Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
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Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Ten Miles Sword God

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What is Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator is a popular web novel written by the author Ten Miles Sword God, covering Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 8M readers with an average rating of 4.36/5 and 925 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1070 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Chen Fan, the great cultivator, failed to transcend the Tribulation of Heaven: the final stage of his cultivation. Little did he know that this accident would bring him back to Earth and turn back time to five hundred years ago when he was just a teenager. ‘I had once reached the precipice of power in the known universe and could look down on the ten thousand realms with pride; I was lonely nonetheless. I will not leave any regret nor anyone behind while I relive my past life this time around. ’ Join Chen Fan as he relives his teenage years, righting the wrongs of the past as he punishes his unwitting old enemies.

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I was wondering when this novel to the comics would get translated. Good! Good! Good! Honest Review: Reading the 100 something of the comics, all I can say is this novel in a nutshell is: Xianxia but in modern world. (Think: My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO) Obviously that means cultivators are the real hidden powers behind society and what not. Obviously that means normal people are somehow blind sighted to all the weird sh*t that goes on in the city, but hey, its fiction. MC comes back from 500 years into the future where he is a Godly Cultivator that got epic rekt by some average joe heavenly tribulation MC is so bad*ss like. O_O kinda *ss. Y'know what I mean? Dude can cut a tree with a leaf. Earned a high spot in society within a few chapters. Got girls interested in him because he is your typical Xianxia MC Chad. And not your Japanese Beta MC. (Y'all know that meme?) And yeah. Good read in general. Read comics first tho since there is more chapters & images as of right now C: Ty for reading.


Novel was banned in china. Dont read it if you expect the story to complete. Every arc is exactly the same. Filler Character doesn't know who MC is. Insults MC or trys to kill him. MC super badass immortal, kills him. Filler Family wants revenge. MC kills entire family. Rins and repeat. It just doesn't make sense. You think at some point people remember who he is, but no, everytime the same structure.


Reveal spoiler


The biggest problem I have with this is that there is nothing making it stand out. If the novel was a person and the flesh and blood was the characters and world, the person would be a rotting corpse. Furthermore, the bones (plot) wouldn't be bones that were refined in anyway. They would be ordinary and just like all the other persons (stories). I really dislike this so I might be a bit harsh.


Dropped after 45 chapters. Though I handled pretty fine the inconsistencies and the author hiding the mc's power with plot power despite him being literally the strongest of the world (that's no spoil), I discovered the author did huge mistakes explaining a cultivation system as basic as it can be. Basically a kid trying to write a novel like an *****. I would advise you to avoid it and instead spend you time reading something else. By the way, the mc is of a rare stupidity. Seeing how people coming from the comic praised it, I wanted to wait until chapter 100 or the premium to judge whether it was good, but I really couldn't hold on. If you like seeing common tropes being mishandled and overused however you should love this novel. 1 on everything but translation quality, which is pretty ok, with a 4


Ugh, I want to like it but it's so annoying, brainless and pointless that I can't ignore it anymore. It's pretending to be about the main plot of a cultivator going back to when he was younger in order to so it steadily and correctly. With some face slaps along the way are expected too What it is actually about is a caste of perpetually shallow and brainless fools continually being maximum nastiness at every opportunity. If a character has an opportunity to be absolutely nasty and shallow they will. They might also briefly contemplate why they are feeling that way, but then declare that he deserves it anyway. Even after seeing people being beat up, being supernaturally intimidated, and seeing high class individuals treating the MC with respect, pointless people still view him as trash. The novel is about going back in time and after a bagillion chapters getting back at the high school kids who were mean to you. So tiresome and stupid. If he ever does get finished teaching the group of teenagers not to bother him I'm sure he'll have to do the same thing wherever he goes with whoever he meets. Ugh You could say this MC doesn't care about these ants so that's why he gets mired in these situations of being looked down on and people being pointlessly nasty. But that's not true. That's just the excuse the novel is trying to use. Getting back at these ants is entirely what this novel is about and it does it over way too many chapters in an exhausting manner.


The comics really left out so much but all in all it's still a good read if you like these type of stuff The first read will get you hooked to these types of novel to the point that you'll crave these types of novels more and more so I'll recommend a few ones like this: Retuen to the Immortal World (Has comics but I haven't read the novel yet because I'm broke af), Strongest Abandoned Son (Is an interesting read once you like the characters but it gets somewhat... Soggy after a 700-800 chapters or so.), The Last Human (Not really the typical cultivator but the way they strengthen themselves is like cultivating *Sitting crosslegged with a breathing method*, the mc is knowledgeable too and not dumb unlike other mc's who get angered easily. Think of it as a Zombie Apocalypse X Cultivation type of manhua. My honest review on this is, it's good... If you just read this for the first time that is (I'm referring to the comics because it's already 120ch). But like other novels, this also had the following: Arrogant young masters, People who can't see Mt.Tai, People who look down on the fragile looking Mc, Enemies who think highly of themselves infront of the MC but gets subdued/killed by thr Mc, People who get surprised the Mc they thought of as a coward/weak beats a dozen people to a pulp, I could go on but it will look like I made an essay instead of a review. I like how the Mc is making people who has a very high status infront of normal citizens kneel before him and beg for mercy, unlike other Mc in novels (That I've read) that has no superiority at all when a person with high status provokes him All in all, it's a good read, especially for people that are losers who crave for an OP Mc to satisfy their lack of power. I rate this, a broken marriage/10. Why broken marriage you ask? Because of the freedom and happiness the male receives when they divorce, haha.


