Lynx Alpha Nigellus. The Conqueror of Oblivions

The Acker Family. Distinguished wealthy Family who lived in harmony and gave peace throughout the Seas, they were the ones who led the people of their Father. The true Nue. Son of Mizeus. Until, that faithful day. Assassination. Matthew Johnson Acker at the age of 11 had lost his own true memories but after living with Amshla he discovers the truth and Break's the spell he was in. He was known as the most intelligent and strongest person ever known in the Seas. He was the heir of the throne and a close relative of Mizeus. His life now was incomparable from his last life as he grows stronger than a God along with his so-called other self. Find out the journey behind Matthew Johnson Acker and follow him head on.

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When The Journey Arose

Matthew Johnson Acker ran towards his injured brother and called, "Brother!" he shouted with all his strength as he approaches his brother. Blood and open wounds were visible from afar. The eyes of Matthew could not bear.

"Ethan..." his voice cracked soon after his brother fell onto his arms.

Matthew Johnson Acker is also known as Jacob of Trash Sea. His secretive name, as of the time being he is also Alibaba Nen. Along with his brother and sister. They are known as; April Eashane Acker and Ethaniel. April Eashane is known as Atlita or Lita. Ethaniel's name to Ethan. We took the three identities of Nens from some family that came from our side, that them assassinated mercilessly.

Luckily, a day before the assassination, my butler George saw through this mess and had helped us escaped, and we succeeded. Two years of traveling before we reached our destination, the Trash Sea is also known as the Earth Sea. lA large continent but filled with a bunch of trash, including materials all over the place and poor people who do terrible things for a living. Until now, we remain in this dreadful place, waiting for our revenge.

"Lita!" I called her 'fake name' to get her attention. When April looked towards me, she covered her mouth, and tears started coming out. "Call Amashla! Quickly!"

April hesitated for a moment before she ran towards our so-called house. A house that did not even compare to ours before.

"For goodness sake!" Amashla gasped. "What did you this time!" Amashla ran towards Ethaniel was unconscious on the arms of Matthew.

Ethan slowly opened his eyes and forced himself to speak, "It's nice to be back too..." his smile was crooked as blood continued to drop out of his mouth.

Amashla and I carried Ethaniel inside the house and placed him on the couch.

"Brother Alibaba!" stomping her feet with her swollen eyes called Matthew. "Why is Brother Ethan injured again?!" April said, demanding an explanation.

Matthew stood quiet. He did not know how to explain. This time, Ethaniel, injured severely. As of the moment, his the most vulnerable person right here in this house.

"Imperial Guard! Ukai Toni!" authorities were outside our door, knocking hard.

It was hard to believe that those of Imperial Guards landed here on this very continent. They were known to be four continents far from here. They come from the Mountains yet to find out about them being here-. In instinct, I took a blanket and covered Ethan and immediately pulled April towards me, hiding behind the couch.

Amashla nodded with my instinct and headed towards the door. I covered the mouth of April - not knowing why - and slowly took a peek at what they were discussing.

"Oh! Ukai, why such a fuss? What's the matter? Are you lost?" Amashla asked innocently with a little grin.

"I'm sorry to say this, but that's the case here... I was catching someone and got lost. I saw this sign, and it said that you were a guide, and so I came here." Ukai - actually blushing - said.

"Oh, how unfortunate. I'm Amashla, say, It wouldn't hurt if I help you, right?" Amashla winked at the guy and gave out her preciously sweet smile. I have no idea how she pulls that off!

"Well, no need to be formal, Amashla! We knew each other for so long at the 3rd Sea. It just happens to be that I was here, but you being here was a complete coincidence! Anyways, please do help me get back to my Crew." Ukai guard smiled and shook the hand of Amashla.

"Okay, okay! Jason, I will help you get back to your Crew, but just a warning, you should always be careful around these parts. Chasing criminals here means chasing death." she said with a face that said, 'believe me.'

The guard laughed and nodded with a smirk on his face.

It happened so fast. A dagger was flying towards the guard, but the way Amashla saw it. It was in slow motion. Just like that, she was able to stop the dagger with ease. She caught the flying knife with her bare hands and looked at the man on the roof.

"There will be no commotion in my grounds!" with her deadliest glares, she looked at the rooftop of where the dagger came from and shouted.

If you find it too fast for chapter 1, well that's exactly on purpose :D hope ya'll like it.

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