To Catch a Falling Star Book

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To Catch a Falling Star


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Dear Atlas, I'm a coward, so I won't be saying this to your face. I wish I could, though. Maybe someday. Right? I have so many questions for you, but I'll stick with the most important ones. Do you remember when we were so close, nothing could separate us? You know. The time when I could call you my best friend, and I yours. Do you remember who you used to be before you turned your back on me? Because I do. I remember it more clearly than you could ever imagine. So where are you now? What happened to you? Who are you? You are a star turned falling star, and you've fallen to the bottom of the ocean when you belong in the sky. Come back. Don’t you see that people need you? But, Atlas, even if you ignore my pleas, even if you hide your face from me, I promise you: I will get you back. Someday.


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