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What is Inferno Ascended

Inferno Ascended is a popular web novel written by the author MizA, covering TRANSMIGRATION, ISEKAI, MYTHOLOGY, WEAKSTRONG, WESTERNFANTASY, STEAMPUNK, WSA2021, ADVENTURE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 175K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 33 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 130 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What if a modern guy transmigrates to the body of a citizen of Stygia, the Continent that once housed Hades? What if he discovers he just landed in the middle of a battle royale to become an aristocrat by marriage? Stygia just evolved to clans, power struggles, and magic, and he'll learn it the hard way! And what if he discovers he'll fight weird machines, meet legendary creatures, mess with powerful people, and become stronger as he learns who he is? It's what you will find in Inferno Ascended. Daily updates. ::::::::::::::::::: EXCERPT OF PROMO TEXT 2 - INSTAGRAM The Hell ascended and left the Underworld forever! The Old Olympian Gods were forgotten. New Old Gods took over! But… What are these machines? Will the transmigrated nerdy-guy-turned-champion become a new mythic hero? Or will he screw it, literally and figuratively? ::::::::::::::::::: WHAT TO EXPECT: - Worldbuilding - No easy life for the hero - Things happening all the time, but not straightforwardly. Non linear ' go from A to B plot". -The MC has emotions and acts like a human, not a fan service machine or a dummy - No info dump (Discover the world's story as the MC discover it too. If you need to know the metaplot beforehand or know more than the MC knows, this novel is not for you) - 'Weak to strong' tag that really means it (He'll become OP one day, though) - Intrigues, mysteries, warring clans, mythic creatures, mechas, steampunk technology, divine technology, magic powers, action - MC won't fall in love - No, it's not a femdom SPOILER: ARC I : introduction to the world, MC is still weak and wary. ARC II : MC has some power and start getting allies and answers ARC III : MC expanded his powers and is about to get more powers etc... THERE'S A DISCORD FOR SHENANIGANS, GIVEAWAYS, SETTING INFO AND STUFF. https://discord.gg/CESYZACDT7


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Hi, it's me... Mario! I mean, the author! If you are interested in weird mashup genres, this novel might be your cup of tea. Greek-roman myths+steampunk+clan politics+mechas+monsters+weak to strong+a detailed world culture+sly MC. THE PLOT: A game illustrator called Matt is struck by a lightning and transmigrated to the body of a guy his age, called Glax of Valosia. Glax of Valosia uses a mask that hides half of his face. Not understanding why it happened and with no memory of his new self, but recognizing it's a typical 'isekai' trope, Matt tries to go with the flow. At first, he feels useless and dislocated, but soon he discovers an intriguing cheat and also finds that Glax, his other self, is an important piece in this place. He discovers he's in Stygia, the Ascended Hell. The place is the classic Hades, but something happened and the Underworld 'Ascended'. Several years passed since this event, and society thrived. They have new clans, customs, and even gods, but something new threatens the status quo: steam-powered metallic monsters. -- Thank you to my close friends who came to praise me and embarrass me exactly as you promised, making up weird reviews. You are awesome!


This novel is truly epic. It hearkens to classic Greek mythology, and feels like it could have been penned from those times. The main character Glax is nuanced and authentic. The action and adventure is superb. There's a battle scene that concludes with a blast of lightning! The whole scene was incredibly cinematic. On top of that, many of the chapter titles sound like metal albums. Add this novel to your library immediately!


Inferno Ascended is an excellently written fantasy set in an intriguing, well thought out world. Inhabited by well defined, three-dimensional characters. Any time spent reading Inferno Ascended is time well spent.


I'm amazed. The story flows so naturally and the dialogs are so good. The narrative is very well constructed and I totally see this as a TV Series. Congratulations.


So, I started reading at the synopsis (as is expected) and I got truly captivated, the book title and cover photo not excluded. Getting into the main plot, the dialogues are interesting. You can picture yourself physically present while the characters go on with their talks(at least that was how I felt reading this book). I think the premise is good. Character development is ongoing and in an interestingly steady pace. Updating stability is commendable, and I definitely love this author's writing quality. This is a must-read. It's a really great read I tell you. Great job, author [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=coins][img=coins][img=update][img=update]


Mysterious character in a new universe to be unraveled. The story started very well, strong and intense as is the MizA brand. I wish you success. And breathtaking! Good luck in the competition. I'm curious to read the Harmonia couple's wedding night.


