Rahul Nagar grew up in an orphanage. The orphanage didn't have a lot of money, so they could not give a good education to all the children there. But luckily Rahul was very intelligent from the start. He would win all the Scholarships that he would take part in. Because of this, he was allowed to study in the best educational institution in the country. There he was introduced to the world of Anime and Mangas. They changed his life. The badass character like Whitebeard, Escanor, etc motivated him to become a hero like them. So, to become a hero in the Real-world he joined the Indian Army.

The journey to becoming an officer in the Indian army was not easy. But he endured through it. He became the top candidate of the Officers Training academy. And finally, he was deployed in the Indian ocean. On the first day of his Duty as a commanding officer, Rahul encountered a very peculiar thing. That night when the crew of the ship was sleeping he saw that a blinking light was traveling from right to left in front of his ship. Rahul ran to check what does the Radar say. Radar didn't show any aircraft in that area.

As the standard procedure dictates Rahul first had to wake up his crew captain and then check the ship's log to see that any aircraft was supposed to be there at this time. But he didn't do so. The plane will leave till the time Captain wakes up or if he checks the log. He had to make a choice. At this time he remembered all the novels and manga he had read at the time he was just a child. At the climax, the hero had to make a hard choice just like this. He made up his mind. He fired a missile in the trajectory of the plane and the missile hits the plane. And the plane came burning down.

Turns out the plane belonged to the Indian Army. It was on a secret mission and was coming back to India after a secret mission. Rahul was court-martialled. Then the family members of the personnel that was on the plane filed an official case on Rahul on the charge of Murder and he took a bribe with enemies of India and deliberately took the plane down. Rahul did not have any proof to prove his innocence and therefore was hanged according to the law of India.

(A.N.- court-martialled is the official term used in the army for the officers or personnel who discharged from the army with disgrace.)

6 months later

After the tragic ending of Rahul, a conspiracy resurfaces that the enemies of India had deliberately planted that plane which contained the nuclear launch code of the major nuclear power of the world like the USA, CHINA, etc. if this plane would have landed on the Indian peninsula then it would have started the WORLD WAR 3. And Rahul is the man who unknowingly stopped this. But now Rahul is no longer in the world.....

In the black abyss, a soul was roaming.... It was the soul of Rahul....

Suddenly the abyss illuminates and the Rahul could see again…..

Rahul opens his eyes and he could see that he was in some sort of white room. There was no one and nothing in that room. Rahul could not make where he was or what was he doing there? But suddenly he hears someone coughing behind him. Rahul turns around….

He sees a simple table and chair. And sitting on the chair was a 5-year-old boy. He had white hair and Goldeneyes. And was wearing a 3 piece suit.

"Hey, kid…. Can you tell me where I am?"

"Give it a minute it will come to you…"

"What do you mean? I mean the last thing I remember is ….. I was onP a ship…. It was my navy ship….. I Fired a missile…. They court-martialled….. and then…" Mumbling Rahul remembers everything about his life on the Earth…..

" Stop mumbling and sit down." The kids snap his finger and the chair appears behind Rahul. Rahul silently sits on the chair.

"I died."

"Yes you did"

"Then you must be God's Agent"


"God's son?"


"Then who are you?"

"Well, kiddo. I am God"

"But you are a kid."

"I know," God answers patiently.

"Then what am I doing here.?" Rahul asked

God snaps his finger and a computer appears on the desk. While scrolling the computer screen god starts mumbling..

"Well, let's see Rahul Nagar... Indian... Army man.... 26-year-old….. Virgin...Intelligent.."

"It says I am a virgin?" Rahul asks in an embarrassing voice

"Yes. And shut it. I am concentrating here."

After a few minutes of Mumbling, god snaps his finger and the computer disappears. And then God speaks to Rahul.

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"Well, Rahul see. Your karma had won you a lottery. And according to the lottery you have a chance to go to a different world. Are you willing to go?"

"Hell yeah!!!"

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