"I don't get it…"

Kratos was mumbling to himself while sitting in the river completely naked. Kratos had started his killing spree 1 week ago. He had literally killed every animal that came in front of him. After the Grey lion, he had fought 2 more white triangle monsters. But had not seen any sign of either green triangle or any red triangle monster.

Today he was sulking near the river because of two reasons. The first one that he had not made any human contact from the moment he transmigrated and second one was his hair. He didn't have any hair on his body. Except for his eyebrows he didn't have any strand of hair. In fact area around his little brother was also hair free….

This made him sad. He knew that the moment he made his human contact, he will become the odd one among them. His facial as well as skin tone doesn't exactly scream that he is local.

He was facing one more problem… It was his K.P…

The system was too stingy about K.P. He got 250 K.P after killing the lion's pride. And after killing some random animals and two more white triangled animals gave him around 430 K.P. He had been on a killing spree for 1 whole week now. But the amount of K.P he acquired was too little.

Kratos outgrew his training armour when he levelled up. He used that armour during the fight with the grey lion's pride. The armour was tattered after the fight so Kratos then threw it away. Kratos felt that buying clothes from the System would be a waste of K.P. So he didn't bought anything…

He chopped the pants of the armour. To be comfortable, he chopped the pants till it became like boxers. And now he runs around the forest with his sandals and boxers size pants. If someone could see the attire he wears then they could easily mistake him for a caveman….

After washing his body Kratos walked out of the river. He lit up a fire and started roasting some deer's meat. Seeing the meat cooking on the fire, Kratos sighed…

"Man I really miss vegetables…"

He was very poor in his previous life. Any type of meat that he ate was considered a luxury for him. Usually, his everyday meal would consist of vegetables. But now things were different. He had spent over a month in this God-forsaken forest. And from day to night he had eaten only meat…..

It was very frustrating, he then decided that it was time to get out of the forest...

2 weeks later.

With the regular killing spree, Kratos started his journey to get out of the forest. In that time he found one green triangle beast. It was some kind of bird which was flying away. Kratos didn't gave it any as he wanted to get out of the forest first. It's not like that he wouldn't find any chances when he will get out.

Finally, he found a road. But the question was…. Which way should he go?? Right or Left?

So he did the most intelligent he could think of. He tossed a coin… To be more accurate he tossed up his shield…. And as the shield landed he decided to go right….

He started walking with a happy face. He finally had the oppournity to get out of the forest. While he was walking he heard a carriage coming from behind him. He ignored it and continued walking. But as any cultivation novel out there, it was essential for the carriage owner to confront the protagonist. And so she did…

The carriage was a luxurious one. It was of red and had a girly feeling to it. The carriage owner name was Han Yun. She was the elder of the Divine Enlightenment Sect in the vicinity. She was going to Gegen town for the core disciple examination. She was the elder, responsible for looking after the inner disciples. There was information that a Grey Lion pride had appeared in the forest.

They are very dangerous animals. It would take 3-4 elder of the inner circle to exterminate them. As the school was feeling a little afraid that the inner disciples may meet them during the exam they had to send a lot of elders to protect them. And Han Yun was one of them.

During the journey when she was about to reach Gegen town, she encountered a peculiar man. He was around 6 feet long and his skin was greyish white. He had a very muscular body. One could literally see that every little muscle on the man's body. Han Yun was firstly amazed by his body, she had never seen a man with a perfectly shaped body before. And that man was wearing nothing but black boxers.

Han Yun licke her lips with lust and thought that he may be a cultivator but since she couldn't sense his cultivation, she thought he should be a normal man…

After the carriage approached that man Han Yun took her head out of the carriage and said

"Hey, you."

"Me?" Kratos asked with a confusing voice while looking at the stopped carriage beside him.

"Yeah, you. By are you walking around naked in the middle of the day?"

"Well, I can't afford the clothes….. " Kratos blurted out the truth, without thinking. And it was true, he really couldnt afford the cothes of the shop.

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Hearing this Han Yun smile. 'What a poor man…I must help the needy'. Thinking about this Han Yun signalled the old man driving the carriage. The old man got on his feet and opened the gate of the carriage for Han Yun.

Han Yun then came out of the carriage. She was wearing a green colour robe signifying her position as the inner circle elder of the Divine Enlightenment Sect. She had a very beautiful face. As for breast, it could be said they were present but were invisible. Her face had the innocence of a child.

With that innocence, she approached Kratos…

"If you want I can give you a job." Han Yun said.

"What kind of job?"

"If you want you can become my porter… I will pay you a hefty amount for it."

"Why are you doing this much for a stranger like me?"

"Well, I took a liking to you." Said Han Yun. After closely looking at the body of the man before, she licked her lips. She tought 'What a piece of meat. I will devour him whole…'

Kratos was confused because how the things had gone. He thought that he would encounter a young master who would make things diificult for him. But instead, he met this woman who is willing to gave him a job? 'What the Fuck is this world?'.

Then an idea hit him.

"Miss I am a poor man but due to my body, I have a huge appetite. Are you sure you will be take me in as a porter?" Kratos asked in a humble voice.

"Yes of course. I have plenty of money." She then pointed towards her ring.

"And this way leads to town right?"

"Yeah. Gegen town" Han Yun got confused why did the ask the way to the town.

"Thanks a lot, miss. I thought that I would have to venture to town with no money, but you saved me. Thank you miss. And Good by"

Han Yun got more confused that why did he said 'Good by'. She wanted to ask him but before she could say anything…

A white fist landed straight on her jaw. Breaking few of her teeth and knocking her out at the same time.

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