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Into the Zombie World


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What is Into the Zombie World

Into the Zombie World is a popular web novel written by the author Neil_Ads, covering APOCALYPSE, SYSTEM, ADVENTURE, MODERN, TRANSMIGRATION, ACTION, OVERPOWERD-MC, COMEDY, ZOMBIE, UNDEAD, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.42/5 and 80 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 190 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After getting run over by a truck, Nile finds himself in the body of a man with the same name as himself. He soon realized that he had just been esekai'd or transmigrated into another world that was experiencing a Zombie Apocalypse for over two months. Nile was rambling on how dangerous this world is. It turns out that the zombies were evolving, getting stronger every second. Nile was already at his wit's end when the 'System' butted to his rescue. He felt elated as he found out that humans could evolve too. And compared to other humans, his was even easier due to the System's help. Follow Nile as he ventured and come across different kinds of people and zombie in this Apocalypse World. Getting addicted to the notion of becoming stronger. Nile searches for zombies every day to kill and Level Up. ..... Early chapters are being re-edited. Sorry for the inconvenience. There's a lot of grammatical error here. I will try to edit every chapter and find an editor(If I have the money) to improve the quality of the novel. This is not a perfect novel, so perfectionists go away. But suggestions and tips are more than welcome. **You have been warned** ..... Cover was made by: Venerable_Linfeng This is a work of fiction. Names of people, places and events are all work of fiction. Contact me on Discord if you have something to ask. Discord server: https://discord.gg/NGMEKeS Neil_Ads#6616

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Caution! I've made a mistake and there is a lot of info dump in the early chapters. Although I cannot guarantee it, I am doing my best not to repeat this in the future. This story revolves on the Main Character Nile who transmigrated in the world full of zombie. I will focus on him and his development. As a newbie author, I know I will make a lot mistakes during this journey. I apologize in advance for that. I am open for critics(no harsh words please), that way I know where I am lacking and what should I improve more. If you have any suggestions and tips to improve my writing, please do tell me about it.


Please Guys. Don't review this novel without reading at all. Saying something like, I love your novel blah blah. You have a good plot blah blah blah. And then posting your novel's link at the end of the review asking for a review as well. That's not a review at all. That's promoting. Please, guys, there is a forum to promote your novel. My novel is not the forum. I know I'm not a good author, but I just don't want to shoo away potential readers just because of your false and flowery review. Again, it's bad for my novel. And I don't think you would love something like that to happen to you, as well. I would immediately delete review like that so don't bother at all, you'll just waste your time. Thanks.


I actually bypassed this before as I thought it will be a book where people simply try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Having had the chance to read it now made me realize that this actually is a gem. I was surprised when the author used terms from our local dialect. It is refreshing! I can also relate to the humor the author used as these are common in our country (sabihin mo salamat shafefe 😂). Will look forward to more chapters and fantastic ideas. Great job! Keep it up!


Into the Zombie World is a book of fiction written by Neil_Ads. The story revolves around a man named Nile who sought to survive a zombie apocalypse after his untimely death by being bumped by a truck. The author uses present-tense. Well, it is a good story. Personally, what I love about the book is Nile's intelligence and the way he reacts to certain things. He thinks logically, making the right choice except for the store as he could've looted the first three houses instead of choosing the store. I love his plans and schemes to get rid off or defeat zombies. I think there is a mixture of futuristic technology since there is this so called system that displays certain things. I'm not used to reading these kind of novel mixtures. Anyway, the grammar and punctuation is definitely one thing the author must improve. Yes, it uses present-tense but because of this, it seems more like a guy telling actions rather than a describing and story-telling. He is walking, He is going, he is banging, things like that should be changed. Because of this, it lacks emotions and some elements of a horror novel. You could describe the zombies more rather than using Big, small, fat, or sharp teeth. I didn't feel any suspense except for the parts in which the dialogues weren't aplenty. I would like to suggest that you describe things like this: Example: His leg were trembling. Try going to the next level: His legs were noodles. Or to add more suspense and frightening elements, I would suggest: Example: The silence shrouded his mind. (Lacks emotions) "Once the quietness arrived, it stayed and spread in Estha. It reached out of his head and enfolded him in its swampy arms…sent its stealthy, suckered tentacles inching along the insides of his skull, hoovering the knolls and dells of his memory, dislodging old sentences, whisking them off the tip of his tongue." Something like that. Well, I hope this honest criticism helped out!


