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Read Marvel's Shinobi fanfiction written by the author DreAm_b0At on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Jason, a hot blooded young man who was fortunate enough to stumble upon a second chance at life. Living as someone he dreamed of, a Shinobi! "Haha, Fire ability? Take my Majestic Flame Destroyer! " "Oh please, Psychic? Taste my Tsukuyomi!! " "Heh, Big muscles you got there. Try my Taijutsu, Inner Gates!!"


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Lots of handholding which is sonething I hate Giving people lots of free things even chakra for almost no readon pisses me off Not for me I guess


the Mc is fúcking side character, and spiderman is the real Mc. like their some chapter when the wasn't even mentioned. I come here to read about a badass ninja Mc, but I was disappointing when I found a fúcking babysitter. although I prefer harem, I can still read non harem novels. however why the fúck did you make the love interest an OC. at least if you making the fan-fic a non harem one, don't make the love interest an OC. This a fanfiction, not an original novel.


The author is dumb, MC is dumb too. the system force you to kill to get point, 1 life : 1 point. It did not specify what you have to kill, just 1 life : 1 point. MC can kill ants, cockroaches, or other insects, however he just go and kill peoples at age 10 and he didn't even bat an eye eventho he was just otaku and orphan. I don't know if he found the system loophole or not but I decided to drop it since I can't stand to read it anymore


Free Handouts like the covid right now.............................................................................................................................


The main character gets you guessed it a system, which isn't all that bad. But its a Naruto system that comes with a shop where he can buy just about anything you can think of. You should probably change the name rather then use Shinobi use something more retar... Naruto related as not to give people false hope that it might be something else.


honestly, it's bad...do yourself a favour and dont read it...its an absolute waste of time. the mc was an otaku average human being out of nowhere is able to kill without batting an eye...then there is this absolute bullshit time skip to point mc is suddenly at the cusp of *****hood...he gets a boring ass oc love interest...yes u heard me an oc love interest in the brilliant world of the marvel universe where there are soo many brilliant women in this world...after the time skip chapters get smaller and quality is also drastically dropped..mc is also sidelined for quite a number of chapters where spiderman pretty much becomes mc...quite a bit hand holding...I even saw one chapter heading where he will train the fuckin of love interest who is a regular human...pretty sure he ll give something from the damned system...**** this...this type of bullshit is one of the reasons why I absolutely hate oc love interest and system novels...fuckin stupidity




I like The Warriors Path and the Demon Slayer fan-fic. If it is written by this author then I think I might like it. Questions before I read this: Is their a Kekkai Genkai limit for the MC? Does he start off OP or is it progressive and shows character building? Does he automatically start with the sharingan? Are their contingencies to prevent cloning or using the MC's DNA for anything nefarious. Finally, Is it good? Thanks.


An awesome story with a part romance and action. Having naruto techniques but we can see he is not over relying on it. All in all it's incredible. Keep up the work, man.😁😁🤩😎


shadow clones with academy level chakra and wrong hand signs. Shop where you can buy everything and he earns the currency by killing. Even a random thug gives 0-1 currency. Asura bloodline only costs 200 full rinnegan for less than 400.


A fantastic and a well balanced book with reasonable character development. The storyline is also interesting combining the MCU with Amazing Spider-Man.


Mc is a fool. Instead of using brain to think he use his dick just for a girl.


babysitting fanfic, the MC doesn't exist.




If you are loking at the other reviews and thnkiong you shouldnt read this because of them then I will say they are all wrong. I have read other works of this author (my first time reivewing). Normaly I review only few fics that have touched me in some kind of way (good or bad) this fic didnt achieve that. But I have decided to review simply because others are saying nonsense while this is great pice of work. Not the top of the top there are few issues but people who give this guy any lower that 3,5* are insane. This is head and shoulders above what this site usually has. Grammar is almost perfect and story is entertaining. Others talk about babysitting and whatnot but author is clearly writting other POW-s with great success. Not there is another point which I would like to make author has a finished fic on this site and doesnt delete reviews (I hate those authors the most). Now that I got out of the way I would like to talk about the things I didnt quite like. Time skipping. Yes a time skip of 8 years was too long and uneccesary IMO he developed a lot of abilities but problem is he doesnt have any good enemy or fight scene. I like reading good fight scenes hope author writtes few of those in future. True inner gates are cool concept I like its similar to few other fics I liked. Romance is meh IMO people of this site read too many wuxias to writte good romance. SO I never expect much from it I like that he only has 1 girl cuz harem stories most time develop in smuts with an ocasional copy pasted enemy/villan. Anyway if person reading this review is thinking should they or should they not read it I hope I have answered that question for you. Author Good Luck and Have Fun :D


Autour, i sure do love other novel “The Warriors Path”😭😭😭😭😎 i really miss This novel. Although you drop it, It still have more than 200 chapter in the end. That just show that you are devoted as an author.


This is great author and dont stop this until you dont give us proper ending alright??? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .






great stuff. thanks for the time and effort. ................................................................................................................


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