared of losing one level even if what he did is a success he will more profit And ** I think the author is retarted he cant even give his mc a brain haha what a noob just delete this story


At this point they should include a tag named "made in china" so we can filter what we don't want to read before getting fked by webnovel everytime we search for a good novel. Also the website's/app's algorythm is so bad that a novel with a 3.8 score gets to the voting pool


This novel is top tier got garbage and it is like all other mmorpg novels. family is in debt sell stuff to pay off debt be a simp to some girl and then do whatever. I recommend reading literary anything else


an excellent concept with a non human MC in a MMORPG but it's painful to read. very very painful, with your average Chinese plot of girl snatching, poor origins and bullying by rich. it's painful to read


Why the FCK was this book chosen... Like please he finds divine arifacts left right and centre. Helps players because they are girls despite being cheated and dumped on. Has 3 factions with the insectiod faction not being in the game at all and then thete is the hidden shifter faction that he is in.


this **** was picked up so quickly like wtf??. they dropped apocalypse truck for this dog****?? seriously this novel hasn't even been here for more than a damn week and it got picked already??? are you fucking kidding me webnovel??


Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn. Why this fcking trash novel get picked up?damn.


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