I recommend, this author will be a success! Producers and film directors are going to kill themselves to have her working for them 😌 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


Flawless and epic writing from the start to the end! I'm excited how this story is written and characters are developing. I'm also fearing losing my job, because all I can think is the next chapter.




Greek mythology, check. Game elements,check. Great writing,check. Interesting start,check. Potential,check. I might be a sucker for any contemt inspired by greek/roman mythology, but Inferno Ascended is no ordinary greek mythos fanfic. The author does a very good job at extracting elements from the Mythos and adding her own twist to make it entertaining and worth reading. I might be just a few chapters, but more often, introductions matter a whole lot, and Inferno Ascended, through the work of the excellent author, had me intrigued and hooked since the first chapter. "So, Stygia? The continent that once housed Hades?" The premise and lore had me interested and trying to make connections between my knowledge of the Cthonic deities and their realm and Inferno Ascended's world. This review is probably going to drown in the many dozen reviews that this novel will justly get in the near future, but eff it, I'm still going to write one! If you made it this far, thank you for reading and give the book a chance, you will not regret it. Have a good day to the author and everyone~~~~


This is wonderful, I'm totally in love with this book... The plot is interesting, the style of writing is more than unique, and I'm totally hooked by the characters... The book is already in my library, and I can't stop myself from being addicted [img=update]


Felt like I traveled with Glax from the present to the world of Gladiators and Sparta. almost shouted 'this is Sparta lol but it was a nice intro for the story. everything is precise and on point. it was nice a read~


E.n.t.h.r.a.l.l.i.n.g and immersive. The theme is well executed. The first thing that stands out is great quality of plot and writing. The writer sure has done lots of research as one would find immersive and detailed description of things about the Greek mythology. Though at first, the trope is just like most stories where a guy got transferred to another world, this book is on enterely different level because of great the writing and how compelling the story is as you delve further into the book. Very imaginative. I like the writing style and story telling. Everything was pictured well as I could feel the atmosphere in most of scenes. The way Matt, now Glax, introduced in the story is nicely executed. His background was explained well and his every emotion was well described. Story development has been good so far, the anticipation and action keeps me at the edge every time. Overall nice reading experience. Best luck to you.


The novel is interesting You created a world of your own, so it was great to explore it and dig deeper into its mysteries Anyone who loves action and fighting to gain power This is the place for you


YOU DESERVE A FIVE STAR I love the mashup genre, especially the Greek and Roman myth. I love how they way you write the scenes, the dialogues. EVERYTHING. AND I REALLY LOVE THE MC, the world building is superb!!! Really love this, adding this to my collection for I'll finish this masterpiece SOON


REVIEW! Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady MESSAGE! I hope you win the contest! I can see its success in the future. Reaching a million views in the future was just the start! Adaptation to Animes and Movies will be reachable! More inspirations to your works and hope it gets its deserved recognition! Kudos and Peace!


I didn't expect anything like that. I was thinking it would be a system story and I'm glad it wasn't, because I don't like them. I also don't like when the story has a massive info dump in the first chapters, so the reader knows before the protagonist about the world's story, etc, and he sounds dumb because we know more than he can possibly know. This story has not of that, but it's like, let's say, Doomsday Wonderland in this aspect. And the thing I like the most is the fact he's not the student deciding he'll be the strongest when he just arrived in a new world, the most stupid trope in YA literature.


The author is a great storyteller. I like how the MC is not a cold perfect 2D dummy made only for pushing the plot. He seems like a real person with real doubts. Up to this point, the book is balanced with information, action, and funny moments, and the author always keeps us on our toes for more. I like the dialogue lines and I'm having fun with the action. Now I understand why the author's earlier books are filled with subtle comic moments and action. Good luck!


The Hell ascended and left the Underworld forever! The New Continent evolved. Wow, this story promises! MizA, I've been a fan since your first novel. I am excited, and I wish you to win the contest. Congratulations! You started really well! I'm really curious to find out who Glax is !?


What can I say story is adventure journey well done & then characters are likely & hate. Very good use character help Mc win battles & learn new things. Greek in cyber punk world very cool. Story telling good well balanced not too OP Mc & not weak but great way survival what life give you play cards hop to win


"Inferno Ascended" has many references. References that are explored brilliantly by the author. Everything manifests and fits into the story in a natural way, but, with hooks that make you anxious for the next chapter. I recommend this novel as a great read and also as a source of inspiration. The author explores already known figures and references in an original way. Originality with very strong pillars. I will say it again: brilliant. [img=update]


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