Before you read this novel, there's a very important question you have to ask yourself, which is whether or not it's okay to kill people. If you read the first chapter of the novel you see that in his previous life he used to be the Immortal Venerable and the lord of the entire universe. You see, the lord of the universe is a kind of special position where only one person in the ENTIRE universe can take. So think for a bit, how do you think he became the lord of the universe? You done thinking? It kind of goes like this Chen Fan: I'm the lord of the universe. Some random planet: I disagree Chen Fan: Crush planet Some random galaxy: I disagree Chen Fan: Stomps on galaxy some random family: i disagree chen fan: annihilates family some random sect: i disagree chen fan: exterminates sect some random race: i disagree chen fan: race disappears some random old immortals: i disagree chen fan: kills immortals and repeat for about a few billion families, sects, races, planets, and galaxies. universe: i agree Now that you know what he was like in his previous life and he is reborn on earth what do you will happen? SPOILER ALERT: HE KILLS A LOT OF PEOPLE this guy kills a lot of people and if you don't like blood, do not read this book because there is a lot of blood in this book. I see 99% of the reviews are about how he is a murder and a big meanie who likes to kill people and is not a nice person. well no duh, if he was the lord of the universe in his previous life what do you think his personality is like. killing aside, this is actually one of the best novels. in persepctive, you know almost all novels here are actually translated on qidian and actually there are a lot more novels on qidian which are untranslated and this website probably holds less than 1 percent of the novels on qidian. this novel along with emperor's domination and library of heaven's path became the 3 big kings of qidian in 2017. like there are millions of novels on qidian and this one was in the top three, this just tells you how good it is. however, the problem with this novel is that in the beginning it's really slow and just like typical chinese garbage cultivation novels with lots of face slapping. but later on like chapter 100 and beyond the novels becomes really good, the author is really talented and really good at describing a world, and he integrates the novel with lots of history and the modern world so the reader can almost feel like their in the world. many past historical figures are actually incorporated in the novel and the author gives background on what makes some countries super powerful. also the cultivation system is extremely accuracte with each level having specfic powers that different them from the level below, unlike many other novels where the mc can just defeat people 20 levels higher than them. the main thing about this novel is just that the author is really good at describing scenes that readers can easily visualize. however if there's a problem about this novel is that the translation is almost horrible. i google translated the first chapter and compared it with this and i notices at least like 20 discrepences between the chapters. this is the same with almost all the chapters. the translator messes up almost every single cultivation term and there are many scenes that are totally portrayed incorrcetly, that i think this is obviously mtl and edited. if you're going to mtl, can you atleast use google translate because it is so much more accuracte than whatever mtl your using. if you feel like something feels weird it's 100% the translator not the authors fault and should read the google translate if a sentence feels weird which is like almost every other paragraph.


The main character is horribly he uses the fact that he is a cultivator to ignore things he could easily solve saying that he is above mortal problems hopefully it changes in the future


Stupid author is stupid and takes forever to get the point and refers to the value of everything and anything and gets it wrong then points out that objects worth millions cost alot


I am waiting to read it on mass release. This story is so good to read and let your imagine run wild. Can I read 200 chapters in one go after the mass release?


This novel follows the cliche plot of an OP MC who was originally from earth, then became an OP cultivator within some larger universe, then reincarnates back on earth and goes about planning his ascendance to ever more OPness than before, while preventing tragedies that he was powerless to prevent previously. So, it's pretty paint by the numbers, but also ok to kill time with. The main noticeable feature of the novel is the way the MC consistently hides his abilities and give cryptic warnings that make him sound like an arrogant blowhard with no actual abilities, to lure people into underestimating him or trying to take advantage of him, then he turns around and claims they were arrogant know nothings when he finally reveals his prowess. His constant baiting of trouble, and the childish face-slapping games that the author portrays as him being the strong, silent type, is quite annoying and of course makes for plenty of predictable C-roll filler material. The world itself is utterly generic, and so far follows no rules-- the author introduces concepts in a slapdash manner as he feels necessary to keep the story developing. Of course there's the usual trope of thinking the Spiritual Qi on Earth is too weak for there to be powerful cultivators present, but as the MC grows in strength, appropriately strong enemies fall out of the wood-work for him to demonstrate his OPness. All in all, I'd say let tens of chapters build up and a time and binge them, to pass time. Otherwise there's nothing to be gained from this utterly generic novel.


To be honest, let me tell you something it's shit. It's horrible, the story itself has no plot it's about some cliche revenge shit and it's repeating the same shit all over again until the author fucking dies because of his stupid long running manhua with no chracter background and story. To be honest with you all, why haven't the author made a character with a story that we could relate them like a tragic villain and hero or at least that makes the story sense. But this shit is a fucking joke zero out ten for me.


Love this novel it has so many ups and downs and it always surprises me on the outcome the character and the story build up is also grate I recommend reading it


In country of origin, dropped novel! In country of origin, dropped novel! In country of origin, dropped novel! In country of origin, dropped novel! In country of origin, dropped novel! In country of origin, dropped novel! In country of origin, dropped novel!


Loooooovvveeee loooooovvveeee it...


Love it. This is such an mindlessly enjoyable read. Typical rebirth crush all enemies novel What else do you need to know? Just read the story


This novel was recommended by my friends. The first few chapters are translated badly but improved greatly chapter by chapter. Story is excellent and craves you to wait for the next chapters lol.


He’s too much of an asshole and immature compared to other martial arts mc’s. Martial arts is supposed to be about training your mind too but his character is no better than a cocky bully, besides he’s cheating on his wife and the content is all too repetitive. He either meets someone that isn’t his friend and kills him or he’s insulted by a stranger and kills him. Nothing civilized to read here.


Lol, the translator has made so much effort for such a **** story. Feelsbadman. The translator is very commendable however everything is not.


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