The market of the Gegen town crowded with people. It reminded Kratos of the markets back in his previous world. But he was facing a problem due to his inability to read or write Chinese, he didn't actually have any idea that what were shops basically selling. Looking at the people entering the shop and the items in their hands he analyzed the information and was finally able to find a clothes shop.

Kratos bought the cheapest robes he could find. Finally, he brought a black robe with black pants. He also brought a black scarf to cover his face. From the map and his acute senses, he was able to figure out that he was being followed. They were all weaklings and Kratos could have defeated them with a single flick of his finger. But he didn't do so. He wanted to be low key and killing someone's subordinates may cause some resistance from their backer. So he pretended that he didn't notice them and continued roaming around the city to find a good restaurant.

Kratos' appearance was rather unusual in the town. Most of the people to whom Kratos wanted to ask for direction would just run away when Kratos would approach them. And who could blame them Kratos face is not exactly people friendly. But after roaming around the city Kratos finally found a good restaurant. The restaurant consisted of 6 floors. Like any restaurant in the novels, people with higher cultivation would have the qualification to sit on the higher floors. But the 6th floor was reserved for the sect master and the upper echelons of the city.

Kratos walked into the restaurant when he was hit with the smell of spices in the air. This overwhelmed his heart. For about a more then a month he had to suffer and eat grilled meat. But now he could have food like a normal human being. But soon another crushing reality hit him.

Kratos noticed that around the restaurant various people were chatting, drinking, and eating. But they all have something in common which Kratos didn't have….. That was they all knew how to use chopsticks.

It is as simple as that. Back in his previous life, most of the Indian cuisines were either eaten by hand or by spoons and fork. Therefore Kratos didn't have any knowledge of how to use chopsticks. If he ordered anything and he was not to use chopsticks the how was he supposed to eat his food. and clearly, this world didn't have the concept of knives and fork

Then a male employee of the store approached Kratos…

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"Hello, sir. Do you want a table for one?"

"Yes. I want a table for one. But I want an isolated place to eat. Can your restaurant arrange that for me?"

"I am sorry sir, the isolated table is only available for upper echelons of the city or high-level cultivators."

"I am high-level cultivator."

The male employee looked at the Kratos with suspicious eyes. He may have a very muscular body but he cannot sense any Qi coming from Kratos. The employee was a cultivator himself. He was responsible for the lower floor of the restaurant.

All the employees of the restaurant were given precise instructions that they have to treat all the customers with respect. It was the policy of the restaurant. So with a huge smile on his the employee guided that Kratos to the stone tablet at the entrance of the restaurant. The tablet was a simple test. When a cultivator would send his Qi into the tablet, the pearls embedded on the tablet will start glowing.

The higher the realm of the cultivator higher the number of pearls will glow. Using this mechanism the employees decide that if they would send the customer to a higher floor or not. The employee told the information about the tablet to Kratos. Kratos also wanted to find out the information about the levels of cultivation of the world and wanted to know his cultivation level according to this world. So he happily complied with employee instruction.

Kratos remembered that mana in his body is stronger than Qi of the world. Therefore he didn't go all out and send 40% of his mana in the tablet. But when his mana entered the tablet, all the pearls present in the tablet started glowing, and then the tablet burst in front of him.

Seeing the scene when some weird guy was able to broke the tablet of the restaurant, accumulated crowd. They started whispering to each other…

"Hey did you see that? That weird baldy broke the strength measuring tablet of the Dragon Scale restaurant."

"hey isn't the guy who was roaming around the city bare-chested a few moments ago… "

"I saw that too. I thought he was a poor bum that came to the city for work. But turns out he was a powerful cultivator."


Kratos advanced sense could hear everything that was going on around him. He could hear everything that the people around him were speaking. Kratos wanted to facepalm himself. He didn't want any unwanted attention and wanted to remain low key, but that will not happen after this...

The employee was dumbstruck about what happened in front of him. That tablet was a powerful artifact that the city governor had himself build. He had instructed him that people who are power as him would be easily able to destroy that tablet. And those type of people had a huge backing behind them. He should not offend those people in any scenario.

"Do I have pay for that?…" Kratos asked the employee. Kratos knew from the novels that the artifacts that can measure power are very costly. Not that he felt for destroying the tablet, he didn't want to offend anyone until he knows the extent of the power of this world.

"No sir. You have the qualification to enter the isolated chambers. If you would please follow me I will guide you to your room."

Kratos followed behind the employee. The employee guided him to a chamber on the 5th floor. Kratos had a large amount of money. So he ordered the most expensive dishes on the menu. And this was the first time that Kratos would eat Chinese cuisines so he was very excited.

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