This story was rather rickety to begin with. It is random and filled with ham-handed Information Dumps. The Protagonist is an Idiot. I tried hard to hang in there despite the roughness of the story, because at the end of the day, I just like Zombie Stories. It was kinda weird when the protagonist got orgasmic feelings from probing Zombie brains with his finger…EE…The breaking point was when the Protagonist DIDN'T WANT to look muscular and buff. I get more tired of this Fetish against manly physiques in these stories EVERY TIME I ENCOUNTER IT. Damned Nation! You can't argue that someone like Bolo Yeung is slow and awkward—or grotesque. I guess having a manly physique ruins one's cross-dressing.


Fellow Pinoy here! Anyway, I've only read a few chapters, but here's my review on it. Things to improve: First off, there is an obvious approach to action and since it's a zombie novel, it is a must to have action-filled chapters. However, although the author does try to execute this, it can fall flat. Maybe it's because there's not much the readers know about Nile himself, or what even drives him. If it is simply for survival, then the narratives and descriptive words should be improved on more to elicit the right emotions. Good points: The author knows where the story is supposed to go, and Nile's actions are logical. It's also interesting to know there are "interesting zombies", which might be a turning point for the story. To conclude, it's a good story with an easy-to-read format. It can be a good zombie novel and holds potential.


As the author I am not confident on this novel, so if you ever like it just say so on the chapter comments or you can give a review. As long as there are readers, I will do my best to update daily. And of course I will rate my own work 5 stars. Thank you!


Usual apocalyptic stories are really hard to explain, but you explain it very well😭😭. _my favorite line is "Nike is using his jaywalking skills to the maxium" hilariously funny. _characters well presented😇 _the 2 chapter at the beginning have me naruto vibes😂😂 As for suggestions there's none really but keep your story understandable when it comes to action parts.


Hi guys,I really appreciate the fantasy world the author has created...you really refine the finer details about the world you are talking about and it's pretty easily picturised in my mind...hope you keep us posted with more chapters...it's a good book to chill with..💚


please get an editor, while i didnt see any spelling errors which makes me happy, the sentence structure is awful. also please check to make sure that you arent trying to make a wors that doesnt have a plural form into a plural word. preys should just be prey, i didnt see it but please dont use equipments just equipment, etc


notice a word that I havent found on most ln’s i read, and that is ‘sitio’. I first thought that it was another language but then I found ‘Lungsod’ so I’m like “oh a Fil novel” and got excited. I only read a few chaps but its good so far. dont like how naive the mc is though. like how he knows the zombie reacts to noice but still choose a gun as a weapon even though its very loud. he also doesn’t think ahead of different situations, like what if he was cornered by lvl 2 and 3 zombies. he can’t use the gun since the zombies are imune.


Who's here to review because of the new book cover? Well anyway, Let's review for the cool book cover! Everyone who can see this! Please review too!


I'm not sure if I'm the only one to think this, but I have a good feeling about this novel. Pretty sure it would make an exceptional comic...or even a phenomenal anime.


The lingo is a little at first for a city versus a town but otherwise good so far. Grammar needs littles fixes here and there like using in and on at the wrong place but readable. Good story progession so far and released daily as of when i read it


this book is great. i would tell more people about it when i can. ........................................................................................................................


this got high ratings so i tried it. pretty good concept, but why do you have info dumps in every chapter? first 12 chapters and what do we got? yes you keep saying that you're a beginner writer BUT you could've learned from your predecessors right? chapters are short. At the end of some chapters you said they're a long one, but that's just because of the info dumps. dang there's even a chapter where he only change clothes and inform us his favorite color which is red and black . and don't you try delete this review . already skimmed those chapters up to 60+ but still, can't really bring myself to read this one. anyways, nice try and learn more.


Reveal spoiler


As the author said, there's a lot of grammatical errors. He seems to have a preference for using philippino terms rather than translating them in. The story is mildly interesting. The author wants perfectionists to begone. I'm not a perfectionist; however my reading habits can make me say a few unsavory words here and there even so. For example, I'm not sure whether my boredom was slightly alleviated or if I wasted my time and still wasn't satisfied.


I really like the creativity involved in creating the character, world and background. The English is horrid though and sometimes it pulls me out of the story. The fight scenes are getting better and better. I really like Maximo and the animal development.


Do not take it into your heart so much. I hope it will help you to progress. Thb its boring, so much useless info something about villages, virus+virus, zombie 1-4 and four system chaps.. I think you should focus more on story dev to graduate it and these chaps point it in 2-4 sentences. Tons of system in novels. Your like trial version, provided info and bye.. nothing playfull, funny.. Its like system how are u? Yes. "o__o". I believe you can do better because i voted for this novel. Add some missions, rewards etc be more creative.


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